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16 essential things every new mum needs for less than £5 each

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16 essential things every new mum needs for less than £5 each

Having a new baby means you need a lot of stuff. There is so much equipment they need, so many items of clothing, so many toys, so many toiletries… the list goes on and on. But not everything has to cost the earth. We’ve listed 16 essential products that every new mum needs, and each one costs less than a fiver.

There are a few things that every new mum needs too - such as a water bottle, to keep you hydrated, and lip balm to look after at least one part of your beauty regime. 

Scroll down to find out all the essential items your newborn baby needs that won't cost the earth - all (but one) of the products in our shortlist come in for less than £5 each. 

You need lip balm – even if it’s the only beauty product you wear for the first couple of months of motherhood.

No need to spend a mortgage on a pack of nappies when you can buy these inexpensive award winners.


For cleaning sensitive newborn bottoms.

OK so it’s a smidge over £5 but it really is the best so it’s OK to spend another quid on this. Trust us – if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need this.

Babies need loads of clothes, as you’ll soon find out – they’re always covered in milk or dribble or something south of that. This little T-shirt is as cute as, without breaking the bank.

Leggings are a great option for babies, as they’re soft and comfortable and not restrictive, plus they’re easy to put on and take off during their 27 nappy changes a day.

Ask any new mum and she’ll tell you that there’s no such thing as too many muslins. They do so many things – wiping up milk and dribble, doubling as a little blanket when it gets chilly, or even as a comforter.

Baby socks are one of those items that are really necessary – we don’t want those important extremities getting cold – but they never stay on for long, and you’ll lose one of them within five minutes, never to be seen again.

Your new baby will need bibs from day one, whether to mop up excess milk, or dribble when they start teething.

If you want to use a dummy, then make sure you have spares – they go missing really easily.

Winner of the M&B Awards 2020 Best Baby Wipe, these ones are sensitive on baby’s bottoms and your purse, too.


It’s important to look after yourself now you’re a mum, and hydration is one of the most important elements to self-care – stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle at your side at all times, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

It’s important for your little one to wear a hat and keep the heat in.  



This rubber ducky has a marker that reveals the word ‘hot’ when the bath water temperature is too high.

Look after those little cold hands with mittens, which are also useful to stop your baby scratching their face with those razor-sharp fingernails.

When I gave birth to my little boy, the nurse in hospital asked me where his vests were. We had loads of babygrows, but I hadn’t remembered that vests were a thing.

If your little one needs a little comfort, this cute bear will do the trick; you can even carry it around with you first, so it smells like Mum.

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