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The best white noise machines to help your baby sleep

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 best white noise machines

Your life revolves around sleep when you have a baby, mostly how you can help your little one sleep better so you can too! 

A popular way of getting your baby to sleep or even soothing her when she cries is a white noise machine. Not just used for young children, a white noise machine is a mechanical device that aims to help people sleep by producing a monotonous white noise' sound. For many, this sound is calming, helping them to both fall and stay asleep.

There are many white noise machines available to buy but we recommend one that is specifically made for babies as this will ensure the noise settings are suitable for her delicate ears. There are many cute options to choose from, with many having extra features such as a night light and even pink and brown noise too. The majority of these include various white noise and natural sounds such a fan sounds, rainfall, a vacuum and even a heartbeat sleep sound.

Send your baby drifting off to sleep with Sweet Dreams Ewan Deluxe who plays five soothing sound options including Rainfall, Harp Lullaby Melody, Vacuum Cleaner, Womb and Shush, which are all combined with Mum’s resting heartbeat. The clever SmartCRY sensor automatically activates when your baby stirs. Ewan's soft pink night light glow also mimics a womb environment to help comfort and soothe your baby and induce sleep.

Ollie the Owl

£26.50 - RRP: £34.99

After a hectic day, help your baby drift off to sleep with the adorable Ollie the Owl, who plays comforting sounds such as a heartbeat and rainfall. You can adjust the volume easily and pick from one of three light settings. If she stirs, the built-in CrySensor cleverly activates to lull her back to sleep, so it’s sweet dreams all round. AA batteries required.

Going on holiday with your baby this summer? Ensure you <both> get a good nights sleep wherever you go with Whisbird the Soothing Bird. Attaching to your travel cot or car seat with a fastening strap, the cuddly toy produces calming pink noise (it’s deeper than white noise) for 40 minutes to lull her to sleep. Your little one will love the crinkly wings and bright colours plus it’s small enough to pop in your hand luggage too.

Sure, it may not be particularly pretty but this white noise machine can be used by both babies and adults. With three timer settings of 30, 60 mins, and loop, there are a whopping 30 adjustable sounds to choose from including white noise, fan, forest and more. It's worth bearing in mind however that the machine needs to be plugged in via USB cable when in use. 


£22.95 - RRP: £29.95

Sometimes a walk in the park isn’t enough to settle your baby but the SnuzCloud could be just the ticket. The plush lightweight sleep aid plays four soothing sounds including a heartbeat and water plus two calming lights to help little passenger relax.  

The Grohush

£18.56 - RRP: £24.99

Compact enough to pop in your changing bag, the Grohush hand-held baby calmer plays comforting white noise sounds directly into your baby’s ear at a safe 75 decibels. The soothing noise will help you to create a calming environment wherever you are.

Sometimes your voice is all your little dreamer needs to hear to feel calm and with the Chicco Lullaby Sheep, you can record yourself singing or saying your child’s name to reassure her as she snuggles down for the night.

Available in three different colours, the Marpac Dohm claims to play white noise sound that contains less high-frequency content than most competing sound machines on the markes. Simply flip the switch to choose your volume setting; 'high' for noisy environments and 'low' for everything else then twist to fine-tune the tone of your white noise. 

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