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Best Pregnancy/Maternity Product – The Mother&Baby Awards Shortlist

Can’t decide which pregnancy products to buy? Take a look at the products that our mum testers think deserve a place on the Mother&Baby Awards 2015. We’ll be announcing the winners on 26 November. Be sure to check back on the site or follow #motherandbabyawards on Twitter and our Facebook page. See all of this year's Mother&Baby Awards Shortlists here
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Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream, £24.99,Bepanthen

Specially developed by Healthcare experts for mums-to-be keen to avoid stretch marks during and after pregnancy. Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and free from colours and preservatives. The cream comes in a convenient pump bottle, absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft.
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Boppy Total Body Pillow, £59.99,Chicco

Boppy Total Body Pillow by Chicco helps you to find a more comfortable sleeping position. It has a flexible design so it can be adapted to suit the varying requirements throughout pregnancy. The pillow has three pieces that can be reconfigured to create the perfect combination to support your head, tummy, legs, tummy, hips and ankles.
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Heat Regulating Cuddle Me Pillow, £42.99,Kit for Kids by Carla

This cozy cuddle pillow provides versatile full body support while helping to maintain the ideal body temperature. The wrap around pillow can be used in various positions to provide support for your bump, back and knees.
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Mama’s Belly Rub and Stretch Mark Oil, £149, Shea Mooti

This non-greasy skin conditioning oil is loaded with Omega 3, 6, and 9 leaeve in oils and has been specially formulated for use during and beyond pregnancy. Regular use of this belly rub oil can help prevent stretch marks, maintain supple skin and improve elasticity.
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My Mum Maternity Towels, £0.99,My Little Star

Specially designed for new mums, these towels have a super absorbent core to take care of the heaviest of flows, they are also extra-long and thick to cushion and protect you when seated throughout your early days of being a new mum.
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New Mum Nipple Cream, £0.99, My Little star

My Little Star New Mum Nipple Cream can help protect skin and alleviate the effects of breastfeeding with its combination of glycerin and vitamin E. Dermatologically tested, paediatrician approved and fragrance free- makes it perfect for use before, during and after breast feeding.
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Original Pregnancy & Baby Feeding Pillow, £44.95,Theraline

Designed to help you enjoy a restful night’s sleep throughout the later stages of pregnancy, it also doubles up as a comfortable and supportive feeding pillow once your baby has arrived. It supports your back and shoulders while keeping your little one at the correct height for breastfeeding.
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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Rosehip Skin Therapy, £5.99,Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

With a combination of pure cocoa butter and vitamin E to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone this formula is ideal for daily moisurisation. It also has a light, floral fragrance with a blend of botanical oils.
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Project-B, £14 per box, Project-B

Project-B is a monthly box of goodies designed to nurture you through your pregnancy journey. Your box of goodies has expert advice cards to support you through each month of your pregnancy as well as products from some of the UK’s leading brands.

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