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The best knitted pram suits to keep your baby warm and snuggly

The best knitted pram suits

While looking for the best knitted pram suits for babies (because who doesn’t love a baby in a cute chunky-knit pram suit looking all cuddly and what not?), we came across an array of items, like fleece or puffy snowsuits (not knitted), and thinner knitted onesies and rompers. We're not convinced many of these would keep the baby nice and toasty without having to add on many extra layers in order to go on a winter stroll.

Obviously, we weren’t about to give up that easily, and after many hours of research, we finally found 13 of the best knitted pram suits, chunkier onesies, and even a couple of knitted wraps available to buy online right now that we know the baby will be happy and warm in while outdoors in the pram — and keep your mind at ease, too.

What is a pram suit?

Traditionally, pram suits - or snowsuits - are all-in-one jumpsuit-style coats that keep the cold at bay and protect the baby from head to toe. Designed for outdoor use as they are often way too chunky to be worn inside, a good pram suit should eliminate the need for a thick blanket as it serves as a wrap-around blanket in itself. A thin layer underneath, perhaps a cotton onesie or pyjama-style lounge set should be enough.

However, some of the more delicate knitted pram suits can be slightly on the thinner side, meaning that a nice blanket on top will ensure baby’s comfort and warmth. Scroll down to see our top picks for the best knitted pram suits.

Fully fleece-lined, this little onesie pram suit from Amazon is exactly the kind of thing we were looking for. Available in white, blue, grey, pink or red, it’s made from a soft and breathable acrylic material that will keep the baby nice and warm, but still able to freely move around.


This beautiful and delicate pink knitted pramsuit from Next allows the baby to move comfortably (as opposed to some of those stiff snowsuits), while keeping them warm at the same time. There’s a hidden zip at the front, making it easy to get on and off.

These best-selling knitted pramsuits on Amazon are a total hit. Available in four colours - baby blue, baby pink, beige, and grey - and either with or without a fleece lining so you can decide the level of warmth you think it appropriate. One happy buyer exclaimed, “Such a high-quality item, can’t believe how cheap it is. Lovely material as well.”


With cashmere being notoriously warmer than wool (eight times more, in fact), we felt that this hooded playsuit from artisan Nepalese brand Shirley Bredal belonged on our list even though it looks slightly thinner than the other items. Your baby will be warm, while totally free to move, and you won’t believe how soft it is. There’s also a similar hand-knitted smock version available if you prefer a good old traditional chunkier knit (£79).

Made from 100% certified organic cotton, this nine-gauge basketweave knit baby wrap from Kura has a soft jersey lining made to keep the baby warm while in the pram or car seat. What’s more, it has specially-designed slots at the back so it can fit into any three- or five-point-harness for safety. The colours, buttons and detailing are gorgeous and this is definitely a must for the baby shopping list.

Read our full review of the Kura wrap here.

We love a bespoke item, so naturally were thrilled when we found this gem on Etsy. Handmade in Russia and with free shipping to the UK, this chunky (the chunkiest!) pram suit is available in a variety of colours, can be personalised with your baby’s name, and even comes with little matching knitted booties.

This beautiful knitted baby onesie from Portuguese Spanish-style knitwear brand, Dandelion, is cute and stylish - and have you seen the price? Granted, it’s a little on the thinner side so will need a blankie if you go out, but its affordable price and high-quality means it made it on to our list.

We’re loving this knitted, fleece-lined swaddle blanket from Amazon which comes in four different colours. You can keep it permanently in the pram, and easily put the baby in and out without having to dress them to go outside. One reviewer wrote, “It's so snuggly and soft and really well made. The fur lining is so lovely and soft... It has a zip that opens the snuggle sack right up so it's easy to get baby in.”


Although we’re totally obsessing over this delightful stripy grey and fox-pattern all-in-one from Jojo Maman Bébé, made from a super-warm wool and cashmere-blend, we have to tell you that it also comes in subtle yellow ducks or navy London guard versions, too (we won't judge if you want to buy all three).

Sure, babies are cute, but babies in little knitted pram suits with bunny ears? Swoon! This adorable number comes in either grey, pink or white, is extremely affordable, and happy buyers report that it is “lovely quality,” “cute and well made,” and “definitely worth the money.”


This woven-twist cable-knit baby blanket looks so cosy, we’re kind of wishing there was an adult version, too. It has a lambskin lining for ultra-warmth and there’s a selection of 12 awesome colours, including a camel tan, traditional navy, and peachy pink, to choose from.

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