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The best teething mittens for soothing sore gums

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Babies with teething mittens

When it comes to teething, soothing your little one isn't always easy, especially if they don't want to hold the teething toys you've bought. That's where a teething mitten comes in handy.

Your baby usually starts teething from around six months old (although it can kick in significantly earlier), so it's good to be on the look out for those teething symptoms such as dribbling, discomfort, being clingy or cranky, flushed cheeks and chewing their fingers.

Teething mitts are a great way to relieve teething symptoms, with the added bonus that your little one isn't going to accidentally lose a teething toy or drop it on the floor (meaning you won't have to play the 'drop and pick up game). Most teething mitts have a soft, velcro wrist fasten, with silicone mitt end for chewing comfort. 

Take a look at our pick of teething mitts that are great for babies.

If your baby can't hold a teething ring for long, this Gummee Glove is the perfect solution. It comes with a detachable teething ring too, so you can chill it in the fridge first.

Tested by mum of three Melanie Hudson: "If only the Gummee Glove was available when I had my other two children. We ordered one of these for our baby girl, Charlotte, at three months old when we noticed that everything was going in her mouth. The moment I gave her it, she loved it."

Read our full review of the Gummee Glove here

This teething mitt is perfect for babies who want to chew everything they get their hands on. The textured silicone provides comfort and soothing stimulation for sore gums. It has a safe velcro strap to prevent little ones scratching themselves, and the crinkle-bear fabric helps stimulate their senses.

The perfect solution for little ones who don't have the ability to self-soothe. This mitt comes in three adorable colours, and even comes with a milk teeth chart to record the dates your little ones teeth cut, and a travel bag that'll help keep the mitt germ-free when not in use.

What else do babies love to chew? Their toes! This toe-mitt is another great solution to relieve teething symptoms. They area comfortable and flexible fit, and even come with a matching dribble bib that's made from 100% cotton.

This adorable teething paw is perfect for easing discomfort. The silicone paw is safe for little ones to chew, and the glove is designed from crinkly fabric to help keep them entertained. It even has an adjustable strap so it grows with your baby. 

Tearproof and easy to clean, this lightweight mitt fits snuggly on your little one's hand. It's even machine washable.

The teether is designed to fit in your little one's mouth more easily, and the wrist attachment stays on your baby's hand at all times, so it doesn't fall off. 

Made from soft, durable material, this charming set of teething mitts are designed to soothe gums and attract your baby's attention through the crinkled design. 

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