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10 of the best toddler mattresses to give your little one a good night's sleep

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As your toddler grows, so does his bed. Maybe you bought a cot bed that can easily be transformed into a toddler bed, or maybe it’s time to invest in a new ‘big bed’. It might be time, then, to buy a new toddler mattress.

Most toddlers either sleep in a cot bed, toddler bed, or even a single bed – you can buy small single beds, or normal-size single beds.

With so many products on the market for toddler beds, it’s easy to get confused. And given that toddler sleep problems keep us all awake at night, we know how important it is for your little ones to be comfy at night. Remember that safety comes first, and the safest mattresses are firm and flat, and protected by a waterproof cover. Having a cover keeps the mattress safe when there’s an accident – which definitely will happen – so it stays clean and dry, while you wipe clean the cover or even wash it if possible.

Buying a second-hand mattress isn’t recommended, however, we know sometimes it’s necessary. If you’re buying a second-hand mattress, make sure it has always been covered by a waterproof cover, and check that it’s still firm and flat, with no damage or rips.

Winner of the Silver award in the M&B Awards 2020 Best Sleep Product, the Naturalmat Quilted Mattress is handmade from natural materials and scored highly with our real mum testers. Organic coconut fibre makes the mattress breathable and self-ventilating, making it great for asthma sufferers. 

Mum Jasmine tested this mattress for the M&B Awards 2020; she said: "This is an excellent mattress. Before using this one I would lay a duvet over the top to provide extra comfort and I didn’t need to with this mattress. My daughter has slept really well since using this mattress, she would toss and turn for quite a while trying to get comfortable but now she snuggles down and goes straight to sleep."

Mum Candice Sharp tested this mattress in the M&B Awards 2017; she said: "This is a high quality mattress and my baby now sleeps through the night thanks to the comfort factor. I would highly recommend this product as you can see straight away it is a high end mattress and well worth the cost especially for a cot bed that will be used for a number of years. I also really like the fact it's made in Britain."

  • Size: 140cm x 70 cm
  • Organic
  • Removable machine washable cotton cover
  • Anti-dust mite, chemical free, non-toxic and naturally fire retardant

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The Mother&Baby Gold Collection baby and toddler mattresses offer a cleaner, fresher, healthier sleep environment - guaranteed. The Pure Gold Anti-Allergy Coir Pocket Sprung Mattress uses the perfect combination of nature’s finest TENCEL™ fibres and Purotex® anti-allergy protection to guarantee a fresher, cleaner and healthier sleep environment for your baby. Purotex® is a revolutionary technology based on microcapsules filled with natural probiotics. These probiotics are a 100% natural and organic. Tests and scientific studies prove that Purotex® improves allergy symptoms by reducing house dust mite allergens by 93.7%, cat hair allergens by 92.8% and dog hair allergens by 66.7%.

It has dual sided support for baby and toddler development:

  • Baby firm natural coir for safe baby sleep surface
  • Toddler support using a softer nursery foam.

Mum tester Louise tried out this mattress and said “I was really excited to try the Mother & Baby Gold Collection mattress. Without a doubt, my favourite feature is the probiotic 100% natural anti-allergy protection. We have a cat in our house so I love the idea that this mattress can clean cat allergens! With the usual new baby anxieties, I’m so keen on making sure my little one’s environment is as natural and clean as possible.”

  • Size: 140cm x 70 cm
  • Purotex® Probiotic 100% natural anti-allergy protection
  • Tencel™ natural fibres for enhanced breath-ability and temperature control
  • Eliminates 93.7% House dust mite allergens
  • Eliminates 92.8% Cat Allergens
  • Eliminates 66.7% Dog Allergens
  • Natural coconut coir for firmer sleep and increased breathability
  • Individual adaptable pocket springs for tailored support

Shortlisted in the Best Sleep Product M&B Awards 2020, the CuddleCo Comfi-Love Signature Mattress is double sided and made from bamboo, and is hypoallergenic. The waterproof layer is great for toilet training time. 

Mum Phillipa tested this mattress for the M&B Awards 2020; she said: "I love that this mattress is double-sided - meaning that I can use the one side (bamboo fabric) whilst my little one is young and then swap to the reverse (the easy-clean waterproof training layer) when my little one gets a bit older. The waterproof layer is still comfortable and my little one is more than happy sleeping on this! It’s also very easy to clean which makes a difference! The bamboo fabric on the other side is beautifully soft and so comfortable."

  • Size: 140cm x 70 cm
  • Pocket springs gently contour and respond to your baby’s position as they sleep
  • One side of the mattress features bamboo fabric that has a natural hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties
  • The reverse side has an easy-clean waterproof layer

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This mattress from Silentnight (a brand we've all heard of!) was shortlisted in the 2019 M&B Awards Best Sleep Product category. It features a natural lambs' wool support system, making it supportive for your baby's head and body. The mesh cover is washable and allows air to flow freely, and the mattress comes with Purotex, a 100% natural treatment that combats moisture, mites and allergens for a more hygienic sleeping environment.

Mum Natalie tested this mattress for the 2019 M&B Awards, and said: "My little boy was previously in a 'next to me' crib and seemed to love it so I was a little concerned that the mattress wouldn’t be as comfortable for him. But since moving him into his cot using this mattress, he has slept even better and settles down to sleep fabulously. I know I can pop him into his cot and be confident that he will happily chill out and pop himself off to sleep."

