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The best baby carrier backpacks

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The best baby carrier backpacks

Whether you want to climb hills or just keep your hands free on the high street, a baby carrier backpack lets you leave your baby’s buggy behind. 

A back carrier is similar to a rucksack, but it has a seat where your baby or toddler sits. As well as two shoulder straps, there’s a belt that goes around your waist to spread his weight onto your hips, easing the burden on your back.

Why buy a baby carrier backpack?

It means you can carry your little one easily, and leave the pushchair at home, which is really useful if you’re heading to a place where the terrain is unsuitable for wheels, or there will be so many people that manoeuvring a buggy becomes difficult. Many parents also find them good for holidays, as they’re more practical for airports or sightseeing. They’re also handy for public transport.

How old does your baby need to be before you use a back carrier?

Back carriers are typically for use from six months of age, when he can sit up sufficiently well, to three years, when he’ll get too heavy.

How often will you use a baby carrier backpack?

There’s a real balance to be struck between how comfortable the carrier is for you and your youngster, and how bulky it is. Those with more features might be great for longer hikes or if you want to carry your youngster for more than a few hours at a festival, but their dimensions can make them a big piece of kit to store. If you’re only going to be using it to pop to the shops, or take on holiday, a more compact model might be better for you.

How much will a baby carrier backpack weigh?

Another consideration is the weight of the carrier. You might think that all those extra features are great, but they all add weight to the carrier, on top of the load of your increasingly heavy toddler. So, think carefully about what features you really want, and whether they’re worth the extra weight.

Where would you use a baby carrier backpack?

Some baby carriers stick out further behind you than others. If you’ll be using the carrier on peaceful countryside tracks, then this isn’t a problem and you may appreciate the extra storage it gives you. But if you’ll use it mainly in crowded shops, then a more slimline design means you won’t knock anything – or anyone – over when you turn around!

Test it out in the shop

If you speak to parents of older children, the biggest reason they didn’t get their money’s worth from a carrier was because it proved too tricky to get their child into it, and then lift them on to and off their back. So, this is a piece of baby gear that’s worth trying out, to make sure it suits your needs. 

Will you and your partner both use it?

Some carriers are more adjustable than others, so if you and your partner are different heights and/or builds, then you’ll need one that adapts easily to fit you both. If you’re likely to switch wearer frequently, for example mid-walk, then you’ll want straps that you can adjust without getting your youngster out of the carrier.

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