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16 of the best personalised gifts for babies and toddlers

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Personalised fire engine

If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for a child then why not go for something that is a little more personal?

It's easy to buy babies or toddlers the must-have toys, but they can be quickly put to the bottom of the toy box, (or somewhere completely random where it gets rediscovered a year down the line). But a personalised gift is a lot more loved, not just by the little ones, but by mum and dad too. 

Whether it's a personalised toy or keepsake, little ones will love their name being engraved on to their special gift. So take a look at our selection of personalised products that make beautiful gifts for babies and toddlers.

This gorgeous little set is made from super soft fabric, meaning it's gentle against newborns' skin. The comforter can be personalised with baby's name and date of birth too, which makes it a lovely present to give to new parents. It'll make a lovely little keepsake one day too! 

While it might not be the most exciting gift for children, they'll know which cutlery is for them when it comes to mealtimes. Available in colours pink or blue, the set comes with little engraved dinosaurs on the handle, as well as their name. 

Ride-on toys are great for encouraging those first steps! This fire engine ride-on is one-of-a-kind and helps bring out a tot's heroic side as they can ride around on their personalised fire engine. The detail is lovely, as it even has a tinkling bell and removable ladders.

We all know the importance of nursery rhymes to learning and development, so personalising the old favourites with your child's name will make them all the more memorable. 

With Christmas fast approaching, they'll be mountains of toys cluttering up homes, so a toy chest to store them all is just the answer. The sophisticated design means it will look great in any room of the house, and it can even be personalised for a little one. 

This modern guitar with star cut-out sound hole is a great gift to create an interest in music or for those little ones who love being in the spotlight! Personalised with their own name, children will feel like rockstars with their special guitar that's design just for them. 

This little xylophone will be music to their ears, espeically with the little name personalisation. It'll help develop sensory development through the sound and the colourful blocks, making it the perfect gift.

This babygrow would be great to use for a baby announcement, but it also makes a gorgeous gift for a newborn. Made from 100% you can personalise it with baby's surname. It'll be a great little keepsake for mum and dad too. 

Made from sturdy white pine wood, this gorgeous rocking chair is comfortable for little ones, and they'll love rocking themselves while reading books. With the charming touch of having their name engraved too, it makes a lovely gift for those special occasions. 

Perfect for a childs room, this personalised cushion features the first initial of their name, with their name embroided underneath. The plump cushion will provide comfort for little ones and may even become their go-to cushion for saving their space on the family sofa.

No parent forgets their little one's first train track, so why not make it more memorable by having their name engraved on to it? Add a personalised message and name of your choice to the track, and gift it to start a train track collection that will provide endless hours of fun and imagination. This track is compatable with other wooden tracks, too. 

Enjoy singing nursery rhymes to little ones in this very special book. It's personalised with a child's first name, which completes some of the poems in the book. Rhyming books are great fun for children and having their name in it is a great way of keeping them engaged with singing and reading. 

This teddy makes for a lovely addition to any child's toy collection. Whether it's their first teddy or their 100th, this blue bear will mean the world to them as its chest has their name embroidered on it. You can even have their birthday embroidered on to the teddy as well. 

Made from supersoft material, this dressing gown will keep tots snug through the cold weather and on those chilly mornings. It comes with cute, novelty polar bear ears and can even have your little ones name embroidered on to the dressing gown, making it the perfect personal gift. 

Budding chefs will love this personalised chef's hat, they'll look the part for any baking days now or even when they help out in the kitchen. It even comes with a sturdy, wooden rolling pin and shaped cookie cutters. It's a great little kit to kick-start your little chef's cooking skills.

Peppa Pig fans will love this book! Little ones will love helping Peppa and George on their scavenger hunt to find themselves, who feature as a beautiful illustration designed by you at the end of the book. It's a great book to help children learn how to spell, as each clue is a letter of your child's name. 

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