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The best baby bath seats and supports to make bath time a breeze

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The best baby bath seats

For a fun, safe, and comfortable bath time experience for baby and parent, investing in a baby bath seat or support can really help.

These clever little inventions are designed to make bathing a baby easier, keeping baby safe and secure while you get them squeaky clean - leaving them time and space for the important job of playing with bath toys and splashing you from head to foot. 

The NHS recommends using baby bath seats as they can help prevent accidents, giving you more grip and less chance of slipping - we all know just how slippery a baby in the bath can be. A baby bath seat can take the stress out of bathtime - which can sometimes be daunting - making it fun for you and your baby. 

What is a baby bath seat?

Usually made of plastic, baby bath seats or baby bath supports are waterproof seats that can be put in the bath for your child to securely sit in. They give the baby support and hold them in safely while you wash them, anxiety-free. 

They're lightweight, easy to put in and out of a bath, and are easy to clean. Baby bath seats are ideal for babies that can sit up, so from about six months old, until around the time they start to walk. Strong suction cups are ideal to secure the seat in place which helps with fidgety toddlers.

The best baby bath seats

Scroll down to see our top picks for best baby bath seat and bath supports that will make bathing your child easy as pie.

​This seat provides brilliant support for your baby, allowing them to sit up unassisted while in the bath. Its soft material warms quickly to your baby's body temperature making it more comfortable for them. It's also mould-resistant and drains quickly and easily after bath time. 

  • Ergonomically designed 
  • Soft-touch material warms quickly
  • Mould-resistant material
  • Lightweight

One reviewer said: 'Very happy! I wasn’t sure whether to order after reading about red marks on legs. I found this only happened once when my baby slid to one side and was wriggling a lot but never happened again (he’s 4 months so still a bit young but the seat works really well). He loves a good splash about in it and this makes it easy for him to play.' 

This seat can swivel a full 360, meaning your baby won't miss a trick. It comes in a choice of three bright and bold colours also features a fun roller ball to help keep your little one entertained in the bath. To secure in the bath, simply push the suction cups down onto the bottom of the bath. 

  • It can be used from 6-12 months
  • It’s safe and secure
  • It comes with a 360-degree swivel base that rotates full-circle
  • It lets your baby sit upright in the bath, leaving your hands free

One reviewer said: 'We swapped to this seat when my son was about 6 months old and it was great but once he was about 9 months he just wanted to stand all the time and was trying to climb out of it! It did do its job well but in hindsight I would have just bought a bath mat as we didn’t get much use out of it. It can be tricky to clean unless you remove from the bath everyday as it collects water in the base which very quickly turns to mould, the suckers are also prone to mould.'

With an opening front, this seat makes it super easy to get baby in and out. The non skid seat means baby won't be slipping and slidding around when sat down making it easier for you to get on with washing them. We love how this seat can be folded up to store away easily. 

  • It can be used from 5 to 10 months
  • It’s a best-seller with more than 300 reviews on Amazon
  • It changes colour when the water is too hot
  • It has an opening front section to allow the baby to get in and out easier

One reviewer said: 'What an effort saver. My grandson sits comfortably in the bath for ages in this seat. It is well made, sturdy and the suction is so good I sometimes struggle to release it. Would definitely recommend.'

Another one that is ideal for older babies that can sit up, this robust seat provides support and stability at bath time, making your life easier. The 360 swivel makes it easier for you to move your baby around when washing them, and the removable armrest allows for easy access. 

  • It can be used from 5 months
  • Features an innovative 360° swivel action which provides ease of use during baby bath time.
  • Removable arm rest 
  • It comes with suction pads so it stays secure
  • Product dimensions: 31 x 28 x 23 cm

One reviewer said: 'We love this bath seat. And I can swivel round the baby so he can play with his brother.. my 3 year old loves having baths with his brother and this is perfect for the job.'

This is a brilliant transition seat for your baby from their baby bath to the big bath. The fold out ring with child-lock makes it a safe choice, and the extra wide back rest mean you baby will sit comfortably. 

  • It can be used from 7 to 16 months
  • It has a non-slip matte seat to ensure the baby is kept in place
  • It has four powerful suction feet
  • It can hold babies up to 13kg

One reviewer said: 'I spent ages looking for a bath seat for my 6 month old. He is huge for his age and I struggle to fit him in some seat designs so the opening front on this seat is great. It's a basic colour but actually looks quite smart in our bathroom - making a change from the other neon delights! The suction pads are strong and I've been using this seat every night for several months and they've remained good little "suckers". The plastic is solid and overall a good quality piece of equipment - would definitely recommend.'

We love the shape of this comfortable bath, and like the fact that it can be used from birth. The large warming backrest makes bath time as comfortable as possible for baby, and the clever non-slip feet give us peace of mind when it's bath time. 

  • It can be used from birth to 12 months
  • It has a beautiful design with smooth curves and flowing roll top
  • It has a large, warm foam backrest for comfort
  • It has grippy non-slip feet for security
  • It can be used in the bath, shower, kitchen sink or on the floor

One reviewer said: 'I never usually write reviews but felt a need to give this one. This bath is AMAZING! Found bath time so stressful, I'm a single mum with a now three month old boy. We don't have a bath here and the baby bath I had was awful and so hard to do alone and usually ended with us both in tears! Not anymore! This bath holds your baby so snug I only had to gently hold one arm and I wasn't even holding him up! I was able to give him a good wash all over and wasn't worried about dropping him etc. Was able to lift him in and out with ease, bath time has now become an enjoyable experience for us both and I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's one!'

This contoured, sponge mat is designed to be placed in the bath to support your baby's head and spine and make the bath more comfortable for them. We love the fact we can soak up water with this so that baby stays warm throughout their bath. 

  • Contoured shape provides comfort whilst protecting the baby's spine from hard surfaces.
  • Product dimensions: 50cm x 33cm x 4.5cm
  • Sponge material for soaking up warm water 
  • Weight: 100g 
  • Allows baby to lie flat in the bath 

One reviewer said: 'This is a must have when preparing for the arrival of a little baby. My baby arrived prematurely at 36 weeks & this bath support was ideal for his first bath. It fully supports the head and the back from the plastic tub. It also provides warmth. I usually soak it with warm water before putting baby on it. 100% recommend buying it.'

This bath support is designed to fit inside Stokke's foldable bath tub, to support babies from birth. It hooks over the end of the foldable tub for secure support. The shape of this support is made to fit your babies natural shape and contours for a super safe and comfortable bath time experience. 

  • L: 42 cm  W: 23 cm H: 12 cm
  • Designed to fit your baby's natural body shape
  • Ergonomic support for your newborn in the bath time
  • Suitable for newborn and babies up to 8 months
  • Mimicking the support of a steady arm
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