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The best baby room thermometers for checking the nursery

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Baby room thermometer

Making sure your baby’s room is at a safe temperature and isn't too hot or cold is important, so investing in a baby room thermometer is often a good idea, allowing you to check the room temperature at a glance.

What temperature should my baby's room be?

A safe sleeping temperature for your baby’s room is between 16 and 20 degrees. According to The Lullaby Trust, the chance of SIDS is higher in babies who get too hot, so keeping your baby’s room at a comfortable temperature is important.

How can you check if your baby is too hot?

Obviously, every baby is different, and even if you’ve used a room thermometer, it’s important to check your baby regularly to ensure they are not too hot. This can be done by simply feeling your baby’s tummy, or the back of their neck, as their hands and feet will often be colder than the rest of their body. If your baby feels hot or sweaty, remove layers.

If you’re worried the temperature in the room is too hot, especially during the summer months, open the bedroom or a window if it is safe to do so before putting your baby down to sleep. If you’re using a fan to cool the room, ensure it is not aimed directly at your baby.

Make sure your baby has sufficient fluids if bottle-fed and if your baby's room is difficult to cool, make sure to use lighter bedding and clothing.

As time goes on you'll learn about your baby, so it will become easier to check their temperature and know what's normal. 

How can I ensure my baby’s room is warm enough?

Despite feeling cold in the winter, you will rarely need to keep your heating on all night, but if you do, ensure it is set to a low temperature no higher than 20 degrees. It’s often a better idea to add another layer to your baby. Remember, it’s important not to put a hat on your baby indoors as they maintain body temperature by releasing heat.

Another good way to keep an eye on room temperature is to have a baby monitor with a screen - this can also alert you of the room's temperature and for example, in the winter if you've got the heating cranked up too high, you know sooner rather than later when to turn it down. 

What are the best baby room thermometers on the market?

From those that double as night lights to dual-purpose thermometers that can also be used in the bath, investing in a baby room thermometer can tell you at a glance whether or not a room is safe to sleep in. We’ve hand-selected the best on the market here:

The best baby room thermometers

The best no-frills baby thermometer

It may not be the prettiest room thermometer on the market but it's certainly clear. It has a fast response for peace of mind, measuring every five seconds to provide updated and accurate readings. It also has a moisture meter with humidity level icon indicating ambient status. 

Some reviewers have said that the thermometer is smaller than expected, but still does an excellent job.

The best baby room thermometer nightlight

Awarded Bronze Best Safety Product at the Mother&Baby 2021 Awards

This clever little room thermometer shows you at a glance whether the temperature of your baby’s room is ok. It glows blue if the room is too cold, red if it’s too hot and stays yellow when the sleep environment is safe. Not only does it save you having to test your eyesight in the middle of the night, the glow acts as a gentle nightlight for your little one.

The only downside we can find is that it needs to stay plugged in, so is not too transportable, but this is only a small price to pay for such a great product.

Read more mum reviews of this product here. 

The best multipurpose baby room thermometer

Another great little dual-purpose baby thermometer, the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature thermometer can be used in the bath and bedroom. Stand out features include the LED warning light, which lets you know when the bath is getting too hot. It’s also got a really nice, clear, easy-to-read screen.

One reviewer found this to be a great purchase for after birth and pregnancy too for safe bath temperatures.

Best for quick temperature reading

A pleasant and fun bath and playmate in one, under any circumstance. With alerts for both high or low temperature, the bee warns with a green light when the water temperature is lower than 30ºC and with red light when it is greater than 39ºC. In addition, it shows arrows on the screen indicating that the water temperature is out of the comfort range.

Aside from the digital clock, thermo bath also has a stopwatch with a countdown and count forward which allows parents to control bath time. Parents love the durability of this and kids will love playing with it during bath time!

The best budget baby room thermometer

A large thermometer card display that allows you to see the temperature of your baby’s room at a glance. An affordable option with a cute animal design, fix this room thermometer on the wall near your baby’s cot to ensure their sleep environment is safe.

The downsides are that unlike others in this category, this thermometer will not give you a precise temperature reading and it’s not transportable.

The best fun baby room thermometer

Meet Finn, your baby's new bath toy and the cutest little thermometer. He floats on water when you need to know the temperature of your baby's bath and stands on a shelf in the nursery to read the room temperature. 

Mums found this a really child-friendly buy and appreciated the flashing red light to warn if the temperature was too warm.

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The best baby room thermometer to play with in the bath

This cute crab thermometer does two jobs in one – something we always love as mums! Use to check your baby’s bath temperature, then dry it off and use it in the nursery. It’s doesn’t take up too much space in the bathroom or the nursery and is really easy to transport between rooms. It also has a handy red LED warning light which flashes if the temperature is over 39 degrees Celsius and messages on the display too for extra reassurance.

This thermometer was labelled a 'must-have' by one mum, found to be easy to use, great value and a fun addition to bath time play!

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