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The best silicone teething necklaces to soothe your baby’s gums

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There has been a lot of discussion lately about amber teething necklaces. There is little scientific evidence to suggest amber will soothe your teething baby and in fact, some expert advice suggests amber necklaces could pose a safety risk. 

Silicone teething necklaces offer mums a way of soothing their teething baby while still looking stylish, despite the dribble. Choose a teething necklace in a bright colour to add a pop to your outfit, or pick one in muted tones to match any dress. 

Your teething baby can gnaw on the safe silicone beads, soothing sore gums while you cuddle them. And once you put your baby down, these styles look just like normal chunky necklaces - no one would know! 

Here are the best teething necklaces: 

This teething necklace has geometric beads, in a rainbow colour combo. It would work perfectly with a stripy Breton top or alongside a white tee. Little ones are going to adore the bright colours, and most importantly enjoy having a chew on those squidgy silicone beads. It is made from high quality, BPA-free silicone is perfect for keeping busy hands occupied during feeds and helps develop tactile awareness.

You'll look stylish while knowingly staying practical and soothing for your teething baby with this 'Molly' design, in pastel tones that will go with all sorts of outfits. Possibly plump for a dark jumper to hide the dribble stains, mind. 

Tested by Linsey Robertson, 33, mum to daughter Eilidh, seven months. She says: "Despite having no teeth at seven months, Eilidh loves to gnaw on anything and everything! I haven't worn jewellery much since she was born so I am looking forward to having some baby-friendly pieces to wear. I’d love a stylish necklace that’s also good value. Lovely packaging in a stylish linen bag. The necklace is good value, and the mix of colours suits my personal style."

Read our full review of the Lara and Ollie 'Molly' Silicone Teething Necklace here

Featured in The Observer Magazine, this is a very versatile necklace with its four-coloured silicone beaded design. BPA free, phthalate free and non-toxic it is easily cleaned with soapy water, a sterilizer or in the dishwasher.

This organic, food-grade, BPA-free silicone beaded teething necklace has individually-knotted beads for safety. The necklace is eye-catching, won't pull your hair and the length can be adjusted easily.

A handmade, silicone bead teething necklace designed in a classic and versatile colour palette of jet black, slate grey, light grey, marble and white, on a black satin cord. The BPA free beads are made from the same material that bottles and dummies are made from, so they are safe and fun for your little one to chomp away on whilst serving as a stylish fashion accessory for Mumma! 

This stylish design with purple beads on a black cord does not look like your traditional teething necklace. This will look perfect with any outfit. 

Pebbles & Lace silicone necklaces are perfect for teething, breastfeeding, babywearing or for when you just want to wear a piece of stylish, baby-proof jewellery. They create on trend and safe products that will keep your baby amused, happy and comfortable, with the added bonus of you looking amazing.

Fashionable and functional, Flora necklace is made series of 5 roses, making it easy for little hands to grasp. The pull-apart clasp prevents the necklace from shattering when baby tugs. It is non-toxic, BPA free, dishwasher safe and super stylish.

This teething necklace is perfect for the sophisticated mum. Every Fox & Finn necklace features a safety knot in between each individual bead to ensure if, for any reason, the necklace breaks only one bead will ever break free significantly reducing potential choking hazards. The necklaces are uniquely designed so beads start at the front of your collarbone rather than behind your neck to stop it catching on to your hair strands and rip them out.


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