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The best decorations to celebrate your little one's first birthday

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Best First Birthday Decorations

Your baby is turning one year old, and all you want to do is to celebrate. Time flies and making the most of this special date is so important

Whether you’re planning a big or a small party, what really matters is spending quality time with your baby, family, and friends. Being prepared with decorations, food and drink means you can relax and enjoy the party.

Your little one might not understand the concept of a party, but they will still have fun. Try to keep it simple, because you’ll still have to deal with feeding times, nappies changes, and nap times

If you want to give the party a personal touch, print out and hang up photos from the previous year, showing just how much your baby has grown and changed. This will be a bit emotional for you, no doubt, but also fun for your guests to see. 

We know you want to make the most of this celebration, and to help you we have gathered some of the best first birthday decorations, whether you go for a colour theme or for an animal theme, you will find one that will make your little one happy.

8 of the Best First Birthday Decorations

Playcrate Safari Jungle Animal Balloons Set contains 36 animal balloons. Your little one will be amazed by a jungle-themed party. This set of balloons, with lions, zebras, monkeys, giraffes, horses, and tigers, will transform your party into a real safari.

This set comes with all you need to decorate your little one’s first pink birthday party. You get one Happy Birthday banner, one number one foil balloon, heart-shaped, marble pink, pearl and gold balloons, a cake topper and paper tassels. All of this in a beautiful pink colour.


This set comes in a rainbow theme with all you need, such as latex balloons, foil balloons for each letter on Happy Birthday and even star foil balloons. 


An all-in-one super-value set, this complete package includes one Happy Birthday banner, one cake topper, paper lanterns, pom poms, one number one foil balloon, latex and confetti balloons, and foil tassels.


Decorate your party room with photos of your little one, with room for a photo for each of the past 12 months, plus 12 more frames. It’s available in pink or blue.

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a unicorn decorations set. You can re-use it for other occasions, not just for your little one's first birthday party. Comes with a Happy Birthday balloon banner with ribbon, two huge unicorn balloons, latex, and foil balloons. It also includes a headband for your little one. All for under £10, this is a real a bargain.

If you choose unicorns as a party theme, get this tableware set for 10 people. Includes everything you need to avoid spending time doing the dishes. It’ll put everyone even more into the unicorn mood.

If you want a decoration that is going take everybody's breath away, this is it. This Rose Gold Balloon Arch Kit comes with everything you need to WOW your guests. It's also super easy to esemble at home. You'll need to blow up 85 balloons though - so it might be worth buying one of those inflator machines! 

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