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Nappy pants help baby from the moment they're on the move

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Nappy pants

When your baby is around 6 months, or in a size 4 nappy, they’ll likely be on the move and exploring their surroundings. Along with babyproofing everything in sight and having eyes in the back of your head, nappy pants should be at the top of your list.

Contrary to popular belief, nappy pants aren’t just for older children or for those beginning their potty-training journey. In fact, they perform just like nappies but simply pull up like pants, offering your baby added comfort and freedom of movement as well as making your life easier!

It’s important to choose a nappy pant that works for your baby’s active lifestyle – that’s why we caught up with ASDA to hear all about their Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappy Pants.

Available in sizes 4, 5 and 6, ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappy Pants provide the perfect transition for your little angel from taped nappies to nappy pants and you can be confident your baby will experience the same fantastic leakage security and super-soft comfort they’re used to.

Enhanced comfort and leakage prevention

ASDA Little Angels Nappy Pants include flexi-fit technology, providing lots of stretch and flexibility which allows the pants to adapt to your baby's body. The pants gently expand and contract with their tummy throughout the day and night which is not only more comfortable than taped nappies but also helps to prevent leaks as the super-stretchy materials ensure a secure fit with no gaps.

Perform like nappies, pull up like pants
Pull-up action makes changing your little one much easier and soft tear-away sides allow for changing wriggly babies with minimum fuss.

Up to 12-hour dryness
To help keep leaks at bay, super-absorbent gel beads lock away wetness for up to 12 hours. In fact, these clever little gel beads can actually absorb up to 30 times their own weight, meaning your baby can stay dry and comfortable through the night and everyone can sleep a little bit longer. Bonus!

Dermatologically accredited
Once your baby is crawling and exploring, they will inevitably pick up a few bumps along the way, but it’s still extremely important to care for their sensitive skin. All ASDA Little Angels nappies and nappy pants are made with feather-soft, breathable materials and ASDA Little Angels is the first supermarket own-label nappy brand to be accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, so you know your little one is in safe hands.

Exclusive Peppa Pig designs
To make change time even more of a breeze, you can also choose between two playful designs: cute woodland characters or everyone’s favourite – Peppa Pig and friends, exclusive to ASDA Little Angels. What a perfect distraction to keep your baby entertained throughout change time!

ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappy Pants are available from £4 for 42 pants at your local ASDA store or online at

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