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Best Baby Wipes – The Mother&Baby Awards Shortlist

Can’t decide which baby wipes to buy? Take a look at the products that our mum testers think deserve a place on our Mother&Baby Awards 2015. We’ll be announcing the winners on 26 November. Be sure to check back on the site or follow #motherandbabyawards on Twitter and our Facebook page.

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Baby Wipes Fragranced, £0.64, Aldi Mamia

Priced at just 1p per wipe and made using super soft embossed cotton.
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Baby Wipes Sensitive/Fragrance Free, £0.64, Aldi Mamia

These fragrance free wipes are packed with aloe vera and chamomile lotion to help keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth.
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Asda Little Angles Extra Protection Baby Wipes, £1, Asda Little Angels

Asda's Little Angels extra protection wipes are specially formulated to protect your baby's delicate skin, and are perfect for newborns too. Made with a skin-friendly barrier lotion to defend against irritation and nappy rash.
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Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature Unscented Baby wipe, £1.99, Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature

These natural unscented baby wipes are specially designed for children with sensitive skin and eczema. Plus 99% of the ingredients are derived from renewable vegetable or plant extracts to look after your little ones skin.
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Johnson’s Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes, £2.55, Johnson's Baby

Johnson’s Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes have been proven to be gentle and safe for cleansing newborn skin, so even from day one you can be confident you’re giving your baby the best of care. These wipes contain a no more tears formula with 97% pure water and only essential cleansing ingredients.
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Pampers Sensitive Wipes, £2.50, Pampers

Pampers Sensitive Wipes come with a unique soft grip texture to clean more gently with less wiping for your baby’s sensitive skin. Perfume and alcohol free they're accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.
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Sainsbury’s Little Ones Sensitive ECO Baby Wipes, £1.49, Sainsbury's Littles Ones

These environmentally friendly baby wipes are made from regenerated cotton. The wipe starts life as cotton, which is then picked, woven and cut into T-shirts. The excess trim is usually sent to landfill, but, Sainsbury’s send it to a special processing plant where it is made into soft, gentle and strong wipes for your little one.
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Tesco Loves Toddler Apple Fragranced Toilet Wipes, £0.70, Tesco Loves Baby

Specially formulated to provide mild but effective cleaning for small bottoms, these tesco loves toddler apple fragranced toilet wipes are pleasantly scented wipes, making it easier for your tot to learn to wipe herself as part of the potty training journey. They are also dermatologically tested to be mild and gentle for delicate young skin.
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Tesco Loves Toddler Sticky Fingers Clean-up Wipes, £0.77, Tesco Loves Baby

These wipes have been specially formulated with gentle cleansers and moisturisers to get your toddler clean quickly, gently and thoroughly. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, they are suitable for sensitive skin.
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Waitrose Toddler Wipes, £1.01, Waitrose

These fruity fragranced wipes are designed to ease your toddler into learning good toilet habits during the potty training stage. The wipes break up when flushed. Paraben free , these wipes have been specially formulated using mild ingredients.
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WaterWipes Best Baby Wipes, £2.50, WaterWipes

WaterWipes are the only baby wipes ever to be approved by Allergy UK. As pure as cotton wool and cooled boiled water, maternity wards and neonatal intensive care units in the UK and Ireland have started recommending them to parents.

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