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9 great gifts to give older siblings when a new baby arrives

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Bringing your little bundle of joy home for the first time is always a little bit scary, especially if you already have a little one waiting at home for your arrival! 

You're probably worrying about how your eldest will adjust to the change of a newborn around the house, and while there are many ways to prepare your little one for the arrival of a second baby (or third), buying a gift from bump to give to their sibling when they come to see you in hospital is a perfect way to do that.

Whether it's a toy they've been wanting for weeks, or a 'best big brother or sister' themed gift, it's a lovely way to encourage your eldest to feel included.

Best sibling gift ideas from newborns


Personalise the T-shirt for this adorable bear from your bump, with "lots of love from your little brother/sister." Your little one will take this snuggly bear everywhere, it's the perfect buddy to have! 

When bringing home a newborn, your first born might feel a little left out as they're used to getting all your attention and now they have to share it. Help them feel included by getting them their very own camera from bump, to capture moments that you can all love and treasure! This gives them an important role and helps them feel more in control of the changes, as they'll be keen to take pictures of their mummy and new sibling. 

Princess Polly has become a new big sister, and the book reveals all the fun and excitement that comes with having a new sibling! It has an interactive button feature that plays a baby's giggle too. Your little one might be a bit nervous about not being an only child now, but this book will help her to understand what happens when her little sibling comes home and how exciting it is to be the biggest! 

You might find your little one wanting to help with all the feeds, nappy changes and proudly taking on the role as a baby entertainer. For the first few weeks especially, it could be super exciting for your eldest, so have bump buy them their very own baby to take care of, that way she can help by taking care of her own baby while you're settling into this bubble of love as a mum to two. 

This matching set is a great way to get your little ones to come together and match! Made from 100% cotton so it's gentle on both your little ones skin, it's a lovely gift from bump to big bro. Being the bigger sibling is a big responsibility, so they'll be proud to show off their big brother t-shirt. 

Big brother can show his new little brother or sister how to print their hand in this beautiful frame. It's a lovely gift from a newborn, to show their big brother just how special they are to them. It can even be personalised with name or a little message. 

Everyone buys clothes and toys for newborns. Buying this exciting race track from bump will stop your little one from feeling left out or jealous over not receiving gifts. He'll love playing with this fun track, that's over 90cm tall! 

This lovely personalised mug is a fun way of getting your little one excited about being a big brother. When your newborn has their feeds, your eldest can have his own special drink, in his own big brother mug.  
There's also a 'Big Sister' mug. 

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