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As much as we love holding and cuddling our little bundles of joy, there are moments when we need to put them down so we can use both hands every now and then (although us mums are pros when it comes to one handed tea making)! 

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Baby rockers and bouncers are great for those very moments and they keep our little ones entertained - especially if the chairs have toys attached to them. They're also great for those times when you need a helping hand in getting them off to sleep as the gentle bounce or vibrations of a rocker or bouncer get them quickly drift off. 

There are loads of different rockers and bouncers available on the market, so we've rounded up some of our favourites from the Mother&Baby awards that were rated highly by our mum testers! 

Best baby bouncers and rockers

Suitable from birth up to 9ks (6 months, or until baby can sit unaided), Chicco’s Hoopla Baby Bouncer offers a multi-position backrest, enabling baby to relax, play or feed, as well as an adjustable headrest to ensure baby’s comfort.

The harness features two clips either side of a central support and the bouncer’s ergonomic booster not only prevents baby from overheating but makes the chair more accurately adjustable to the proportions of each little user. Controls at the front of the product, which can be a bit stiff, adapt the Hoopla into a fixed position or a rocking chair and although the bouncer has no music feature or vibration mechanism, an easily-removable toy bar ensures that baby is entertained for as long as necessary.

The Hoopla is a lightweight design with carry handles, making it easy to move, but is quite bulky and takes up a lot of space when travelling. It is, however, a robust product, made with high quality materials, and will easily see families through multiple babies – making it great value for money. 

Stokke Steps is a transformable children’s highchair that serves as a base for a baby bouncer and additional accessories. The product offers good padding and support, is comfortable and adapts as your child grows. The bouncer attaches to the highchair and although it has been created with toddlers in mind, the design allows a newborn to be with you at the dining table during meal times.

The tray is big – with lots of space to play and mess, and can be removed to allow your child to sit up next to the table, flush against it – a good idea! Although the chair cannot collapse, the bouncer collapses flat, which is great for storing. The covers are removable and the greige fabric colour is very trendy. The toy bar is a nice idea but is too low (the toys dangle in baby’s face) and not sufficiently secure. A wooden version of the chair would be preferable to the mostly-plastic design favoured by Stokke, which would make an already innovative product even better value for money. 

Stokke Steps is a product designed with the modern mum in mind. The multifunctional bouncer-cum-highchair is highly efficient and super stylish. It assembles quickly and easily, is durable and does not look out of place in a home living area. The product’s best feature is that a newborn can be positioned in the chair, which means that babies can join in on family dinners from birth, and the chair will last until school-going age. Growing with your child, Sokke Steps is certainly an investment, which is why it costs a bit more than one might usually pay for such a product. The chair offers good support and is comfortable but the toy bar is not secure and the bouncer is a little too vertical. The straps are also awkward – rough with uneven stitching; there is definitely room for improvement in this regard. Otherwise, a clever, well-made product.

Tested by mum Heidi Short for M&B

This set is beautiful. I love how it matches my home and how easy it is to clean. The interchangeable parts are very useful and well designed. They don't take up more space then necessary, the whole system is just the right size. It's very durable and still looks like new.

The pieces snap together easily and I can use the pieces together as well as separately. I can have my toddler in the highchair while the baby is in the bouncer.  I love how the plastic of the chair is so easy to clean without little corners for food to get stuck. And I can lift the whole seat out of the base to wash it at the sink when it's really dirty. I really enjoyed using this system, but I don't think I would spend so much on it.

The new improved LoBo2 baby bouncer is suitable for babies age 0-6 months and features a two position backrest as an exciting new feature! It is perfect for newborns to lay back and be soothed by its smooth bouncing motion, or the back rest can be easily adjusted into a more upright position for feeding and playtime, where tots can be entertained by the friendly little monster toys!

Tested by mum Sarah Panter for M&B

Great colours, fun characters for my little one to be amused by, a good variety of seating positions (eg upright/laid back) Good head support and feels very safe!

My little one can be amused while I potter around them (and have a cuppa!) And I can have peace of mind that they are safe and secure. The safety harness however does take a while to put on. Perhaps clips would be quicker than threading through the Velcro straps each time.

Tested by mum Jane Hobday for M&B

This rocking chair has a gorgeous design which is stylish and quirky - it has a little more style with the maroon colour and illustrated monsters. The quality was exceptional - the legs were a nice sleek white colour and I think the straps were much better than a lot of similar products - the waist strap had a good level of padding and the shoulder straps were a great addition for when my baby was very tiny - giving me peace of mind that he wouldn't fall out.

Also, the chair comes with a small neck support - again, something which not all chairs come with and this enabled me to be able to put my baby in it from a very early age. The bouncing motion was nice and smooth and my baby loved kicking his feet around and getting it to bounce. It has two angles - one for sitting and one for a more reclined position which looked really comfortable for my baby to fall asleep. There is  a detachable toy bar with two cute monsters on it and again, the position of this was good - right in baby's eyeline and reach. Although this doesn't have vibration or electrical swinging motion, If you want a nice looking, good quality, simple rocking chair then this is the one for you.

I found this chair really useful to have upstairs so that when I was getting ready I could put baby into the chair and due to the secure waist strap I felt reassured that he was nice and safe in the chair and he would often bounce himself and giggle away or else I would find him fast asleep in it. I also felt that the design complimented our house and didn't feel too brash.

I really liked this product and there isn't much I would change but for the price I think it could be good to add another element to it - such as more toys on the toy bar or a vibration - just because this is what similar chairs of this price range would offer. But all in all, this is very nice chair.

