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Let your children engage with each other in a Zoom double buggy

Double stroller Zoom lets children engage with each other

The joy at the birth of twins or of a little brother or sister is simply indescribable. But the double bundle of joy holds new challenges.

While this means double happiness and double delight, it can be tricky carrying two children at once. Parents will admit that it is not always easy. If only parents of two could be in two places at one time.

So it’s hardly surprising, that the role of the pushchair in family life becomes more important than ever. ABC Design’s award-winning double buggy Zoom allows parents to keep the freedom, flexibility and mobility which they cherish and which is so important to parents of twins or siblings of different ages. 

The Zoom is a highly adaptable and versatile double buggy. It provides a wide range of options as the various attachments, such as sport seat, hard carrycot for newborns and Group 0+ car seat or car carrycot, can be combined in any way depending on age. It can be used equally well for twins or two children of differing ages.

When out and about, a one-way view of the world can become boring. That’s why ABC Design created the attachments so that they are child's play to reverse from world to parent-facing mode. For children, that’s definetely one of the features that makes the Zoom the nicest place to discover the world together. Little passengers can sit one behind the other or facing each other when laughing or playing. The Zoom lets them really engage with each other, making every stroll an entertaining adventure for children.   


The Zoom has lots of space for both children, and yet is easy to manoeuvre with its swivel wheels. Although it seems to be long, it is surprisingly lightweight  and compact  which is a boon in confined spaces. It can be converted to a travel system in combination with a Group 0+ car seat or a car carrycot  in just a few clicks and folded away to a minimum just as easy. Useful when you need to transport double the baby gear in your car.

Not to forget, the stylish look. High-quality materials and workmanship characterise the chic leather effect of the brand new Zoom style designs with their handmade pushbars and bumper bars, labels and more original leather-look applications. Melange fabrics made from quality yarn in classy colours such as dark anthracite, lend the style designs their unique character. Perfect choice for parents who rate design and aesthetics just as highly as clever features and quality.

Numerous international awards underline, ABC Design’s innovative Zoom becomes a firm favourite with parents as its functions make using a pushchair in everyday life as easy as possible. Zoom was shortlisted for the Mother & Baby Awards 2016. In the 2015 Lovedbyparents Awards, the Zoom topped more than 100 brands from all over the world and was awarded gold in the category ‘Best Double Stroller’.

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New Zoom designs available in the UK in February 2016.