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The best weighted blankets for children 2021

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weighted blankets for a cosy night's sleep

Wouldn't it be great if just a blanket could solve all those restless nights' sleep and disagreements with your little one after they climb out of bed for the twelth time that night?

Well, now there is!

Weighted blankets are a great way of helping children to settle quicker at night and help to provide a great night's sleep, which is definitely a win for mum and dad.

A weighted blanket almost simulates a mother's hug. Weighted blankets are made with a material that doesn't upset the senses, making them ADHD, Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder friendly. They can also help to reduce restless leg syndrome, control body temperature and even calm little ones from any anxiety or insomnia (where can we get one of these in adult sizes?).

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Here are the best weighted blankets for 2020 that will help little ones have a cosy night's sleep:

Each blanket comes in a single size with weights ranging from 2kg-4kg. Depending on the childs age and size will determine which blanket is best. But all blankets are 100% cotton, filled with anti-rustle and hypoallergenic pellets which evenly distribute weight. They're super soft and reversible too, and the perfect way to comfort young children through the night.

Made from 100% cotton, this heavy blanket provides temperature control and breathability to help keep children cool and comfortable throughout the night. The blanket even offers the perfect amount of weight to simulate a mums hug and prevent little ones losing their covers in the night. 

This super soft blanket provides a deep pressure touch stimulation without little ones feeling restricted. The comfortable pressure of the blanket helps the body to produce chemicals that help to naturally feel relaxed and calm, ready for a good nights sleep. It even comes with a little snuggly owl.

This bundle includes the weighted blanket, a cover, and a carry bag - great if you travel and stay at a friend's house and want to ensure your little one still has a good night's sleep. 

This organic cotton blanket is super soft and gentle on children's skin. It's breathable and the perfect weight to help settle little ones at night when they're getting tucked into bed. 

This weighted sensory blanket has a calming effect on little ones, helping them to feel settled and secure when they're sleeping. The cotton blanket is hypo-allergenic and even helps to control body temperature. It comes in a variety of different designs that children will love, and it is also great for calming children with ADHD, Autism and settling those who struggle with anxiety and insomnia. 

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