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The best teething mittens for soothing sore gums

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Babies with teething mittens

When it comes to teething, soothing your little one isn't always easy, especially if they don't want to hold the teething toys you've bought. That's where a teething mitten comes in handy.

Your baby usually starts teething from around six months old (although it can kick in significantly earlier or later), so it's good to be on the lookout for those teething symptoms such as dribbling, discomfort, being clingy or cranky, flushed cheeks and chewing their fingers. It'll also be noticeable if your baby's gums are sore and red where the teeth are beginning to come through or they're often found rubbing their face or ear.

Our pick of the best teething mittens at a glance

While all our picks are great for stimulating your baby and keeping them soothed, we've found that these mittens excel in different ways.

  • Best all-rounder: Gummee Glove
  • Best for eager chewers: Nuby Teething Mitt Grey
  • Best for monitoring teeth growth: Busy Beez Baby Gums
  • Best for adjustable sizing: Fox Teething Paw
  • Best for cleaning: Nested Fox Waterproof Teething Mitt
  • Best for colourful designs: Jomolly Baby Teething Mitten
  • Best for older babies: Pandamelon Mittens
  • Best for small hands: Liname®️ Deluxe Teething Mitten and Toy Set

Why should you opt for teething mittens for your baby?

Teething mitts are a great way to relieve teething symptoms, with the added bonus that your little one isn't going to accidentally lose a teething toy or drop it on the floor (meaning you won't have to play the 'drop and pick up' game).

Most teething mitts have a soft, velcro wrist fasten, with a silicone mitt end for chewing comfort. These are particularly great for younger babies who just won’t keep their little hands out of their mouths and will enjoy playing with the variety of colours and stimulating textures a mitt provides.

It'll prevent your baby from scratching too and they're a useful alternative if your baby starts teething earlier than most when teething toys are too big or unsuitable.

For safety, look out for teething mittens made from food-grade or medical-grade silicone, BPA, PVC and phthalates-free plastic or made with food-grade and naturally pigmented 100 per cent natural rubber.

We've put together a list of our top picks for the best teething mitts that are great for babies.

The best teething mittens for soothing sore gums

Best all-rounder

If your baby can't hold a teething ring for long, this Gummee Glove is the perfect solution. It comes with a detachable teething ring too, so you can chill it in the fridge first.

Tested by mum of three Melanie Hudson: "If only the Gummee Glove was available when I had my other two children. We ordered one of these for our baby girl, Charlotte, at three months old when we noticed that everything was going in her mouth. The moment I gave her it, she loved it."

Read our full review of the Gummee Glove here

Best for eager chewers

This teething mitt is perfect for babies who want to chew everything they get their hands on. The textured silicone provides comfort and soothing stimulation for sore gums. It has a safe velcro strap to prevent little ones scratching themselves, and the crinkle-bear fabric helps stimulate their senses.

One mum on Amazon said: "This is brilliant! My baby started teething super early and has a visible tooth coming through at just 3 month so the teething toys would not work for him, he loves putting this on or me holding it for him to chomp on since without it he’s trying to fit both of his hands in his mouth! Highly recommend."

Best for monitoring teeth growth

The perfect solution for little ones who don't have the ability to self-soothe. This mitt comes in three adorable colours, and even comes with a milk teeth chart to record the dates your little ones teeth cut, and a travel bag that'll help keep the mitt germ-free when not in use.

One mum said: "My daughter (5 months) loves her teething mitten! She started chewing her hand and shoving her fingers down her throat so I decided to get her a mit to see if it helped even though we have no teeth coming through yet and it's brilliant (and keeps her occupied for ages!). I've bought so many teething toys that aren't the right shape and this is excellent for her."

Best for adjustable sizing

This adorable teething paw is perfect for easing discomfort. The silicone paw is safe for little ones to chew, and the glove is designed from crinkly fabric to help keep them entertained. It even has an adjustable strap so it grows with your baby. 

User review: "My 4 month old loves this teething paw, easy to fit and easy for him to use - perfect!"

Best for cleaning

Tearproof and easy to clean, this lightweight mitt fits snuggly on your little one's hand. It's even machine washable and comes with a matching travel wash bag to help keep you little one's mit clean and in one place on the go.

One reviewer said: "I bought the Nested Fox Teething Mitten as a gift for my niece, it arrived quickly and I was really impressed with the quality of the mitt, it comes with its own wash bag and the design, colour and packaging is all lovely. I've been told that this has been one of the most useful gifts received and that it's really easy for baby to use compared to traditional teethers. This is a great gender neutral gift for a new baby, I highly recommend."

Best for colourful designs

The teether is designed to fit in your little one's mouth more easily, and the wrist attachment stays on your baby's hand at all times, so it doesn't fall off. Soft and stimulating with this cute dinosaur design, this would be a great choice if your baby struggles to hold teething toys. This one comes with a travel bag too that can double as a laundry bag to machine wash the mitts.

One parent said: "Great size, child is happy chomping away at it and it stops him from making himself gag on his fingers as he hasn't quite got the hang of gripping teething rings just yet. It makes a crinkly sort of noise which gets his attention as well all in all good product which feels like it will last well with no hint that it will fall apart from the repeated slobbering and munching."


Best for older babies

Made from soft, durable material, this charming set of teething mitts are designed to soothe gums and attract your baby's attention through the crinkled design. The cute panda shape will spark their interest and it's the perfect gift for every teething baby. We'd recommend buying these gloves for babies from aged 6 months and over, as many parents found them to be slightly too bulky for younger ones. 

One mum said: "Bought for daughter. Once she realised they helped her gums from hurting she loved them. The design is exactly like the pictures, good quality."

Best for small hands

If your baby enjoys both a mitten and toy to soothe their aching gums, this affordable set will provide them with the perfect soft, sensory combo! The adjustable velcro strap will keep the mitten in place and the teething toy is a turtle shape that is great for small hands to hold. Premium quality and easy to clean, this has been rated favourably on Amazon with an average 4.5 our of 5 stars across over 2,500 reviews.

One mum said: "This product is a gift from god. Our baby is constantly chewing his hand and as a result constantly has a wet hand and slather all over his face as he isn't teething. Up to now his hand eye coordination is not quite good enough to put his teething toys to his mouth but this mitten truly is a god send. I'm so impressed that I have just ordered a second for his other hand as he still puts his free hand to his mouth on occasion."

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