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The best portable high chairs to make your weaning journey easier

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Your baby's weaning journey is incredibly important and also a huge milestone in their life when they start having their first meals. But there are a number of worries we have as parents through this journey, and it often involves how will we feed our baby when we aren't at home? 

You can read every weaning book there is and even invest in the best blenders to whip up delicious food, but the scariest part of the weaning journey is not being in the comfort of your own home to feed your baby with your trusty high chair. But you'll never have to worry about whether your local cafe will have a free high chair again if you get your own portable high chair.

They're incredibly convenient and even save a lot more space in your home if you wanted to use it all the time.

Check out our baby-safe pick of portable high chairs that will become your new, trusty travel companions.

Not only is this a portable highchair seat, it also offers protective storage for on-the-go essentials. It has a strong and durable frame, with a no-slip grip for increase stability on chairs. 

Lift the flap up under the seat for a great place to store cups, plates, and wipes - we love how handy this is. 

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This ultra-lightweight design means it's super easy to carry. It can easily be stored in most strollers, so you can use it wherever you go. It also has three different height adjustments and three tray positions. 

With a fully adjustable harness, this seat is lightweight and can be carried as a shoulder bag or stashed under a pushchair. It's perfect for little ones who can sit up unaided, and even comes with wipe-clean placemat.

There's nothing better than a practical baby item. This 3-in-1 seat can be used as a regular highchair or a low chair with a removeable tray. It's easy to store and even has an anti-fall design to help keep your little one safe. 

This bubble booster is a fun and stylish design with multiple uses. Make feeding easier for your little one with this comfortable design that's also easy to wipe clean. The seat can also be used with the sensory toy fitted to the tray for playing, at meal times or even as a seat on the floor.

This portable highchair is a little different to most, but it's super convenient for travel. It has a five-point harness design and simply hooks on to the table. The operating hook is also quick and simple to use. 

Designed for easy folding for transportation, this high chair is extremely handy. It has a removeable food tray for easy washing, and can also be adjusted to different heights for your little one. 

The removeable padded seat insert gives your little one extra comfort, and it also has an extra-safe harness to keep them in place while they learn to eat. It's super stylish too, with an additional handle for making transportation to meals out easier. It also has four adjustable, non-slip feet for secure positioning. 

Make meals out easier with this adjustable highchair. It's wipeable and the tray can be removed for easy washing too. The seat is soft and adjustable, with a removeable seat insert too.

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