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The best mug warmers to help you get a hot cup of coffee at last

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If you're a mum, you know what I mean when I say, I never get a hot cup of coffee any more. Or tea. Or 'hot' chocolate. 

Even if you manage to MAKE a cuppa while you're juggling a baby/toddler/washing basket, odds-on favourite that it will have gone stone cold by the time you remember it exists. Sometimes, the best thing your other half can do is offer to make you a cuppa at the end of the day. My husband now knows not to even ask if I want a coffee - the answer is ALWAYS YES. 

Life is so busy that those cuppas go un-drunk. They fester on the kitchen worktop, slowly disappearing into lukewarm history as you run around with a baby on your boob and a toddler on your leg. 

But! Help is at hand! You can now buy mug warmers that keep your cup of coffee at optimum temperature, no matter how long it takes you to get around to drinking it. Who knew.

Now, THIS is a Mother's Day present we all need in our lives. You're welcome. 

This gadget will keep your cuppa warm for up to one and a half hours on a single charge, or ALL DAY when you use the coaster! The newest version of this mug has a longer-lasting battery than before. You can control it with an app, allowing you to choose the temperature you'd like your drink to be at. It turns itself off when empty, and is safe to handwash. It scores 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with more than 400 ratings. It's by far the most expensive, so might be one to put on your Wish List

This mug warmer has three temperature settings, slowing down the cooling rate of your coffee. It automatically shuts off after four hours (although hopefully you'll have been able to drink your cuppa by then). Also comes in black, although the imitation wood grain is quite smart. 

Looks like a cookie, and it'll keep your tea warm long enough for you to dunk a biscuit into it. What more could we ask for. 

A coaster and mug set designed to keep your tea warm all day. We like the brushed steel finish of the mug, plus it features a silicone anti-slip collar. 

The best-budget option on our list, this mug warmer has two temperature settings, and suits most cup and mug shapes (it's recommended to use one with a flat bottom for the best results). You can set a timer to turn it off for up to nine hours. 

Easy to use with a touch-sensitive button to turn it on and set the temperature. Also has a lead of 1.4m so it'll stretch across the kitchen! 

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