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Every new parent is undoubtedly on a mission to get more zzz’s, so it surely makes sense to research the best mattress for your little one and find out what really goes on under the surface they are lying on for over 8 hours every day.  

Now, it’s fair to say that the right pushchair is a top priority for any expectant parent, and too right, it is your baby’s first set of wheels! Nevertheless, it is staggering to think that although babies spend just 1-2 hours a day in their pram, compared to 8+ hours a day lying on their mattress - the time spent researching these two items is significantly different, with parents spending far less time selecting their mattress. 

The next generation mattresses from Snüz offer the latest technology to provide tailored support for each stage of your child's development, from birth to 13yrs. The brand behind the iconic SnüzPod Bedside Crib has worked its magic yet again, with the arrival of a brand-new collection of SnuzSurface mattresses, each promising the very best for little ones from day one. 

What ties this innovative range of mattresses together is the unique removable cover. It features a breathable 3D surface with a waterproof membrane, and is washable at 40°C. Ideal for any night time nappy leaks in the early days, and perfect during the potty-training years! The SnuzSurface mattresses also boast an anti-dust mite barrier, and are available in all popular sizes from crib to cot, cot bed and beyond. 

SnuzSurface Air crib mattress 

snuz air

For the early months, the SnuzSurface Air crib mattress provides baby with the ultimate comfort as they grow with its firm supportive core, as recommended by safe sleep experts.

SnuzSurface Duo cot and cot bed mattress

snuz duo

If you want progressive support, the SnuzSurface Duo cot and cot bed mattress features a pocket sprung core to provide baby with ongoing support as they transition into toddlerhood. 

SnuzSurface Pro cot and cot bed mattress

snuz pro

The SnuzSurface Pro cot and cot bed mattress will support all the way through to your little one’s 7th birthday, and it’s certainly earned the name Pro, thanks to its clever triple-layered internal structure. The unique design allows you to change the level of firmness as your child grows. Adaptive and durable, this mattress is a real hero, providing baby with the best support as they sleep.

SnuzSurface Max junior mattress

Completing the set and supporting right through to when little ones are not so little anymore, the SnuzSurface Max junior mattress is suitable from 4 to 13 years. This model ensures sleepy tots can stick to the sleep surface they have grown to love, offering a smooth progression for your child with the same quality and comfort they’re used to! The Max mattress provides exceptional support and breathability for the comfiest night’s sleep. 

So, do you know enough about what is going on under the surface of the mattress your little one is currently snuzing on!?

Find out more about the SnuzSurface range here.


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