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With technology developing quickly and new products being released almost every other day, it can be hard to keep on top of the latest gadgets. At the push of a button you can see and hear your baby in HD on a baby monitor, and even make up formula bottles in just over two minutes, but it’s hard to know what is actually worth investing in.

Some technologies can be a little pricey, but expensive doesn’t always mean better.

We’ve made a list of the best must-have tech for parents, to save you the time of scrolling through the internet for hours.

The best tech for new parents 2021

With a large, easy to read digital display, the Groegg2 Colour Changing room thermometer will check nursery temperatures so you know if your little one is dressed suitably for the night. It also acts as a gentle night light, so you don’t have to turn all the lights on when changing your little one.

Review: "One of the few baby related items that aren’t a waste of money. We have several of these which we used in different rooms and at grannies house when my little boy was newborn. Now that he’s a toddler I still use one in his room to help me decide what's best for him to sleep in and which sleeping bag to to use. A very handy and reasonably priced item that I would recommend."

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White noise is always recommended in helping babies fall asleep, so why not invest in this light-up critter that comes with four soothing sounds that plays for up to 20 minutes at a time? The secure Velcro fastening means you can attach it to anything and take it on the go.

This product won gold for the 2018 Mother&Baby Awards Winners for Best Baby Toy.

Review: "Little Ollie the owl has really helped us with getting our baby girl to sleep in her next to me crib. The choice of lullabies and white noise sounds are great. We use the rain one as this works best for us. The sounds go on for 20 mins and the light for 30. It is really handy that they go off themselves so that if you manage to fall asleep you’re not having to worry about turning them off."

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Make no bones about it, it’s pricey, but the Snoo smart sleeper is said to boost your baby’s sleep by an extra hour or two each night! It combines womb and white noise with gentle rocking and swaddling, to help your young baby gently adjust to the outside world. It’s been available in the US for three years, where it’s won bucketfuls of awards.

Review: "We bought this for my very premature baby shortly after she came home from hospital. As she’s small and came so early I’m hoping we’ll really get our money’s worth. She sleeps way better than my firstborn did for which I credit the SNOO, now sleeping 8 hour stretches at night. I wish the app allowed you to make your own notes, and you could use the white noise even when she was out of the cot. But these are minor complaints in the scheme of a great purchase."

This clever little sock sits comfortably on your baby's foot and the rest is easy. It connects to an app on your phone where you can see your infant's heart rate and oxygen levels, helping to put your mind at rest when you’re not in the room.

This product won bronze for best baby monitor in the Mother&Baby awards 2020.

Review: "I waited a while to review this to see if it actually worked. It does and it’s amazing! I didn’t buy this till my son was 4 months old as I had increasing anxiety about him stopping breathing and was constantly checking and waking up in the middle of the night. Now I can sleep soundly and I’m happy to be downstairs whilst he is asleep In his cot, I can just check the app. It’s so simple to use and set up. The monitor around his ankle doesn’t bother baby. I honestly would a 100% recommend this to any anxious parent. I only wish I had it from day 1 and I wish I bought it with my first born."

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Take the guess work out of testing your baby's bath water with this bath thermometer that floats in the water to give an accurate digital measurement. It’s also safe for little ones to play with in the bath!

Review: "Fabulous product. Great for checking what temperature a room or bath water is at. Comes ready to go and feels durable. It has a clever design too, standing with a slight tilt for easy reading."

Although it’s not specifically for parents, this watch is a tech must buy as it can help keep children safe. Parents can control settings on the watch with a designated app, which can receive SOS alerts and check their little ones’ locations. You can even set the watch to 'school mode', whereby only the clock will be displayed during class time. 

Review: "This watch is fantastic value for money and easy to use. It’s a great way for your children to not only be able to tell the time and keep in touch with us, but also allow us as parents to be able to keep an eye on our children’s movements. You can disable the watches features for when they are at school which is really handy. My daughter is absolutely loving her new watch. I would definitely recommend."

The Bluebell Smart Monitoring System keeps you connected with your little one on a whole other level. It provides a watch so you can check on your baby wherever and whenever and keep it with you at all times. The system silently monitors your baby and will alert you through the app on your phone. It can detect your baby's breathing and temperature, detects any crying, and will even alert you when they roll on their tummies. 

Bronze winner of Bes Baby Monitor in the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards.

Review: "It’s an absolutely brilliant bit of kit! Easy to set up and pair up, stylish modern design which is sleek. The smartwatch is light and comfy to wear and it feels very reassuring to have the alarms go off to warn you of potential concerns"

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Hands-free pumping? Yes please! With Elvie's wearable breast pump you can run your errands, go to work and live your life as you would, with nothing tying you down. The revolutionary technology minimises noise, and the complementary Elvie Pump app allows you to monitor milk volume and track pumping history for each breast. 

Review: "This product is amazing. So easy to use and can still be mobile and be busy around the house. I felt I was missing so much time with my baby trying to pump and was about to give up and move to formula when I decided to buy this. I can now be feeding and changing my baby while expressing milk."

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This perfect prep machine is a must for parents bottle feeding their little ones! Make fresh bottles at room temperature in minutes and save time during the night feeds waiting for boiling water to cool. It works with any powdered formula and dispenses the correct amount of water.

This product won silver in both 2020 and 2021 for Best Bottle Feeding Product in the Mother&Baby Awards.

