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What is the BlueSmart mia, and do you need it?

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Here at Mother&Baby, we understand that being a parent is full of challenges. Feeding your baby is the most important part of your day once you have a newborn, and it's important to keep track of how much milk your baby is taking in, whether you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding (although obviously with the latter you can keep track of how long feeding takes, but you have no idea in terms of ml or ounces!). 

Because of that, we try to bring the best solutions we can find available on the market, and BlueSmart mia caught up our attention. 

BlueSmart mia is an intelligent baby feeding monitor that automatically and seamlessly records all baby feeding data to its app. Your baby's bottle sits in its holder, and syncs to the app on your phone (once you've downloaded it, obviously). 

BlueSmart mia comes with many features such as automatic portion measurement, temperature alert, expiration warning, angle alert, and a feeding timer. You just need to attach the device to almost any baby bottle. To clean, you can hand wash the holder carefully. 

What type of information will the BlueSmart mia app will give you? 

The BlueSmart mia app automatically syncs and stores all feeding data. It also gives you a feeding plan with suggestions and tips. Via the app, you can also set up and meet daily/weekly/monthly feeding goals. You are also able to keep a journal of your newborn and share it with loved ones. 

You can find BlueSmart mia via Bluetooth or via Wi-fi, both have the same features. And another super feature is that BlueSmart mia connects to Alexa so you can control the app via voice as well. 

Is it worth buying a BlueSmart mia? 

This really is a device for those parents who love their gadgets and like to be connected at all times, and for those who love smart tech. It removes the old-fashioned approach of jotting down your baby's feed times in a notebook, or even in the notes section of your phone. And, it means you can access that feeding information wherever you are. 

On Amazon, most mums on their reviews comment that this product is a game-changer. Mums now can keep peace of mind about their babies getting fed each day properly.

BlueSmart mia gives real-time notification on the phone from the beginner to the end of ever fed with a summary of the amount, duration, temperature, and angle of the feeding!

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