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weighted blankets for a cosy night's sleep

Wouldn't it be great if a blanket could solve all those restless nights' sleep and disagreements with your little one after they climb out of bed for the twelfth time that night? Well, there's a solution thanks to the best weighted blankets for kids.

Weighted blankets for toddlers and children are a great way of helping little ones settle quicker at night, and encourages a great night's sleep, which is a win for mum and dad.

A weighted blanket is comforting for children, and almost simulates a mother's hug. The best weighted blankets for kids are made with a material that doesn't upset the senses, making them ADHD, Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder friendly. They can also help to reduce restless leg syndrome, control body temperature and even calm little ones from any anxiety or insomnia - where can we get one of these in adult sizes?

How to wash a weighted blanket?

In general, weighted blankets should be washed using a cool setting with gentle detergents. However, each blanket may have special care instructions, so be sure to check the label beforehand. 

If your blanket is over 10kg, we recommend taking it to a professional dry cleaner so to avoid damage to your washing machine.

Can a child use a weighted blanket all night?

Children under a certain age should not be using a weighted blanket during the night due to the risk of suffocation. If you have any questions regarding the potential risks of weighted blankets, please be sure to check with your doctor. 

How to choose the best weighted blankets for children?

There are so many different weighted blankets to choose from it can be hard to weigh up all the pros and cons for each one. That's why experts here at Mother&Baby have done all the hard work for you. Here are all the things you need to know when selecting the best weighted blankets for kids:

  • Weight: When buying a weighted blanket for your little one, you need to pick the weight based on their body weight. Not only will this ensure that your child gets the best benefit from the product, but it'll also mean it's not big or small for them to use. Top tip: this shouldn't weigh 10 per cent more than your child's body weight. 
  • Material: You want this product to have a calming effect on your child so make sure it's material that doesn't make them feel uncomfortable. 
  • Price: Children's weighted blankets can set you back anywhere from £10 to £100 - not sure whether to part with more cash? Take the pros and cons into perspective. 
  • Medical concerns: Not sure if your child should be using a weighted blanket? Speak to a medical professional before buying. You should never use a weighted blanket if your little one suffers from epilepsy, cardiac problems, respiratory problems, circulatory disorders including type 2 diabetes, serious hypotonia and physical, learning or other difficulties where they're unable to remove this blanket independently. 
  • Further tips: Do not use overnight as adult supervision is recommended. Do not use any longer than 20 minutes, kids must not roll up in the blanket and your child's neck or head should never be covered. 

The best weighted blankets for kids:

You'll find that there's a baby blanket for every budget. Here are the best weighted blankets for kids in 2021 that will help little ones have a cosy night's sleep.

Best weighted blanket for improved sleep

Instead of encouraging your little one to count sheep, it's time to introduce a weighted blanket into their bedtime routine. Whether they're having trouble drifting off or experiencing nightmares, this blanket will help make them feel calm and relaxed. Remember, weighted blankets should only be used with supervision, and therefore are not safe to use throughout the night. 

Pros: Made for kids, 12-month manufacturer guarantee, encourages restful sleep

Cons: Only available in 3kg 

Review: "This is used by my 11-year-old daughter. She was previously still awake past 11.30pm. With this, her sleep has gradually improved and is now asleep within 20 mins of lights off. I would recommend giving this a go."

Best weighted blanket for younger children

Each blanket comes in a single size with weights ranging from 2kg to 4kg. The child's age and size will determine which blanket is best. All blankets are 100 per cent cotton, filled with anti-rustle and hypoallergenic pellets that evenly distribute weight. Not only is this the perfect way to comfort young children, but it's super soft and reversible too.

Pros: Easy to wash, excellent quality

Cons: Expensive

Review: "Amazing! My little boy who struggled to get to sleep now gets in his bed and within five minutes is fast asleep. He says it’s like a big hug and loves how soft it is. Great quality. Hugely recommended!"

Best weighted blanket for older children

This weighted sensory blanket has a calming effect on little and big kids, helping them to feel settled and secure when they're sleeping. The cotton blanket is hypo-allergenic and even helps to control body temperature. It comes in a variety of different sizes from a weight of 5kg right up to 13kg. As well as helping kids get to sleep, this can have a calming effect on children with ADHD, autism and settling those who struggle with anxiety and insomnia. 

Pros: Ideal for older children or teenagers, well made, good value for money

Cons: Smaller than expected

Review: "I bought this for a family member who suffers from anxiety and insomnia. He uses this product all the time. When it arrives folded in its bag you feel the weight. He uses it when relaxing when suffering anxiety etc. Wraps around him when sitting and wraps in it for sleeping. He describes it as someone giving him a firm comforting hug. For several nights he has slept better and has generally been more relaxed. If this blanket ever wears out, I will be buying another."

