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Tried&Tested: Base layer clothing by HappySkin

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We asked real mums to put popular baby products through (very!) vigorous testing, meaning you can spend money on the things that really work and have extra time to snuggle with your baby or to quickly pop on the kettle. 

In this month's hot seat...

HappySkin base layer clothing range!

What were your first impressions of HappySkin? i.e. nicely presented/packed, soft to touch

Sapphira Kwame - My first impressions were that I thought the products were nicely presented. The packaging was also recyclable which is always a positive in the world’s current environmental state. Furthermore, I believe the HappySkin product itself was soft to touch and the attention to detail in the design is very obvious and aesthetically pleasing.

Beta - My first impressions of HappySkin were super positive. It came in neat packaging, and the quote on the inside was a nice touch. The product has a very luxurious feel. The material used is of excellent quality and very soft to touch.

Jessica Howard - This was beautifully presented. It was lovely item to unpackage. The clothing is so soft to touch and reminds me of silk.


What do you like best about HappySkin? i.e. softness, they feature off-set, flat seams.


Sapphira Kwame - "I like the softness of the HappySkin products and the fact that the sleepsuit had integrated scratch mittens that could not easily be taken off by my child.

Alexa Crampton - There are several features I like about the garments. The soft stretchy fabric makes them easy to put on and the fabric contours the body really well. The fabric feels very soft against the skin and the flat seams definitely create less chafing. There seem to be less fastening poppers than is common place for other similar garments, making the garment again easier to put on and creates less irritation.

Joana Neves - Material is super super soft and stretchy. Light to use and it appears to keep baby as warm as thicker clothes. No seams inside is also a plus. The material seems to me that allows the skin to breathe. My baby usually wakes up very sweaty and with happy skin clothing this has not happened.

Beta -  I absolutely love the softness of the material. Fantastic, I am so impressed with it. It definitely stands out among other baby clothing products. Products can easily be layered. Flat seams are also great.

Did your baby’s skin improve after wearing HappySkin?

Sapphira Kwame: My daughter‘s skin has seen a real improvement since wearing the Happy Skin bodysuit and sleepsuit. The softness of the material means that she is itching her skin less at night as it’s less irritable in comparison to other fabrics, and this has given it time to heal. The products are really well made and are of a high quality and remain so even after a few washes, which was pleasing to see. I’m definitely going to buy more from the range!

Alexa Crampton - After wearing the garment, I would say my baby’s eczema patches were much less red and irritated than they would have normally appeared after wearing other clothing.

Jana - My baby slept very well when using HappySkin and the skin was very soft.

What are you currently using to alleviate your little one’s sensitive skin and how did HappySkin compare?


Sapphia Kwame  - Currently I use emollients to moisturise my daughter’s skin. HappySkin is great as it offers a softness and stopped my daughter from the urge of wanting to itch, even without the use of an emollient.

Joane Neves - Avoiding dairy and using moisturiser. Try to use only clothes made of cotton and organic cotton preferably. HappySkin is as good, or possibly better than organic cotton for my baby’s skin.

Beta - I have been using Child’s Farm moisturiser but there was really no improvement. I feel that HappySkin products will help me much more in the long term.

Would you continue to use HappySkin to help your little one’s skin?

Joana Neves - Definitely. Especially as under the “prettier” clothes and as sleeping clothes. Thinking of getting it for my 5-year-old too.

Claire Rodd  - Yes I would. I think the softness of the HappySkin products and the breathability of the material helps the skin.

Beta - I will continue to use HappySkin products because they are not only good for my little one's skin, but also improve the quality of his sleep. The material helps to regulate his skin's temperature and this is why he sleeps better.

Would you recommend HappySkin to other parents?

Alexa Crampton - I would definitely recommend this product for mild eczema.They are wonderful.

Claire Rodd - Yes I would. I think as a parent you want to try everything to help your baby feel comfortable and give them the best start to life.

Beta -  I would 100% recommend HappySkin products to other parents. The products are very high quality and worth the money. My baby loves it and feels very comfy in them. It's very good for his skin and provides a good night sleep. I am so impressed with the products that I will recommend them on the Mush (app for mums).

HappySkin Base Layer clothing helps to protect, heal and soothe your little one’s skin

Infused with innovative polymer technology, called DreamSkin®, HappySkin® base layer clothing helps to heal, soothe and protect little one’s delicate, sensitive or irritated skin.

The DreamSkin® Polymer, which is applied to the fabric, is a medical device that has been available on prescription on the NHS for the last decade to treat moderate to severe eczema and atopic dermatitis. It works by correcting the flow of moisture and regulating the temperature of the skin to reducing irritation caused by dry, sensitive and even eczema-prone skin. Plus, HappySkin® base layers form a next-to-skin barrier to provide protection against skin irritants often found in washing detergents, which can lead to further irritation.

According to the British Skin Foundation, one in every five children in the UK is affected by eczema at some point, but currently there is no single treatment that can alleviate the condition. The most common treatments are emollients (moisturisers), which often need to be applied every day, in some cases multiple times.

Benefits of HappySkin range

  • Helps to break the itch-scratch cycle of dry, irritated skin.
  • Is proven to relieve mild-to-moderate cases of eczema.
  • Soothes and protects all types of sensitive skin.
  • Helps aid skin repair.
  • Encourages a restful night’ sleep.
  • Is super-soft, lightweight and the ultimate in comfort.

For more information visit or visit @HappySkinKids on social media


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