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Best Reusable Nappies – The Mother&Baby Awards Shortlist

Can’t decide which reusable nappy to buy? Take a look at the products that our mum testers think deserve a place on the Mother&Baby Awards 2015. We’ll be announcing the winners on 26 November. Be sure to check back on the site or follow #motherandbabyawards on Twitter and on Facebook. See all of this year's Mother&Baby Awards Shortlists here
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Reusable Pocket Nappy, £9.25, Baba+Boo

Poppers on the tummy and legs allow for easy size adjustment and poppers around the crotch shorten the nappy for the best fit. Supplied with an insert and booster for extra absorbency, the nappy has enough capacity to last overnight. The outer and inserts can be dried so washed nappies will dry overnight.
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Miosolo All-In-One Nappy, £14.99, Bambino Mio

A simple and soft all-in-one reusable nappy, which is as easy to use as a disposable. The nappy is one size meaning it will grow with your baby from birth through to potty training.
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BumGenius Elemental, £17.99, BumGenius

This one piece, one size nappy is a natural option that doesn’t compromise on performance. It’s slim design packs a power punch in the absorbency stakes. This is a nappy that grows with your baby from newborn to approximately two years of age.
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Freetime All-In-One Nappy, £15.99, BumGenius

Freetime is a onesize, all-in-one cloth nappy that is super easy to use. Multiple layers of stay dry lined microfibre make it absorbent and fast drying. The all-in-one design doesn’t require a cover and the one size adaptability fits babies from around newborn to approximately two years.
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2-in1 Reusable Diapering system, £15-£17, Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Diapering System is a cloth pocket diaper that is used with reusable washable inserts. A front panel gives you the option of tucking in a disposable biodegradable pad when needed.
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Flip Nappy, £10.95, Flip

With the Flip hybrid two-piece nappy system, parents can choose from three absorbent inserts to meet their changing needs, making it flexible and versatile.
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Nappy V3, £15.50, Piriuki

Piriuki V3 is a highly absorbent and comfortable nappy specially designed for your baby. The nappies are easy to wash and adjustable in size and absorbency. They will fit your baby from birth to potty. All nappies are adjustable in absorbency and come with two absorbent inserts. The comfortable fleece inner layer will keep moisture away from your baby skin and an outer layer of waterproof polyester that keeps wetness in.
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New Gen V2 Nappy, £16.99, Pop-in

This nappy has a hidden wash tab system. The elastic at the back of the soaker has been removed to speed up drying and a it features the back poppers have been replaced with tab poppers, for improved comfort. The birth-to-potty nappy features a unique fast-wicking panel to keep excess moisture in the middle of the nappy.
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Bamboozle stretch, £10.99, TotsBots

The Bamboozle Stretch is a two-piece nappy system worn with a waterproof wrap over the top. Slim fitting and stretchy, to give a fabulous fit every time. The stretchy bamboo fabric is absorbent and soft next to your baby’s skin.
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Easyfit, £14.99, TotsBots

The Easyfit is an all-in-one nappy that fits most babies from birth to potty training. Hook and loop fasteners mean it’s extremely easy to use and wrap-around stretch provides ultimate comfort and fit for your baby.

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