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best nappy bins

When you've got a baby in the house, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of dirty nappies that your newborn gets through in one day. 

Luckily, nappy bins exist to safely contain dirty nappies and trap the smell, meaning you don't have to fill up your normal kitchen bin with dozens of nappies. 

Our shortlist of the best nappy disposal bins

  • Our best rated: Vital Baby® HYGIENE Odour-Trap Nappy Disposal System
  • Best for containing the smell: Angelcare Nappy Disposal System
  • Best environmentally-friendly nappy bin: Tommee Tippee Twist and Click Advanced Nappy Bin with Eco-Friendlier System
  • Best for large bin capacity: Skip Hop Nappy Bin
  • Best to take while travelling: Angelcare On-The-Go Travel Nappy Bag Dispenser
  • Best for simplicity: Bambino Mio Nappy Bucket
  • Best bucket bin for reusable nappies: Rotho Babydesign Nappy Pail

Are nappy bins useful? 

Simply put, yes. 

A nappy bin might seem an odd purchase; why not just take the nappy out to the dustbin when you change your baby's nappy? Does a nappy bin really save you that much time? We found it does and we know when you've got a newborn, every second counts. If you shave a few seconds off your day by only having to make the trip to the bin once, instead of 15 times, it soon adds up to be a useful buy. This is especially useful if your baby is poorly, or if the weather is terrible. 

Plus, these nappy bins have odour-trapping abilities, to keep nasty smells away, and anti-bacterial properties to keep everything sanitised. 

How do they work? 

All you need to do is change your baby's nappy, roll it up, pop it in the nappy bin. Nice and easy!

Most nappy bins use liners or cartridges, so it's important to check how they work before you buy - you'll need to factor in the cost of the cartridges and make sure it suits your budget.

Also remember that the suggested usage the manufacturer gives you will be based on Size 1 nappies, so the bins will obviously contain fewer as your baby increases in nappy size.  

Are nappy bins safe? 

Nappy bins are perfectly safe so long as you always make sure your baby can't reach in and help themselves to dirty nappies. Keep them out of reach of little hands at all times, and make sure the plastic bags or liners aren't within grabbing reach. 

But with so many nappy bins on the market, which one should you buy? To make life with a newborn that little bit easier, we've rounded up our favourite nappy disposal systems on the market for you to choose from - from nappy bins, to nappy buckets, and also an on-the-go solution too.

Our best rated

This nappy bin was Shortlisted Best Product for a Newborn - 0-4 months at the M&B Awards 2021

With dirty nappies comes bad smells, germs and bacteria. The vital baby® HYGIENE™ odour-trap® nappy disposal system has been carefully developed to lock in unpleasant aromas to keep the nursery smelling clean and fresh.

Unlike other nappy disposal systems, no refills, cassettes, or even specially sized bags are required. Any plastic bag is compatible. The system will hold up to 25 nappies, saving multiple trips to the bin, meaning more time to spend with your baby. The vital baby® HYGIENE™ odour-trap® nappy disposal system is simple to assemble, empty and clean. It's the convenient and easy way to dispose of dirty nappies.

Read our full review of the Vital Baby® HYGIENE odour-trap nappy disposal system from real mum testers here

Best for containing the smell

The Angelcare Nappy Disposal System features a push and lock system, a multi-layer film in the cassette and one handed operation. With effective odour-barrier technology, all smells should stay contained within the bin to make for a happier, more fragrant home.

One parent found this nappy bin to be easy to refill and a perfect purchase for their newborn: "Bought this within a week of the birth of my son, and it's been absolutely essential. Simple unobtrusive design, easy to clean, does the job well. Wish it was a bit bigger, but now that my son is 6 months old, we still get 5-6 days use out of it before having to empty it. Really does prevent the smells - which is important with the summer coming on. We have fortnightly refuse collections, and there's a waiting list for the nappy bin service from our local authority, so don't think we'd be able to survive without this."

Best environmentally-friendly nappy bin

This Amazon best seller makes nappy changing quick, easy and clean - and we know the Tommee Tippee brand well, so we can trust this is a quality product.

This Tommee Tippee Twist and Click Advanced Nappy Disposal bin holds up to 28 nappies, has an antibacterial greenfilm and is a great option if you're looking to use less plastic. The Tommee Tippee nappy bin refill cassettes are made from 98% recycled plastic the antibacterial film is sustainably sourced and the plastic is fully recyclable. Other features to the bin include twist and wrap to eliminate unpleasant smells, space-saving and stylish design.

 One dad said: "We thought it was a gimmick but are so glad we made this purchase. The trash can is next to the changing table and it does not take up much space and is very practical. The smell of diapers is actually cut off. After 6 months we have to buy a refill pack (We spent 2 months without using it so allow maybe 4 months for an infant). I bought my first refills when my baby was 6 months old and I plan to use this trash for the next ones!"

Best for large bin capacity

It's taller and thinner than most nappy bins. Keeping odours at bay, it has an easy-to-use pedal system that will speed up your nappy changing. Unlike most nappy bins, this fits most regular kitchen bin bags. Simply use your foot to step it open, and drop the nappy inside. 

This is more than just a nappy bin as it has a built-in storage compartment to keep everything you need for nappy changing close by. This large size contains up to 20 nappies in the bin at one time. 

One mum said, "I got this from the advice of my husband as applied to the ideal ones, and I am so happy I did! I recommend it for mothers who would like the extra nice look. For mothers who are willing to pay a little extra and have a nice extra bin for their baby’s room."

Best to take while travelling

This travel nappy bin is a great idea for long drives or weekend trips to the grandparents'. With an innovative clip-on design, you can take it anywhere for easy disposal on-the-go. It comes with 25 disposable bags, thicker than typical nappy bags to seal the smell in. It seals the bag safely to keep odours inside - super helpful when you're out and about and don't want a smelly nappy bag inside your handbag. 

One dad said: "I am happy with it. I keep it in my changing bag. Easy to pull bags out. I found my toddler pulling all bags out and I managed to put them back in by turning the little blue circle on top. If used when outside only the bags will last you a while. I would recommend."

Best for simplicity

Simple and practical with a lockable lid to keep your little one's hands out, this bin is perfect if you're using reusable nappies. It comes with laundry bags, perfect for popping in the washing machine and fills enough for a good load of washing. Sealing any smells inside the bucket, it's considered essential if you're using cloth nappies; it can contain up to a full load of dirty nappies ready for washing. 

One mum on Amazon said: "Such a simple but massively helpful product for reusable nappies. When the bin is full I just stick the whole nappy bag in the washer so I don't need to touch used nappies twice. I am very pleased that I found a simple way to make reusable nappies easy. Although the cost is a little steep for a plastic bucket- it is worth it for a system that works."

Best bucket bin for reusable nappies

Another great option for environmental parents committed to reusable nappies. Hygienic, stylish and with a practical handle for easy carrying, you can't go wrong with this 10-litre bucket can fit up to 25 nappies at a time and is odour-proof due to the strong lid. 

One reviewer commented: "After many searches and review trawling, settled on this product, due to its more eco-friendly material. It's a great size, holds scent's in well and is easy to clean when necessary!"


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