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Whether it's for playtime, bedtime or learning time, we can all agree that books play a vital role in a child's development. That's why in the first few months, introducing black and white baby books is so important.

Not only is it a chance to bond with your little one, but the black and white shapes that fill the pages will teach them all about the world around them. 

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Why black and white baby books appeal so much to babies

Different studies have been conducted around what babies can see, one study by Russell D. Hamer, Ph.D found that "their sensitivity to light and dark, and subtle shading (contrast sensitivity) improves about 4 times faster than their visual acuity: thus, by 8 to 9 weeks (not 8 to 9 months !) of age, your baby will be able to distinguish two shades of gray that differ by only 1/2% in brightness, about half as good as adult sensitivity! In the first month of life a baby can see many colors, although he or she might not be able to tell the difference between very pastel colors."

Read more about the study on what my baby can see here.

So, if your little one doesn't distinguish between two shades of colours, black and white books will surely help information and images stand out to them, right? Because of the bold lines and shapes.

Now that you know more about black and white baby books and how they can help infant development, it's time to find out about our favourite ones. Here are our top picks of the best black and white baby books:

The best black and white baby books

How cute is this beautifully illustrated book by Jane Foster? Your baby will love looking at the bold black and white images that contrast with the bright background. We love the fact that this book can stand up on its own. 

Introduce your child to the animal kingdom with this incredible book. Flip the pages to uncover magical black and white images of elephants, ducks and more. 

Inspire a love for wildlife by finding 12 animals who live in Africa. Our favourite thing about this book is that 25 per cent of the profits will go to helping animal and wildlife charities worldwide.

Learning is such an essential part of your little one's development. With this library full of black and white books, you'll be able to grab the attention of any baby.

Don't just settle for any book - get a little creative with Baby's Very First Cloth Book. This sensory experience will help to stimulate the senses as well as help your child focus on the big bright world around them. 


Reviewed by over 2,500 customers on Amazon, this enchanting book is a great gift for any baby. You may even see your babies first smile!

Last but not least, we have a book part of Ladybird's best-selling Baby Touch range. The pages and illustrations will help your baby learn about different faces, and the mirror at the end will allow them to recognise their reflection. What a lovely touch.  

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