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The best bottles for breastfed babies

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Best baby bottles

However you choose to feed your baby, at some point you're likely to feed them using a bottle. Whether you’re sharing the night feeds, or that back-to-work date is looming, if you're sticking with breast milk or moving on to a formula, introducing a bottle successfully is important.

Yet when there are so many different baby bottles to choose from, how do you find the right one for your baby?

Which baby bottles are the best?

There are a number of different types of baby bottle to suit your baby, from those that mimic breastfeeding or emulate the breast to try and help breastfed babies latch, to anti-colic systems and self-sterilising bottles. If you’re transitioning your baby from the breast to the bottle, it might take a few attempts to get your baby to latch, so start earlier than you need to. If you’re struggling to bottle-feed your baby, we’ve got plenty of tips to help:

  • Try not to feed your baby for at least four hours before giving him a bottle so you know he is hungry.
  • It can take up to 24 hours to convince your baby to accept a bottle, but if he is hungry, he’ll want to eat eventually so don’t give up.
  • It’s a case of trial and error when it comes to bottles – some babies will prefer a particular shape, while others need features that ease wind or colic.

When it comes to the best baby bottles to buy for your baby, here are some of the bestsellers worth trying: 

The best for an easy transition from breast to bottle:

An Amazon bestseller from a brand you can trust, these Tommee Tippee bottles are a good option to try if your baby is struggling to latch. With a breast shaped teat for easy latch and a soft, natural feel, these are one of the best-selling bottles in the UK for breastfed babies. Standout features of these natural bottles include the anti-colic valves on the teat which has a venting system that eliminates excessive air flow as your baby is eating.

This bottle won Gold in the 2019 M&B Awards in the Best Bottle Feeding Product category. 

Tested by mum Adele for the 2019 M&B Awards; she said: "I would recommend this product to other mums. The bottles are easy to clean as well as simple and easy to take apart/put together. My baby enjoyed using these bottles and could hold them herself from a very young age because of the shape. They are easy to hold and feel good in your hand while feeding your baby."

Read our full review of the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles here

The best baby bottle for sterilising:

These self-sterilising bottles from MAM are a game changer – making life easier on the move as your bottle is ready for every situation, simply heat in the microwave for three minutes and it’s ready. Great little anti colic bottles from a brand you can trust, stand out features include ventilation holes that ensure your baby isn’t inhaling too much air, improving colic dramatically. They are also super affordable and won Gold in the Mother&Baby Awards 2018 after receiving our real-mum tester seal of approval.

Tested by mum Kerry Bailey for the Mother&Baby Awards 2018; she said: "I would recommend these bottles to everyone I know as they are brilliant and the self- sterilising element make life so much easier. It’s so handy – when we went away for a couple of nights I didn't have to take the bulky steriliser with me, I just popped the bottle in the microwave."

Read our full review of the MAM UK Easy Start bottle here

The best baby bottle for breastfed babies:

These bottles are perfect for breastfeeding mums, with a soft, nipple-like teat that gives your baby an excellent soft flow. You’ll notice the unique design of this bottle, with the bottle nipple being on the side rather than in the middle of the bottle – according to Chicco this improves comfort and ease of feeding, and replicates the instinctive way baby feeds. We were really impressed by these bottles and would definitely recommend. They won Silver in the 2018 M&B Awards in the Best Bottle Feeding Product category. 

Tested by mum Nicky Knight for the Mother&Baby Awards 2018; she said: "I found that this bottle was incredibly easy to hold and so ergonomic. I felt that Chicco had thought about how this should be shaped to help with feeding, not only for ease of baby feeding but also for us to hold it comfortably. The shape is by far the best I have used – he took to this teat very well as it is so soft and akin to the nipple."

Read our full review of the Chicco NaturalFeeling Bottle here

The best baby bottle for a colicky baby

Not only does the Comotomo Natural Baby Bottle look amazing, it has been designed to resolve all existing problems with standard baby bottles. The shape and texture make it easy for little hands to hold, and it has been designed to mimic breast feeding, helping babies that experience ‘nipple confusion’ and ‘bottle rejection’. The bottle is leak free, and allows milk to flow steadily helping to ease colic, but is on the expensive side compared to some of the others on this list. It was Shortlisted in the 2018 M&B Awards in the Best Bottle Feeding Product category. 

Tested by mum Sarah Smith for the Mother&Baby Awards 2018; she said: "I love this bottle - from the shape and feel, to the design. My baby got on so well with it as it was small enough for him to fit his tiny hands around. From my perspective, it was also easy to take apart and put back together. Milk flowed steadily and at my sons pace, which was great because he suffers with colic and normally feeding is difficult. He had no issues with winding after using this bottle."

Read our full review of the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle here 

The best baby bottle newborn starter set:

It’s got everything you could need included for those first few days transitioning your baby to the bottle, including four bottles, a soother, a bottle brush, a chewbie teether and a bib. It’s great value for money and the little extras are fantastic. When it comes to the bottles, the Easy Latch teats are designed to mimic the shape, texture and natural flex of your breasts, encouraging your baby to latch more easily.  

Tested by mum Catrin Ottley for the Mother&Baby Awards 2018; she said: "I would recommend this set to a fellow mum as the design is really nice and I think it looks appealing for the child. The bottle is very nice, it feels comfortable in my hand when I feed my baby as it has a nice grip and is very easy to use. Also, it’s a compact size so doesn’t take up room in my changing bag."

Read our full review of the Nuby Natural Touch Newborn Starter Set here 

The best baby bottle to attach to your breastpump:

A great option if you’re already using a Medela breast pump, these clever baby bottles can be used with all different Medela pumps and teats on the market. Easy to use, we love the handy metric and imperial measurements on the side, which are clear to see (no matter how sleep deprived you might be!) They are also dishwasher and microwave-safe.


The best all-in-one kit

This starter set gives you everything you need to set off on a bottle-feeding journey, whether you're feeding with a bottle once a day between breastfeeds, or whether you want to transition to more regular bottle feeding. In this set you get: three 260ml bottles, three 150ml bottles, a bottle and teat brush for easy cleaning, and a dummy. The silicone slow flow nipple teats are designed to feel like a real nipple, helping your baby make that change seamlessly. 

Best temperature control bottles

This set of four baby bottles features built-in temperature control indicators, which show when the milk is too hot - this is extremely helpful when you're doing the blurry-eyed nightfeed. The anti-colic vent helps prevent baby swallowing too much air as they feed, controls the flow of milk and removes air bubbles while the extra wide lip support simulates breast feeding as closely as possible.

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