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The best tinted moisturisers and how to use them

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Best tinted moisturisers and how to use them

Now you're a new mum, you have no time to waste in the mornings.  All you need are fast and reliable solutions to make your morning routine a little bit less stressful. 

If you are having trouble fitting your skincare and make-up routines into your new schedule, you can get a tinted moisturiser, which will be the perfect solution.   

Tinted moisturisers are very similar to BB creams and will give you a fresh look when you’re in a hurry with lightweight coverage. You can even apply them with just your fingers on the go. 

The main difference between them is that a tinted moisturiser is lighter than a BB cream because it works as a moisturiser with a little bit of colour; it will hydrate your skin while adding a hint of colour. Also, a BB cream can have many other actions, treating the skin for specific issues: aging, blemishes, dryness or oiliness, just to name some. 

Some of the best tinted moisturisers have a formula with added SPF, so you are protected from the sun for the entire day. They are perfect for the summer and hot days. 

Scroll down to find our choice of the best tinted moisturisers you can find on the market at the moment: 


A hydrating tinted moisturiser that contains SPF 30 to protect your skin, this bare Minerals cream acts as a BB cream and CC cream too. Available in 16 shades.

With honeysuckle, tea tree and edelweiss, this Chantecaille tinted moisturiser has anti-irritant, antioxidant, and anti-pollution properties. It gives smooth, even coverage even for sensitive skin.

This tinted moisturiser melts into your skin and gives you a natural glow. It contains Katafray bark extract and is SPF 15.

Great for everyday use, this tinted moisturiser is lightweight and can be built up, used on its own or with foundation. It is SPF 20 and promises a dewy complexion.

Brighten your skin with this oil-free tinted moisturiser that also claims to have anti-ageing properties. Great for oily or combination skin, this feels lightweight to wear.


This cream does four things at once - it’s a moisturiser, primer, foundation, and SPF. It goes on smoothly and is great on its own or under a mineral foundation.

A luxury tinted moisturiser, this aims to hydrate, smooth, and plump the skin while giving you a hint of colour. It guards against environmental stressors and comes in five shades.

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