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Make choosing a newborn nappy range easy with ASDA Little Angels

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As a new parent it’s so difficult to navigate all the various ‘must-have’ products out there, but one thing’s for sure, nappies are a definite must-have! But how do you decide which nappy is right for you and your baby?

ASDA Little Angels strive to make your parenting journey as stress-free as possible and have your baby’s interests at the heart of what they do. Their dedicated Little Angels Newborn Nappy Range has been designed to ensure your new bundle of joy is comfortable, safe, dry and as happy as can be.

Some key features to consider when choosing nappies for your newborn:

Super-soft for sensitive skin

Newborn skin is super sensitive so you want a nappy that is soft against baby’s delicate skin. ASDA Little Angels nappies are made with feather-soft materials and are the first supermarket own-label nappy brand to be accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.


Little Angels nappies feature Innovative SmartFlo™ absorbency which enables moisture to be absorbed quickly and evenly across the core of the nappy for extra comfort. Absorbing channels inside the nappy absorb more liquid, quicker, ensuring your little one is protected day to night.

Time-to-change wetness indicator

Newborns and new parents need their sleep, so you will want to avoid disturbing a sleeping baby at all costs. A wetness indicator which changes from yellow to blue when wet allows you to check if baby needs changing without removing their nappy, which means no need to disturb naps!

Super-stretchiness in all the right places

Newborns lie on their back for a lot of the time so runny poop can often creep up their back. Little Angels nappies have super-stretchy waist elastic at the back to help prevent dreaded poonamis! For added protection, a secure flexi-fit waistband and gently elasticated leg cuffs ensure that messes are contained safely within the nappy.

Specially designed to reduce umbilical irritation

For the first couple of weeks baby has added sensitivity around the umbilical cord. Little Angels newborn nappies have a special contoured design to prevent umbilical irritation, ensuring they’re kind to baby’s tummy.

Handy size-up guide

Often, the main cause of dreaded leaks is being in the wrong size nappy, so you’ll want to be sure when it’s time to move to the next size so baby always gets the best protection. Little Angels Newborn nappies have a handy guide to help you identify when it’s time to go up a size – simply check that the sticky tabs still fasten in the coloured area and if they don’t then it’s time to size-up.

Value for money

ASDA Little Angels Newborn nappies start from 89p per pack. Because it’s impossible to know what size nappy your baby will need when born, ASDA is happy to refund or exchange any unopened bag of Little Angels newborn nappies. 

From nappies and wipes to moisturisers and bath time fun, ASDA Little Angels have everything your little one needs, from bump to birth and beyond! Find out more at

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