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The best cot mobiles to help soothe your baby to sleep

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the best cot mobiles

When you’re decorating your new baby’s nursery, it won’t look quite complete without a cot mobile.

Not only can a beautiful mobile finish a room off, but it's also great if your baby needs help drifting off to sleep. There’s a wide range of cot mobiles available, from all-singing all-dancing versions with music and lights, to simple felt characters.

As parents, we know how difficult bedtime can be, and how important it is for you and your baby to get a good night’s sleep whenever possible. Although a cot mobile can’t guarantee eight hours of delicious shut-eye, they can help soothe your baby with gentle movements and sounds into a happy slumber.

Before you choose a cot mobile for your new baby, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Do you want a musical mobile?
  • Do you want an integrated night light?
  • What’s your nursery colour scheme?
  • What’s your budget?

If you choose a musical cot mobile, test it out before you buy – remember that you’ll be listening to these lullabies for several months. Some mobiles have the option of white noise, too, which can be extremely soothing for babies – you can buy white noise sleep soothing toys (such as Ewan The Dream Sheep), but get a mobile that does it and you won’t need to buy anything extra.

Some also feature playful tunes, which can be great for playtime, but choose the wrong song at bedtime and you could get your baby excited rather than sleepy.

Smaller, compact cot mobiles are great if you travel a lot, visit friends and family, or want baby to nap in the pushchair – taking the mobile with you will create a familiar atmosphere that will likely help your baby to sleep soundly in strange surroundings. Check how the arm of the mobile attaches to different products, and whether it folds neatly for travelling.

You might want a mobile that’s just for decoration, rather than music and lights – so we’ve chosen a few cot mobiles that are simply designed without any fancy technology. The benefit of these, as well as looking beautiful, is that there’s nothing mechanical to go wrong, and no batteries to buy.

The best cot mobiles 2021

With lovely soft teddy bear characters and up to 30 minutes of lullaby music, white noise or soothing nature sounds, this cute mobile also projects a light show on the walls and ceiling. Once your baby outgrows a cot mobile, it can be used as a table-top projector. You can clip it to your baby’s pushchair, too, and there’s a remote control function so you can turn it on or off without disturbing your baby.

Review: “It was really easy to assemble and attach to the cot and is easy to move around. You can also attach different dangling things to it if you don’t like the teddies, or wanted to switch it up for variation for baby. The lights are lovely and slowly fade in and out and move and is bright enough that you can use this for night feeding. The whole thing also disassembles so you can use just the lights as a portable nightlight when the child is a bit older, and our baby really loves it, the sounds are also good although not a huge amount of variation...”

With cute, brightly coloured characters to entertain your baby, and five melodies to soothe them, this mobile is great over your baby’s cot or attached to the pushchair for naps out and about. It requires three AA batteries. The songs last for about 30 minutes so plenty of time for your little one to be soothed to sleep. The universal clip makes it easy to attach and set up, wherever you might be using it.

Review: "The Tiny Love mobile is brilliant. It does exactly what it says. Easy to fit together. Fixes safely and securely to side of cot. Fits travel cot too. Also carry cot hood and car chair using the simple attachment. Our granddaughter of 8 weeks fixed her gaze on the sweet little animals and black and white patterns above them straight away. Very pleased!"

Help your bubba feel safe at night with this three-in-one mobile that plays soft, calming music until your baby drifts to sleep. The 20-minute auto-off timer also means you don't need to worry about getting up to turn off the mobile and waking up your little one in the process. You can display a magic starry night on the walls using the projector function, helping create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere come bedtime. Once your baby gets a little older, feel free to detach the cute animals from the mobile and develop your baby's skills as they play. 

Review: "My daughter loves it and three months down the line, she still loves it. The lights are great at night."

Are you searching for a compact cot mobile? We love that this option can be moved effortlessly between your child’s cot and their pushchair. It’s small and light, so great if you’re off on holiday and want to attach it to their travel cot. It features 40 melodies, plus nature sounds and white noise, and there’s an integrated nightlight too, plus a timer for 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

Review: "Beautiful product. Bought as a Christmas gift for baby granddaughter. Very good value."

Featuring the same characters as the smaller cot mobile featured above, this one is a larger, longer-lasting cot mobile. The melodies last for 40 minutes, and there are 18 different tunes to soothe your baby. When your baby outgrows a cot mobile, you can turn it into a standalone music box for your toddler. We like the variety of music – from calming classical tunes, to white noise, and playful songs that can entertain your baby during playtime too.  

Review: "This is by far the best toy I have ever bought for my baby! It was the first one he connected with from about four weeks old, he would lie and gaze and giggle at it, easily the best 20 minutes of his day, every day! I'm sure if I let him, he'd lie under it all day! He only stopped being so amazingly excited by it by the age of eight months, by which time he had lots of other things to entertain him. Can't recommend this highly enough!"

We’re a sucker for Winnie The Pooh, and frankly why not, as the loveable bear gets more charming the older we get. Your little one will love the familiar characters that you can bring to life with a story from the Hundred Acre Wood at bedtime. The music box plays the soothing Brahms lullaby while the characters rotate. It doesn’t have the amount of melodies as other cot mobiles, but it certainly has the charm.

A simple, colourful cot mobile depicting Noah and his ark full of animals, plus a beautiful rainbow overhead. It’s wooden with a string for hanging, although advice on the product says not to hang this directly over your baby’s cot. It's also very affordable. 

A stylish cot mobile for simple decoration of your baby’s nursery, the grey tones will go with any colour scheme or to complement a grey-toned bedroom. Felt stars and clouds dangle from a wooden ring. This doesn’t have any music or melodies, so just one to entertain your baby’s visual senses.

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