This folds flat for easy storage, and offers three recline positions. The fabric is especially soft (and machine washable) and the ergonomic design offers good hammock-style head-and-back support. This seat is suitable for up to age two and is chic, sleek and stylish. A compatible toy arch is also available.

Tested by mum Elizabeth Porter for M&B

I would recommend this bouncer, I am a fan of the bjorn brand and think they really think about the comfort of the baby alongside their physical development. It is easy to use, clean, fold away and having the different height options make it useful for relaxing or playing. My little one loves it she gets over stimulated with vibrations etc and this really seems to keep her happy as she can control the movement. It can be used for older children as well which makes it value for money. I also like how it looks as it is not too intrusive wherever we put it.

It is a nice safe place to put our little without her having to lie flat. She is she coming more interested in things and this helps to entertain her. This means I can get on with my jobs and look after the others too.

I would probably like to have an option to have an additional cover ‘wash one use one’ included as it can get quite dirty with my dribbler.  

Tested by mum Jen Naulls for M&B

Beware toddlers rocking this over-enthusiastically, as it’s really bouncy! It’s lightweight and folds flat, which is perfect for travel. The fabric is soft and supportive, and the button fastener doesn’t nip your fingers, like buckles can. For the price, I’d expect the toy bar to be included.

The Serina 2-in-1 baby seat offers baby a multi-motion ride as it swings from front to back or side to side to comfort baby. With six different swing speeds, a toybar, a night light with four brightness settings and a choice of ten lullabies and nature sounds, the Serina 2-in-1 is able to keep baby both entertained and relaxed. 

For newborn babies the removable, washable, plush infant body support and seat pad offers supreme comfort by perfectly cocooning baby. 

The wheels, integrated handle, and compact frame also make moving from room to room a breeze for parents.

Tested by mum Sophie Wood for M&B

The Joie Serina has some really handy features. The charger has a usb connection so if batteries do run out it can always be used. Good quality materials used, very solid. Very easy to set up and seat just clips into base. The seat can be picked up and used to carry baby around house. Also has a mobile with 2 toys on it and music which nature sounds where very white noise like, which helps to sooth baby and help sleep.

You can you the seat as a rocker without the base and also means if you need to pop upstairs you can just take the seat off the base and carry your baby up with you. The seat has three positions which meant my little girl could sit up right or recline a little when tired. The classical and nature music were very soothing which helped her fall asleep peacefully.

It has lots of positive and very little negative about it. Definitely worth the money, not only can it be used as a swing the seat can be picked up and used to carry baby around which makes life so easy! Along with the other features it's defiantly won me over.

The only downside to the Serina is that that the cumbersome base doesn't fold which means it's always taking floor space up, if there was some way the base could be folded it would be perfect! 

The 360° Dreamer Rocker solves the problem you face when your baby falls asleep in their bouncer. With an easy release, it lowers into a safe flat napping position.

It features a clever folding seat design, adjustable reclining backrest, music, white noise, nature sounds, adjustable vibrations, and removable toy bar. 

The unique swivel base means baby can be rocked side-to-side or front-to-back (most have a preference!) and can be easily turned to face you.

Tested by mum Lynsey Mccann for M&B

I would definitely recommend this to a friend or fellow mum I genuinely wish I had been aware of this product when my twins were newborns as this would have been a massive help and money saver as it is like having a moses basket, a rocker and a bouncer all in one. It doesn't take up a lot of space and I love the fact it comes in colours for both boys and girls to use as I have a boy and girl. I also love the fact I can move the music & vibration unit which is great for bedtimes.

If one of my twins is in the 360° Dreamer Rocker and falls asleep I can simply put the rocker in lie flat mode which is perfect for babies nap time so I can get on with some house work while I know they are safe and snug. It helps at bedtimes as I can just put baby in the lie flat position with the vibrate or even just the sound of a heartbeat and this makes falling asleep easier.

You are really getting a moses basket, a rocker and a bouncer all for one price. It also saves me having to find space for 3 different products. It comes complete with a safety harness and a lovely padded seat unit which can be used for girls or boys. I wish I had the 360° Dreamer Rocker from the day my twins arrived, would have saved me buying 3 different but much-needed baby accessories.

I would love it if I didn't have to stop using the dreamer cradle mode and play mode once my baby has reached 9kg and also if I could remove the coverings so that I could put them in the washing machine to keep it really nice and clean. I fear the 360° Dreamer Rocker may become dirty if I can only clean it with a damp sponge.

Quick to assemble, this chair folds flat for easy storage and transportation, and is easily converted from a rocking chair to a fixed baby seat. There are three recline positions, plus a gentle vibration setting and four different musical modes. The detachable toy bar features two plush hanging toys.

Tested by mum Katy Tanton for M&B

This was our favourite chair out of the six. Joseph was happiest in it for the longest, and he loved batting the toys about and making the bells ring. Unlike other chairs, the toy bar doesn’t fall off. The colours are really appealing to a baby but it’s stylish and not garish. The seat angle is great, the material is lovely and soft, and the whole thing feels sturdy and well-made.

Tested by mum Amanda Lancaster for M&B

My least favourite chair to look at, it literally gave me a headache! The adjustable seat positions are great, though. When Lottie had a cold we lay her almost flat with her head elevated, which helped ease congestion. However, there isn’t a lot of support in the seat. She liked the vibrations, though, and stayed settled for up to an hour.

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