Review: "Bought for second child and love it! The baby is screaming hungry at 4am? You are trying to warm a bottle or cool it down as you are half asleep and who can make a perfect temperature bottle in that state? This machine allows you to press a button twice and about 40 seconds later you have a bottle ready to go! Yes it can seem pricey (hint... buy it on offer) but it gets used A LOT and it really makes a difference all day round, not just at 4am!"

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Your newborn baby might seem tiny now, but she’ll get quite heavy quite quickly. Throw in the weight of a car seat, too, and you’ll soon find yourself with a real armful! so we love the Maxi-Cosi Coral, which features an outer isize car seat shell for safety, with an ultra-light, super-snug, detachable inner carrier – ideal if you’re always on the run, or if you’ve had a c-section. It also contains a special inlay designed for extra newborn comfort, plus a three-point safety harness.

This product scooped both Innovation of the Year and Gold for Best Car Seat Group for the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards.

Review: "This is the best car seat I've tried! The detachable soft carrier is brilliant, it's so much lighter to bring in and out of the house plus you don't have a car seat littering your home. This was my favourite feature however the safety features are the best I've come across too. The 3 lights to confirm the chair is fitted correctly into the base and the base fitted correctly to the car is great and so reassuring. The base is larger than others but actually doesn't feel that heavy. The seat its self is also very light and the shade is great too. I love that it's easy to pull out and stays in place. It's discreet and not at all bulky to fold back. I love this car seat!"

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Feel reassured that your baby is safe when they sleep, with the sensor pad monitoring your little one's movement and the infrared night vision camera getting a clear image of them snuggled up asleep. It also has a two-way talk back, so your baby can hear your voice, or you can even talk to your partner when they’re tucking your baby into their cot.

Review: "This has been the best purchase for our newborn. Complete peace of mind with this monitor. Easy to use and set up. Quality is superb. I would recommend this to everyone and I have to my friends as this really does ease those worries and help you sleep soundly."

If you had to take all your clothes off every time you went to the loo, you probably wouldn’t be happy either! So spare a thought for your baby if she doesn’t seem the most willing to have her nappy changed. Reer can help make it less of a shock, with its new two-in-one nursery heater. Your newborn’s temperature can drop by as much as 15 degrees when you change her or take her from the bath to the changing table, making her vulnerable to catching cold; with Reer’s heater you can help regulate her body temperature, and get instant warmth that can then be shut off, so you don’t have to heat the room unnecessarily.

Review: "Could not be without for my newborn’s changing table. It keeps the area warm and my baby loves it, a totally relaxed baby when naked or having a nappy changed. The lamp even calms my colicky baby’s tummy aches. 10min automatic switch off is superbe, it gets too hot anyway if switched on longer. If you have a house that gets cold at nicht or daytime, this lamp will protect your baby from getting cold when being undressed. Baby cannot regulate their temperature and therefore feel super cold after temperature change from bath to room. The heating lamp also gives a hood soft light at night. Highly recommend."

When your baby has woken up after a snooze out and about in her pram, the last thing you need is to have to juggle her and the pushchair to get them both safely into your car. Keep your hands on your babe with the didofy Lotus, which is battery powered to fold at the touch of a button. It also includes a built-in mobile phone charger on the handlebar, so is perfect for those low-phone-battery emergencies! It’s especially good for grandparents and parents with back problems, or mums recovering from a c-section.

This attractive slimline USB-powered portable bottle warmer reduces the number of items you need to take with you whilst travelling.

Review: "The NUPEAA bottle warmer is perfect for when you are travelling and need to make bottles on the go and it’s also useful at home as you can keep a full days’ worth of feeds in the fridge and just heat the bottles up as and when required. The temperature will hold for 6 hours on a full charge which is great for those middle of the night feeds."

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Using the latest ultraviolet LED technology, the Vital Baby NURTURE pro UV steriliser and dryer safely kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria, mould and viruses, and can sterilise a number of items including bottles and accessories, teethers and soothers, toys, cosmetic products and even mobile phones!

This product won Bronze for Best Steriliser/Sterilising Product in the Mother&Baby Awards 2021.

Review: "This product is easy to use, especially with not having to put liquids in. Don't burn yourself when you take the items out as no steam. For a steriliser it actually looks quite good placed in the kitchen. Nice sleek and modern design. As its UV it kills 99.9% of bacteria, so very reassuring that bottles with be as clean as can be and any other items that are put in. Especially during this current climate its reassuring to know that a lot of the things can be put in a child mouth can be sterilised properly first. It also has a storage mode for about 72hrs so don't have to remove the items straight away and still keeps them sterile."

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This clever device promises to refresh your clothes without washing. It uses Bosch Plasma Technology to dissolve odour molecules, instantly remove unpleasant smells from common dry fabrics without any added chemicals or detergents. Suitable for use on all common dry fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, wool and silk, it also be used to treat items such as your little one's favourite teddy bear.

Review: "I was really impressed with the textile refresher from the first use. It works really well and can be a life saver in this warmer weather. It is quick and successfully eliminates any bad or sweat odours. I have used it on the clothes that have been in cupboard for a while and i was amazed at how quickly and effectively it eliminated any odours. I think its a fantastic product which can be used in gym bags, on the go in my purse to be used at work or when on holidays.
Its fantastic gadget which works really well and has definitely exceeded my expectations. This is something i will be regularly using and will definitely recommend it."

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