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Get peace with the Nuna LEAF wind

Nuna LEAF wind

As all new parents will know, a hands-free five minutes becomes a thing of the past as soon as baby comes home. Whether it’s trying to wash your hair, eat a sandwich or even just make a cup of tea, you can no longer take the simple things for granted.

Fortunately for new parents, Dutch baby gear designer Nuna has recently introduced the LEAF™ wind, allowing new parents to reclaim a quiet five minutes.

The Nuna LEAF wind has been designed to give busy parents the option for their little one’s gentle rides on the already popular LEAF™ and LEAF™ curv to be continuous ones. Connecting with just a click, the LEAF wind acts as a gentle push mini-motor to the swaying seat. Its simple, one-touch sensor panel sports six different speed settings, all sure to soothe and relax baby from newborn up to 11kg (or as soon as they can sit up).

Keeping style with the reality of having kids in mind, the LEAF wind seamlessly blends in with the design of the LEAF and LEAF curv. This allows the baby chair to maintain the stylish and neutral look that parents across the globe have grown to love.

The LEAF wind doesn’t require any pesky batteries. It can simply be run from a wall plug or micro USB cord allowing families to enjoy the LEAF and LEAF wind duo anywhere. It can even run off a battery backup charger or laptop so that you’re never caught short.

The LEAF wind is compatible with both LEAF and LEAF curv beginning with model numbers SE-10-XXX and SE-30-XXX.

Sway on.

Five things to do while your baby is swaying in the LEAF

  • Take a nap. Now is the perfect time to catch up on some precious sleep
  • Watch Netflix’s latest offering. If you don’t have time to watch a full episode, it’s easy to watch in stages
  • Enjoy a fresh cup of tea  - no more microwave brews
  • Catch up with a friend on the phone
  • Sit down with a good read

Nuna LEAF WindNuna LEAF wind