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Joie Versatrax pushchair - Tried and Tested!

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Our panel of no-nonsense mums put popular baby products through (very!) vigorous testing, meaning you can spend money on the things that really work and have more time to watch EastEnders with a cuppa tea! 

In this month's hot seat...

Joie Versatrax 4 in 1 Pushchair, £300

They say: Adjusting to baby’s ever-changing needs is effortless for this hardworking multitasker. The versatraxTM 4in1 combines carrycot, infant carrier and forward or rearward facing seat all in one sweet ride.

Hmmm. Over to you, mums! 

What was your first impression of the Versatrax™ pushchair? 

Natalie Hill: It looked really good quality and had a luxurious style to it. 

Hollie Nolan: First impressions of the pram were very positive. I liked the colour (neutral and dark to help hide marks), it is sturdy and very practical as it's a travel system. The bassinet was really easy to assemble and store flat.  The only thing I didn't like was that it felt like there were lots of pieces to it, so putting it together looked more daunting than it was. I found the wheels a little fiddly, but they feel like they will last. 

Sam Shaw: It’s very sturdy and feels like a good quality pushchair. It was easy to put together and the instructions were readable.

Rachel Bowman: I absolutely loved the colour of the Versatrax which was the first thing I could see when I opened the box. Apart from the colour, I loved how modern the pram looked and how compact it was before I opened it all out. The leather on the handle is very stylish and I love how big the basket on the pushchair is with the extra easy to access pockets in it. I also loved the pockets in the carrycot which I have never come across in any other pram and now feel I cannot live without. The fact that you only need one set of adapters on the pram to alter between the bassinet and a car seat it fantastic – our current pram uses lots of different adapters and it can get a bit confusing and also increases the risk of leaving the wrong set in the house. 

Charlene Rowe: My first opinion of the Versatrax pushchair was a pleasant-looking, non-bulky attractive looking unisex luxury feel travel system. I opened the box and it did not disappoint. 

What did you like most about the Versatrax™?

Kayleigh Hobson: The adjustable back, which has more than 2 or 3, settings like most pushchairs. The extendable hood. The extra storage space underneath the pushchair, which is the most space I’ve seen under any model. 

Charlotte Baxter Small: I love how big the basket is!! It is so handy because when you're are out and about with a toddler you have to take so much stuff with and this basket fit my massive nappy bag with plenty of room to spare.

Nicola Daintith: The easy folding system. I only had to do it once to get the hang of it which is so important to a busy mum who is already trying to remember lots of things!

Holly Holmes: I like how spacious the seat is for my son when in use, but when folded down it's very compact and fits in my car boot nicely. Plus, the pushchair is not too heavy to lift.

Sam Shaw: I like the steer of the pushchair, it’s really easy to push around and feels much lighter than any other one I’ve used, considering my son is 9kg! I really like the size of the basket underneath with the zip-up pocket too.

How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?

Nicola Daintith: Great. Really easy to fold down. The pram is nicely compact once it is folded and fitted in my boot easily. 

Rachel Bowman: This is the part of the pram that I absolutely love. It is really easy to fold down (although you do have to take the adapters off when using the carrycot, which is slightly annoying) and can be done with one hand which is great for when you are trying to keep an eye on multiple children. It is incredibly compact when folded down and easily fitted in the boot of my car with lots of room to spare for all the other children paraphernalia that we have. 

Rachel Birchley: I think it folds quite easily but I don’t like that it doesn’t lock closed. I also don’t agree that it’s freestanding when world-facing. The Versatrax was bigger than I had expected when folded. I wouldn’t say it’s that compact. It’s also quite difficult to get through my front door while carrying my toddler. 

Natalie Hill: I found the manual really hard to follow, so it took me a while to realise how to fold it down, but once I figured it out I found it really quick, I was really impressed with this feature! Saying that once it’s folded I found it heavier than expected so I still found it tough to get in and out of the boot but the actual setting up is brilliantly quick.

Holly Holmes: Folding down the pushchair was very easy to work out. And it fits in the boot easily even though I only have a small car.

Is there a feature you would like to see in the future?

Natalie Hill: It already has lots of great features so all I would say is if it’s possible to make it lighter that’s one thing it could improve on as I still found it hard to get in and out of the car due to its weight. It was too heavy for me to use the strap that’s designed to aid carrying it. My husband said he would have liked the back wheels to be bigger and better quality as he said the tread seemed to be wearing thin quickly. Another feature that would make this pram a 10/10 for me would be to make the handle change angles at the top so it’s not completely diagonal. That’s the only thing I miss from our old pram as we could angle the handle flat at the top and I found that angle easier to push and more comfortable to hold. 

Nicola Daintith: Perhaps a clip or strap to keep it all in place once folded to help with lifting it into the boot.  

Holly Holmes: It would be very helpful to be able to turn my son from forward to rear facing without having to take him out. It would also be helpful if the armbar could adjust to make it higher or lower.

Kayleigh Hobson: A hook or loop on the end of the hood would be ideal to hang a toy on. It may also benefit from a stronger hood, as when it’s fully extended it occasionally flips back.

Rachel Birtchley:  I think it should lock closed (when compact). Would also prefer magnetics on the hood window rather than Velcro as it’s noisy. A slightly bigger sunshade on the hood would also be good, similar to the Brisk LX. 

Would you recommend the Versatrax™ to others?

Natalie Hill: Yes I’d definitely recommend it to others, it’s really stylish, seems very good quality and seems to be really comfortable for our daughter! Also has great features for me to with the cup holder and great storage! 

Charlotte Baxter Small: Yes, I would definitely recommend this pram to other families, along with the carrycot and car seat it makes for a great travel system.

Kayleigh Hobson: Yep, I already have! Several of my friends in my baby group have been looking into buying one. 

Charlene Rowe: I would use and recommend the Versatrax to all for ease of use and strain-free effort to lift and put into my mum's car boot.

Sam Shaw: Yes, especially those with small car boots! I will be letting my friends know about it and will recommend to any friends and family who are looking for a new pushchair or are expecting a new baby. I can’t believe how well it’s priced in comparison to similar pushchairs on the market.

Rachel Birchley: I’d recommend the Versatrax to parents looking for a pushchair from birth. It can be used as a travel system which is very handy! I don’t think it’s as good for toddlers as the seat isn’t that big. My 14-month-old's head is close to touching the hood when it’s folded back.

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