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Swimming Essentials Your Kids Will Love

Summer is a great time to head to the pool or beach for a splash around with your little one. Up the fun (and reduce the risk of tears) with our pick of the best swim buys for your baby or toddler.


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The Plui Raincloud (£7.99,

The Plui Raincloud is good for trickling water to get your little one used to the feeling of water on their head and skin before taking them swimming. 
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Happy Nappy Wetsuit (£24.99,

A baby wetsuit is a must if the water is below 32°C. We like the Happy Nappy Wetsuit.
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Cuddleswim Baby Swim Towel (£24.99,

Babies lose heat via their heads. The Cuddleswim Baby Swim Towel is good, as it has a hood.
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Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (£1.56,

Use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo when you get out of the pool to get rid of the chlorine. 
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Huggies Little Swimmers (£4,

Huggies Little Swimmers are easy to put on and take off.
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Silicone Ear Plugs, £6.99,

If your tot is likely to scream and squirm if the water gets in her ears, get a pair of these handy earplugs.
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Float Seat, £14.99,

This trainer seat is perfect if your baby is just testing the waters. It will keep him in an upright position as he safely floats around the pool.
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Peppa Pig Float Band, £7.50,

There is no better way to encourage a Peppa Pig fan into the water than these super cute armbands.
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Swimming cap, £6,

Your child will love swimming around as her favourite Disney character. Plus you don’t have to worry about washing her hair afterwards, bonus!
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Aqua Goggles, £15.94,

Every child should have a pair of goggles to keep the chlorine or salt out of her eyes. The Aqua Sphere goggles come in different neon colours so your tot can pick her favourite.
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Swimming Shorts, £8,

Invest in these eye-popping neon swimming trunks, there comfy and come in a pack of two, so he can always switch to a dry pair.
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Floral Swimsuit, £7,

Perfect for a trip to the beach, and your tot will just love running around in this fun bright design. It’s made from stretchy soft fabrics that will keep your little on comfortable and cool.
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Baby Wrap Warmer, £5.99,

A must-have for babies just starting out in the pool as it not only allows your little one to float but will also keep her warm. The velcro straps are water resistant, too.
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Dolphin Fin, £18.49,

This quirky fin design features adjustable straps – simply just position on your tots back and watch her float off on her own. Watch our video review of the Swim Fin here

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