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The best mug warmers to help you get a hot cup of coffee at last

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If you're a mum, you know what I mean when I say, I never get a hot cup of coffee, a cup of tea or 'hot' chocolate anymore. 

Even if you manage to MAKE a cuppa while you're juggling a baby/toddler/washing basket, odds-on that it will have gone stone cold by the time you remember it exists. 

Sometimes, the best thing your other half can do is offer to make you a cuppa at the end of the day. My husband now knows not to even ask if I want a coffee - the answer is always yes. 

Life is so busy that those cuppas go un-drunk. They fester on the kitchen worktop, slowly disappearing into lukewarm history as you run around with a baby on your boob and a toddler on your leg. 


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How do mug warmers work? 

According to our friends over at What's The Best, "A mug warmer is a nifty device designed to keep your cup hot and drink warm so it doesn't cool down so quickly and keeps that lovely hot temperature you want for longer."

Are mug warmers safe with little ones around?

Any hot drinks should be carefully monitored when infants, toddlers and children are around. So when it comes to mug warmers, you must never keep your eyes off this when kids are about.

We'd also recommend never leaving this device unattended (even when youngsters are in bed, at school or visiting their grandparents) because it's hot and an electrical item. 

The best mug warmers 2021

Never fear... Help is at hand! You can now buy mug warmers that keep your cup of coffee at optimum temperature, no matter how long it takes you to get around to drinking it. Who knew.

Best smart mug warmer

This gadget will keep your cuppa warm for up to one and a half hours on a single charge, or ALL DAY when you use the coaster! The newest version of this mug has a longer-lasting battery than before. You can control it with an app, allowing you to choose the ideal temperature you'd like your coffee or tea to be at. It turns itself off when empty, and is safe to hand wash. It scores 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with more than 150 ratings. It's by far the most expensive, so might be one to put on your Wish List

Review: "When I heard about Ember, I thought it was too expensive and not worthwhile. Then lockdown happened. Suddenly my few precious cups of coffee every day were more important than ever. So I got some coffee plate warmers that initially worked but then would never heat up properly. I tried a thermos which kept my coffee either too hot for too long or then too cold. So I took the plunge and bought the Ember 2 in black. The first thing is that it does what it is supposed to. I now have my coffee at 57 degrees c for as long as I want. You don’t appreciate every sip of coffee being at the temperature you prefer."

Best mug warmer with automatic shut off feature

This mug warmer has three temperature settings, slowing down the cooling rate of your coffee. It automatically shuts off after four hours (although hopefully, you'll have been able to drink your cuppa by then). Also comes in black, although the imitation wood grain is quite smart. 

Review: "I use this to keep my coffee warm when I am on my computer. It really works. I was concerned that most of my mugs have a slightly domed underside, and I thought this might stop it from working well as the hot plate isn't in complete contact with the mug. Luckily it does work on my normal mugs - it is hard to find flat bottomed mugs. The handmade ones are usually flat bottomed. Very pleased that I bought it."

Best novelty mug warmer

Looks like a cookie, and it'll keep your tea warm long enough for you to dunk a biscuit into it. What more could we ask for?

Review: "This warmer is nicely made and looks nice on the desk. It is rather big so it can be used with mugs of different sizes. Unfortunately the mugs I use don't have flat bottoms so as the whole surface to be heated. The drink didn't get cold but it didn't stay warm enough either. Nevertheles it is a smart gadget and I didn't regret buying it."

Best stainless steel mug warmer

A coaster and mug set designed to keep your hot beverages warm all day. We like the high quality brushed stainless steel finish of the mug and the LED display, plus it features a silicone anti-slip collar. 

Review: "Love, love, love it!😍 was fed up with my tea/coffee going cold, not anymore, this keeps it nice and warm and love the fact you can change the temperature up or down to how you want it. Also lightweight and easy to move from one place to another 👍. Just thought I would add that some reviews are saying it isn't very good, but it appears they may have tried to use it to heat a cold drink 😆🤷‍♀️. It is a drink warmer not a heater-upper lol, but does the job of keeping your drink hot or warm very well thank you I will be buying more 👍."

Best touch sensitive mug warmer

Easy to use with a touch-sensitive button to turn it on and set the temperature to keep your coffee warm. Also has a lead of 1.4m so it'll stretch across the kitchen! 

Review: "Best on the market. Actually heats really well. I have a pint sized ceramic mug and it heats that up fine. Top of plate gets pretty hot so be careful."

Best rapid heating mug warmer

Need to heat your cuppa quickly before dashing off on the school run? This heat mug warmer is the answer. Featuring two temperature modes, heat-resistant tempered glass and an anti-slip mat, this mug warmer is ideal for any parent on the go. 

Review: "I was looking at lots of mug warmers as I was fed up with my cup of tea getting cold every single time. I wanted a mug warmer that plugged into the wall as I had read that the USB ones are pretty much useless. This one looked great and was at a great price. Having used it for the last couple of days, I have had a cup of tea on it for 30 minutes, and it has kept it at such a great hot temperature that my tea tastes wonderful. No longer am I throwing my stale cold tea down the sink or blasting it in the microwave. I love this thing!"

Best cheap mug warmer

Calling all parents on a budget - for less than a cup of coffee at your local cafe, you can get this USB cup warmer. Compatible with your computer, tablet and mobile power supply, you can ensure you enjoy a cup of joe wherever you are. 

Review: "Good product, keeps my tea or coffee nice and warm. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise it does not have an on/off switch on it... So it’s important to remember to plug it out when not using, which is a little inconvenient."

Best mug warmer plate

The best budget option on our list, this electric mug warmer has two temperature settings, and suits most cup and mug shapes (it's recommended to use one with a flat bottom for the best results) to keep your drink warm. You can set a timer to turn it off for up to nine hours. 

Uh oh! This is currently out of stock, but you can add to your list and Amazon will let you know if/when it comes back in stock. 

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