Best weighted blanket with fun prints


Made from 100 per cent cotton, this heavy blanket provides temperature control and breathability to help keep children cool and comfortable when falling asleep. The blanket offers the perfect weight distribution to simulate a hug and prevents little ones from losing their covers. 

Pros: Two sizes/weights, a range of designs and the material is environment-friendly

Cons: Reports of issues with stitching 

Review: "Bought this for my three-year-old grandson who has autism as he couldn't get off to sleep easily. My daughter had tried everything - pillow sprays etc. He's only had this blanket for two nights and so far so good. He's relaxed and asleep in 20 minutes - once he's asleep, she takes it off him. She'll also use it during the day if he's frustrated, he loves this blanket."

Best everyday weighted blanket

Weighted blankets aren't just for sleeping. Get your child familiar with this item and incorporate it during playtime or while watching their favourite film on the sofa. 
Pros: Simulates a hug, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, endorsed by Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic

Cons: Not suitable for children under 3-years-old

Review: "Really lovely blanket, cute but neutral design with a super soft, micro plush material on the reverse side. Good size and weight for a child, my seven-year-old son loves it. I got him the 3kg version, so it lasts longer. Reasonably priced too for a weighted blanket compared to other brands. Hoping this helps to calm him down for bedtime!

Best weighted blanket for comfort

Is your little girl or boy struggling to sleep through the night? The viceoy weighted blanket might be the answer. Not only will this number help your child get to sleep, but it will also make them feel safe and comforted during the day. 

Pros: Made from 100 per cent cotton, stars or unicorn design to choose from

Cons: Can be too heavy if bought for the wrong size

Review: "My daughter is 4-years-old and has multiple medical, physical and special needs. Her anxiety and aggression bounce of each other and can create one hell of a time for everyone. She has nightmares and general trouble sleeping. I got this during the COVID-19 pandemic, her life had been turned upside down, she was stuck inside so was anxious and aggressive in a massive way. I bought this as a last resort, she is only 14kg, but I got the 4.5kg as she likes a tight hug and she is a small child. The blanket is quite heavy, but within the first 10 mins of using this blanket, she was calm and even after coming out from under the blanket for the rest of the day she was so much calmer and easier to handle. That night she slept through, no nightmares, no kicking out, no screaming and no waking up - nothing for the first time in ages."

Best weighted blanket for Paw Patrol fans

Any child over the age of three that loves watching Ryder on rescue missions will feel safe and calm under this pressure stimulation blanket. We'd recommend only using this for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. 

Pros: Fun design for children, made from cotton and polyester plush

Cons: Spot clean only, available in 2kg

Best support blankets for baby

This blanket is super soft and gentle on children's skin. It's breathable and the perfect weight to help settle little ones at night when they're getting tucked into bed. While not technically a weighted blanket, this will leave your baby feeling warm and secure. 

Pros: Good for babies, organic cotton, machine washable

Cons: Not technically a weighted blanket

Review: "Beautiful quality, lovely design and packaged lovely if you want it for a gift."

Best Spiderman weighted blanket

Are mini Spiderman fans will love snuggling up with this superhero blanket. Here to save the day: this weighted blanket will reduce anxiety, help your little one to relax and ensure they dose off easily. The best thing about this option is that its five different layers for extra comfort. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. 

Review: "We bought the 2kg blanket for our son and he loves this. It is high quality, cosy and comes in a handy bag to put the blanket into for safe keeping/travelling."

Best weighted blanket with cover

This super-soft blanket provides a deep pressure touch stimulation without kids feeling restricted. The comfortable pressure of the blanket helps the body to produce chemicals so that they feel naturally relaxed and calm, ready for a good nights sleep. It even comes with a little snuggly owl.

Pros: Available in a range of designs, good for children over the age of five, soft to touch

Cons: Expensive, need to ensure the integral loops keep the weighted inner secure

Review: "We love our Snoozzzy, it is so lovely and the material is so soft and so cuddly! The unicorn print makes this blanket interesting for my daughter - she loves looking at all the detail! I ordered the blanket last night and it arrived this afternoon. So far, my daughter has fallen in love with Snoozzzy the owl 🦉 (who is super adorable and cuddly), we have been using the blanket for a few nights now, and we're noticing improvements in her sleep while she uses the blanket. You can tell she feels secure, it's like she’s being hugged all night! I would 100 per cent recommend Snoozzzy, there are so many weighted blankets out there, but the Snoozzzy is by far the prettiest and the quality is just amazing so look no further! 🦄💕."

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