  • Size: 70cm x 140cm
  • Double-sided
  • Mini-pocket and natural lamb’s wool support system
  • Removable and washable 3D mesh cover
  • Purotex – a 100% natural treatment that combats moisture, mites and allergens

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Give your little one the perfect start with eve’s award-winning baby mattress with its iconic yellow design. The clever innovation gives your baby the supportive, safe and clean sleep they need as they grow. There’s an antibacterial, washable cover plus a waterproof layer for added protection and cleanliness. You also get a 30-night free trial, so if you’re not happy, they’ll pick it up and give you full refund.

  • Size: 70cm x 140cm
  • Waterproof layer
  • Antibacterial mattress cover washable at 60C
  • Luxury foam layer
  • Premium pocket springs
  • 5-year guarantee

There's also an eve Sleep Cot Mattress available too - 60cm x 120cm for £149.

Scoring a 4-star review from Mother&Baby, this cot mattress is made from organic materials that boast breathability and softness, and it is hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite. There’s a five-year guarantee, so you can rest assured this cot mattress will stand the test of time and will last until your little one grows out of it.

Mum tester Emma Shilton said: “My son Olly had a great night’s sleep on this. It’s a moderately soft mattress which is really comfortable. It has layers of organic coir, organic lambswool and a cotton cover that’s removable and machine washable at 60C. the latex foam core means it has good breathability. It’s a completely chemical-free and hypoallergenic mattress.”

  • Size: 70cm x 140cm
  • Outer cover machine washable at 60ºC
  • Hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial
  • Contains organic latex, coir and lambswool
  • 5-year guarantee

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Another excellent option for environmentally conscious parents, this mattress is made from coconut coir and bonded with latex. It helps to regulate your baby's body temperature during sleep. The removable cover is made from organic bamboo, which is tough on bacteria and odours, while the inner features lambs’ wool, which helps to regulate baby's body temperature and is suitable for babies with allergies. With a five-year guarantee for the UK and Ireland, this mattress is excellent value-for-money.

  • Size: 70cm x 140cm
  • Inner core made up of coconut coir, bonded with latex
  • Inner core wrapped in lambs’ wool
  • Organic bamboo soft touch zipped removable cover
  • 5-year guarantee

Suitable until your child is four, this smart mattress is dual-sided, providing two levels of firmness - simply unzip the mattress and flip the internals over. With an anti-dust mite barrier, it has a waterproof membrane, making it perfect for those potty training years and a pocket sprung core so it will provide progressive support for your baby as they grow and develop into toddlerhood.

  • Size: 70cm x 140cm
  • Double sided
  • 3D breathable surface
  • Cover: 100% polyester with Polyurethane membrane
  • 2-year guarantee

Winner of the Mother&Baby 2021 Gold Best Sleep Product, this multi-award winning mattress is made using four natural ingredients: Coconut Coir, Natural Latex, Wool and Cotton. It has a firm supportive core and is free from harmful chemicals. Double sided, the firm side is recommended for babies up to 12 months while the supple yet durable side provided by natural latex is suitable from toddlerhood and beyond.

Mum tester Elizabeth said: "I loved the ethos behind this brand and the use of natural products within the mattress. I was reassured by the literature inside the product which described it being free from chemicals and also hypoallergenic. I value these features when purchasing products for my child. I was also impressed that the mattress was dual sided with directions of which side to use based on age. This is important to me as in the past I have been uncertain which type of mattress to use in terms of spinal support and found this feature reassuring."

  • Size: 140cm x 70 cm
  • Two types of support in one mattress:
  • Free from toxins and harmful chemicals
  • 5-year guarantee

If you're after a simple and budget-friendly option, this supportive and traditional spring toddler mattress could be the one for you. It offers a medium level of support to your child during their early years, ensuring they sleep well and are prepared for whatever the day holds. The mattress cover is water repellent and wipe-clean, protecting it from those night time accidents.

Real parent review: "We bought this to fit a new toddler bed for our 2 year old. He loves it, stays asleep and no issues at all! Recommended."

  • Size: 70cm x 140cm
  • Suitable from one to four years
  • Hypoallergenic
  • PVC free
  • Water repellent outer cover
  • 1-year guarantee

What size toddler mattresses are there?

  • Cot mattress: 60cm x 120cm
  • Cot bed or toddler bed mattress: 70cm x 140cm
  • Small single mattress: 75cm x 190cm
  • Single mattress: 90cm x 190cm

Small single beds are narrower than a normal single, so they’re ideal for small box rooms, or spare beds for guests.

It’s important to make sure your mattress fits your bed frame properly, and also check the size of bed you’re buying will fit in your child’s room – trust us, there’s nothing worse than ordering a bed and finding it’s too big when it gets delivered.

What sort of mattresses can you buy?

  • Traditional spring mattresses: Feature a series of connected springs for support over the entire sleeping area.
  • Pocket spring mattresses: Individual springs move independently to fit to body shape and relieve pressure.
  • Combination mattresses: Combine springs, and a layer of memory foam, latex or gel, providing enhanced comfort and pressure relief.
  • Advanced mattresses: The ultimate in comfort and support. Advanced materials like memory foam, latex or gel provide enhanced support and comfort.
  • Memory foam mattresses: Innovative and responsive memory foam; conforms to your shape and provides superior comfort.
  • Natural mattresses: Layers of natural fibres provide a comfortable sleeping surface while also providing support for your body.

We've rounded up the best toddler mattresses you can buy online today, based on reviews from our real mum testers: 

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