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12 pampering gifts all new mamas need right now

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new mum pampering gifts

However easy our ancestors made it look, being a new mother should probably be in the dictionary under “the hardest thing ever”. Some new mum pampering gifts can really help make a postpartum mama smile, as well as break up the monotony of feed-burp-change-repeat.

Although there are countless pampering gifts available, we’ve selected 12 of the best products for the pampering, comfort, convenience, and touch of indulgence, that a new mother really needs during this challenging time in their life.

The Best New Mum Pampering Gifts 2021

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one who has a new baby, or if you are the deserving mother in question, here are the top new mum pampering products you need to add-to-cart, pronto:

  1. Kindle Paperwhite

  2. Chilly’s thermal coffee cup

  3. The Body Hot water bottle by Yuyu
  4. UGG Scufette 2 slippers
  5. Rosie satin floral print pyjama set
  6. Nekteck Shiatsu neck and back massager
  7. Rio Deluxe foot spa and massager
  8. Linea super-soft robe
  9. Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub
  10. Spring afternoon treats with flowers gift set
  11. La Mer The Radiant Hydration Collection gift set
  12. Brentfords weighted blanket

Scroll down to read more about these must-have pampering gifts for new mums.

New mum pampering gifts

Even the most avid of book-readers fall behind with their to-be-read pile when a new baby comes along. It’s hard to balance a book and turn pages with one hand, not to mention keep it dry. And, what about if your little one needs total darkness to sleep? Reading a good book can become nothing but a memory. Enter the waterproof Kindle Paperwhite with subtle backlight; the ideal solution for those endless feeds when there’s nothing else to do but rage scroll or watch TV. If the new mum in question already has a Kindle, she’ll surely appreciate an Amazon gift card to stock up on the latest bestsellers.

It’s a well-known fact that a hot beverage cannot be enjoyed in new mum land while it’s still hot, that’s assuming it hasn’t yet been spilt all over the carpet. The non-spill coffee mug thermos from Chilly’s is here to change all that. It won’t spill no matter how many inevitable knocks it gets from flailing baby limbs, and it keeps the beverage hot for up to four hours. It comes in nine awesome designs and for just a tenner more, you can even have it engraved.

Everything, and we mean everything, hurts when you’re a new mum and this innovative long hot water bottle by Yuyu from Argos is like a warm hug when and where you need it. It can be hung across the shoulders and neck, wrapped around the lower back and tummy, or anywhere else to help soothe sore muscles. Its washable and removable cover is made from soft, huggable fleece, and there’s even a strap to keep it in place. One happy buyer explained that it “keeps heat for about six hours [and] is great to convert into a ‘belt’ if you’re having stomach pains/cramps, etc.”

Pregnancy isn’t very kind to feet, what with the extra weight and the water retention, but once any new mum puts her feet into these soft and fluffy sheepskin UGG slippers, it will be the sigh heard around the world. Available in a variety of colours, these real leather and wool slippers are extremely well made and durable, have a superior non-slip rubber gum sole, and keep feet nice and toasty even on those harsh wintery days.

The word pyjamas doesn’t need to be synonymous with frumpy as evidenced by these gorgeous satin pyjamas by Rosie at Marks & Spencer, which will get the lucky recipient feeling like a yummy mummy as soon as she slips them on. The button-down shirt is suitable for breastfeeding mums and the elasticated waist makes for extra comfort around the midsection. If she’s not really into florals, this equally classy satin polka dot pyjama set might be right up her street.

There’s a reason this Shiatsu neck massager has over 16,000 reviews on Amazon and it’s quite simply because it is a-ma-zing. With its ergonomic design, eight multi-directional deep-kneading rotating nodes that auto-reverse and advanced heating function, slipping this around your neck is akin to having a top masseuse going to work on your stress knots. It can also be used on just about any other part of the body to relieve and soothe sore mummy muscles.

If you can’t take her to the spa, you can bring the spa to her. The Rio Deluxe foot spa and massager from Argos has specialised reflexology massaging foot rollers to target pressure points in the feet, relaxing vibration and hydrotherapy jets, and an infrared LED heating system to keep the water warm. Heaven! “This was a fabulous purchase,” reported one happy shopper. “My feet feel like they belong to someone else... As a worn-out tired nurse, this is a real treat at the end of the day.”

Another superb pampering gift for new mums that she’s sure to make use of day in and day out, is this super-soft robe by Linea at House of Fraser. Made from luxurious fleece fabric, this maxi robe with long sleeves features a hood, pockets, a waist tie, and satin detailing, and it’s machine-washable too. It will keep her nice and cosy, plus the baby will also love how soft it is.

“Oh my God; worth its weight in gold,” “One of the best exfoliants I have ever used,” and “I feel as if I’ve just come from a spa,” are just some of the rave reviews for the luscious Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub. The smell is divine, thanks to a mixture of oils including jojoba, and its moisturising effect is unmatched in any other body scrub at this price. This product will make a regular shower feel like a day at the spa — the dream for any new mum.

This treats and flowers gift set from M&S is sure to make any new mum’s day. Included in the package are all butter shortbread biscuits, salted caramel chocolates, a selection of jams, lemon loaf cake, a cute gold tea tin with gold label tea, and a beautiful bouquet of fresh flower - everything needed for a joyful afternoon at-home tea date.

If you really want to up the gift-giving ante, opt for this luxury set from the celeb-favourite high-end beauty brand, La Mer. Watch this new mum’s jaw drop as she opens the gift package to find the famous cult favourite Crème de la Mer moisturising cream, as well as the company’s treatment lotion, lifting eye serum and eye concentrate, all in a quaint La Mer beauty case. If there’s one gift that screams “you’re worth it,” it’s this.

For under £30, you can give this new mum the gift of a more relaxing sleep experience, increased serotonin and melatonin, and decreased cortisol, all by way of this weighted blanket by Brentfords. The gift that keeps on giving, weighted blankets are said to reduce stress and anxiety by stimulating the stress points and promoting a feeling of wellness. This blanket is soft, breathable, extremely comfortable, and one user wrote, “If you struggle with sleep, restless leg syndrome, [or] anxiety, I can only say buying one of these will be the best gift to yourself in a long while.”

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