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I'm obsessed with Joe Wicks' bamboo weaning bowls and here's why

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I'm obsessed with Joe Wicks' bamboo weaning bowls

I’m obsessed with these bamboo bowls that Joe Wicks – everyone’s favourite Instagram workout star – is using for his little daughter’s weaning journey.

Check out Joe’s Instagram feed and you’ll see a wide range of them – from rabbits to sheep and owls.

Not only are they cute as, but they’re also made from natural bamboo, so they’re great for the environment too. So much weaning gear (bowls, plates, spoons, everything…) is made from plastic so we were excited to find these.

Happily there is now a wide range of plastic-free children’s crockery and cutlery; we’ve chosen our favourites you can buy today, ready for you to try out lots of new weaning recipes.

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Cute as a button, this little fox bamboo plate is just adorable. You can (if you have the time, ahahhaha) arrange your little one's food to make it look even more like a fox's face. 

These bunny ears are just the cutest. Happy to have this weaning crockery out on the sideboard and not hidden away in the cupboard with the rest of the plastic stuff. 

Suction is an important part of weaning bowls - it keeps things in place when your baby would rather throw everything around the room. This bamboo bowl comes with a cute matching spoon, too. 

Match your new bamboo bowls with these cute spoons too - the silicone heads can be removed for cleaning (hand-wash only). 

These bowls aren't bamboo wood but bamboo fibre, in some lovely colours. Going plastic-free doesn't have to be boring! 

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