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The best BB creams (that will help you pretend you've had 8 hours sleep!)

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What are the best time-saving BB creams for mums?

Once your new baby arrives, suddenly you'll have a lot less time for your makeup routine in the morning. This is where a BB cream can be helpful - it gives you a flawless look in seconds. You can easily apply it with your fingers on the go, or with a brush for a bit more polish, and you will look wide awake while taking care of your skin. 

A BB cream is partly skincare and partly makeup, with many benefits such as concealing blemishes, healing skin troubles, and containing SPF. 

The term 'BB cream' means 'blemish balm' or 'beauty balm', and they are designed to save you time and keep you looking fabulous. You can use one of these creams instead of your moisturiser and a light foundation. Choose the right one to look after your skin in sunlight and keep your skin hydrated; when you're having sleepless nights due to your newborn, it's important to find a beauty product that keeps your skin balanced and moisturised. 

There are loads of BB creams on the market, and they vary in terms of both price and benefits; we have selected the best ones in the market for you:


The best 8 BB creams for mums

This Clarins BB cream is moisturizing and offers plenty of coverage instead of using a foundation. It has a breathable texture and hydrates your skin, and includes an anti-pollution complex.

This Garnier BB cream is good for oily or combination skin, as it is light and oil-free. It will even out your skin tone without blocking your pores. Anti-shine technology means you won’t need a powder on top.

This BB cream from the French brand contains La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water and is hypoallergenic, so is a good choice for sensitive skin. With SPF 20 protection and mineral pigments, this brightens and protects your skin all day long.


Designed to give you an even skin tone with a smooth finish, this BB cream is enriched with ginseng and will plump up your skin. This product also promises to transform your skin to a velvety, ultra-soft, spotless finish.

This bareMinerals BB cream doesn’t flake into dry patches, but keeps hydrating your skin and gives great coverage. It comes in 16 shades, and has SPF 30.


Also with SPF 35, this Smashbox BB cream features a built-in primer, meaning you can wear it under or even mix it with your foundation. Smashbox says it will improve the moisture in your skin in four weeks.


Burberry’s BB cream not only hydrates and covers blemishes, but it gives your skin a healthy glow too.


With a slightly higher SPF than the other BB creams, at SPF 35, this Bobbi Brown product also contains a multitasking formula perfects the appearance of skin in five ways. 


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