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7 of the best wireless headphones for those long night feeds

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While you're doing the nightfeeds with your newborn, you might want to listen to music, or a podcast. Those hours in the middle of the night can be lonely, so listening to something can help you feel more human while your baby feeds. 

It's important to keep the atmosphere during those nightfeeds chilled, and some soothing music can help. You could create a specific playlist for the nightfeeds. One of our mum readers recommends listening to audiobooks while feeding at night.

Keep in mind that it's important to minimise any noises or lights, to prevent distracting your baby. So put your phone on night-screen mode and avoid turning on any bright lights. The nightfeeds might be challenging in the beginning, but you'll get the hang of them (and before you know it, they will have finished altogether). 

All the headphones we have selected have the right features to avoid any accidents with your little one; wearing wireless headphones means there are no cables to worry about.

These headphones use a professional noise cancelling technology, so you will feel like you are in a bubble with your little one. The battery will last for 50 hours, and they feature upgraded soft ear cushions for comfort.

These headphones come with high definition stereo that will make sure you can focus on what you want to hear. You will be able to immerse yourself in feeding your baby without distractions. These headphones also provide a quick and stable Bluetooth connection which is easy to turn on and off. You can listen to up to 14 hours of music time.

TaoTronics promises a personal oasis of quiet when you turn on the active noise cancellation switch. They have a battery life of up to 30 hours. We love the pink colour of these headphones - they don't have to be black!

This is probably the most simple tech Bluetooth wireless headphones device you've used before.  To turn them on, you just need to pull them out of magnetic charging case and "E18"automatically appear on your smartphone. In a matter of seconds, you will be in your euphonic music world with the best sound quality you can get for earbuds. 

These wireless headphones are water-resistant, and are ideal for listening to late-night audiobooks while your baby feeds. 

Last but not least, the most-wanted headphones at the moment. These Apple AirPods combine intelligent design with breakthrough technology and crystal clear sound. AirPods now feature hands-free access to Siri using just your voice.

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