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How to write a baby shower gift list

baby shower gift wishlist

Once you’ve decided you’re having a baby shower and have picked who to invite, chances are the next thing you’ll think of will be gifts.

Nothing will excite your friends and family more about your baby shower than being able to buy and then coo over, tiny baby booties or bibs.

But before you (or your trusted baby shower organiser) sends out the invites, make a gift wishlist. It will give your guests a great idea of what to look for, and prevent you unwrapping your tenth babygro/Sophie The Giraffe of the day. Here’s our failsafe guide on how to write your perfect baby shower list

How to write a baby shower gift list:

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1) Budget

Probably the most important thing to think about. Consider how much you think your guests are able to spend, and make sure you include a variety of products and prices. That way your friends and family can pick up a pair of socks or a video monitor, depending on they can afford.
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2) Road-test

It’ll be worth road-testing the bigger items on your list if you know your mum or auntie has set her heart on buying you something major like a pram or cot. Go to an actual shop so you can pick up and use the item before you request it – saving yourself an embarrassing ‘gift receipt’ conversation in the process.
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3) What do you actually want?

Give guests a welcome hint about what you really want and make sure the baby gear you end up unwrapping really suits you by thinking about what you really need.  If you’ve bought three newborn hats already, it might be worth including a ‘no hats please’ point on your list.
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4) Do your research

What do scratch mittens, night lights and baby baths have in common? The fact some mums claim they never get used, while others swear by them. Ask around your mum friends to see what they found a godsend and cross off the items you’ll never need, now.
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5) If you're unsure...

The baby shower date has been decided and you’re still no closer to knowing what you should be asking for. But, don’t worry that you don’t know what you want just let. Asking for vouchers is perfect for this situation, and it’s a quick and easy fix for guests who may be unsure of what to get you.

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