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Billie Faiers talks about her new kids collection with George and life as a mum-of-two

Billie Faiers has launched her new kids collection with George at ASDA and it's something to get very excited about. 

This will be The Mummy Diaries star's fifth collection with the supermarket brand and we have to admit it's just as adorable as the last.

New for spring 2020, and for the first time, Billie has added some very cute footwear as well as nursery essentials to her collection.

We caught up with Billie to find out more and get her top tips on life as a mum-of-two.

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Mother and Baby chats to Billie Faiers about her new collection with George



Not only are shoes new for this range, but now the whole collection goes up to age five to allow parents to match their smaller children with their older siblings.

“We’ve got baby versions and also bigger versions of the some of our outfits, which fit tiny baby to five years old, so it’s really cute, because you can dress your kids up as twins and have the two-year-old and the five-year-old in the same outfit,” says Billie.

With two little ones of her own, Billie knows exactly what to look for when it comes to designing a clothing line, and always keeps in mind what her daughter Nelly and son Arthur would think.

“Comfort is number one! My two are really fussy so if they approve of the collection then I know it’s definitely going to go down well.”

The 56-piece collection compromises of very neutral tones with both the clothing and the nursery range. This was something very important for Billie who prefers more toned-down colours when dressing children.

“I think there is so much out there with a lot of branding on and garish, loud colours and that’s not me with the kids, I think it’s nice to keep them looking like children. I always love them to be in fresh colours like pastels, whites and beige.”

Always keen to be ahead of the trends, Billie is constantly working with the design team at George to create her new collections and being involved every step of the way is important to her. Keen to expand the range, Billie will also be launching her nursery collection in May.

“For the new collection we’ve gone for a neutral style because a lot of mums don’t choose to find out what sex they’re having so I chose something neutral. One of my key things was that I don’t mind pattern, but it has to be based on white, because white is so crisp, and I just love white. We found some nice prints and just went from there.”

Billie's tips for new mums

Asking Billie what tips she has for new mums designing their nursery for the first time, Billie recommended that a good place to start is with the cot bedding.

“The bedding is a great place to start as it might have a really nice print and then you might get inspired by that, you can do stars, florals, animals. Once you’ve got your bedding, you can decide on the accessories like your lamp shades, little ornaments, wallpaper.”

Our favourite picks from the collection 

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Billie Stripe Woven Dress 0-5 years £14-£15 from George

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Billie Gingham Bibshort £14 age 0-4 years from George

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Billie Bar Shoe Pink £18 size 3-9 available from George

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Billie Boat Shoe, £18, age 3-9 from George

Billie’s nursery must haves


  1. Sleeping bag - "I always put mine in their little sleeping bag, I think they’re amazing!"
  2. Bunting – "I think bunting is always really nice. We’ve actually got bunting in the nursery collection which is great for hanging around the room. I’ve got Arthur's hanging round where his blind is, but it’s also good for hanging round the bed."
  3. Cuddly toys – "We’ve had the rabbit in the collection before but the bear is new."

Billie’s top tip for juggling two kids in the morning



“I know it’s hard because we’re all tired it does help to get up that little bit earlier before the kids are up. I get up half an hour before them, get in the shower, get myself ready and then I’m done so I’ve just got them to get ready and it honestly does take the stress out of mornings. When you’re trying to get them ready and yourself ready at the same time it doesn’t always work well.”

The collection is available to buy from

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