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The Best Double Duty Products For You And Your Baby

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Nobody likes to be overloaded with baby products, so if you can double up on mum AND baby needs with one item, you know you’re onto a good thing

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Mummy Baby Balm, £9.50,

Soothe dry, cracked nipples caused by breastfeeding, with this balm, which is made from entirely natural vegetable-based ingredients, so doesn’t have to be removed before feeding. It can also double up as a treatment for baby eczema and cradle cap.
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Aden + Anais Swaddling Cloths, £38.95 for three,

Perfect for your newborn to help her feel snug and secure, these swaddling cloths are also useful as sunshades when rested over your baby’s pram or buggy and as burp cloths.
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Tushi Stick, £10.50,

A handy stick applicator means this 100% natural nappy balm can also be used as a moisturiser for your dry knees and elbows.
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Thrupenny Bits Breastfeeding Cushion, £45,

Yes, this cushion does use the cockney rhyming slang for boobs, but we can forgive that because of how handy it is. You can remove the stuffing and use it as a bag.
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Gumigem Teething Bangle, from £8.95,

If your baby is constantly grabbing your jewellery to chew on, these silicone bangles, which are made of the same material you’d find in a dummy teat, teething toy or baby spoon, are soft and flexible. It means you can let your teething baby chew on accessories safely.
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Jackson Reece Babywipes, £2,

Vital for nappy changes, these Mother&Baby Gold Award-winning baby wipes are also great for those evenings when a two-minute scrub with a wipe is all the energy you can muster to remove make-up and commuting grime.
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Sunny Safari Jumbo Playmat, £39.99,

This is great for your little one to get some tummy time, but once he’s having a nap, you can use it for doing post-birth tone-up exercises (just watch out for the damp baby dribble patches).
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Sleep Pillow Sounds Sleep App, Free, iTunes

Who says sleep apps are just for your baby? As well as the usual baby favourites of white noise and heartbeats, there are also gentle piano melodies and rainforest noises to help you drop off.
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Chicco Boppy Pillow, £39.99,

You can use this pillow to support your bump in pregnancy, rest your baby on when feeding and prop up your little one when he’s learning to sit upright.
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MooGoo Mini Moo Bubbly Wash, £11.90,

Picking a gentle cleansing bubble wash that’s free from chemical nasties will mean it’s mild enough for your baby’s skin, as well as your own.
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Toadstools and Owl Scarf, £28,

Designed by celebrated British illustrator, Marion Lindsay, these pretty scarves can also double up as breastfeeding covers, and are made from 100% cotton voile.
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Isla Rule ‘Hannah’ Handbag, £285,

If you’re a working mum who is rushing from nursery to work meeting and back again, this multi-function bag has space and pockets for keeping your baby’s essentials, your own items, as well as a separate compartment at the bottom of the bag to store spare shoes or a tablet computer.
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Beaba Multi-Portion Silicone Freezing Tray, £10,

If you’ve started weaning your baby, these portion trays can be used to store small portions of his food. And when his puree days are over, you can fill them with water to make ice-cubes for a well-earned post-bedtime G&T.
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Flexible Pink Toy Tub, £3.99,

Perfect for tidying away your toddler’s toys, this tub is also useful for ferrying laundry from the washing machine to the clothesline.
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Moodelli Dimmer Lamp, £139.99,

This wooden cube lights up when the cube is opened so is perfect as a subtle dimmer lamp for your baby’s nursery. We also think the stylish design of the light means it would look just as good in your living room.

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