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Baby playing with activity cube

If you're on the hunt for the perfect toy for your tot, in our opinion you can't get better than an activity cube. 

Each side typically offers a different activity for your youngster to engage with, so it really is good value for money. And better yet, as well as keeping your child engaged and entertained, an activity cube will also improve their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination and problem-solving skills while playing plus encouraging them to recognise shapes, colours, animals and more. 

Have we sold it to you yet? If so, here are eight of the best activity cubes to buy for your baby. 

Ok so it may not be a cube but there's a lot to love about this toy which has seven activities all in one including a bead maze, rainbow gear, recognition clock, shape sorter and animal flip board. The top can also be inverted and placed in the box for easy storage.

Suitable from: 12 months

Dimensions: 32 x 25.5 x 29.01 cm

Review: "Very impressed! Making a conscientious effort to buy non-plastic toys as much as possible. This has a small amount unfortunately but mainly wood. I also love that this is so many different activities in one toy. The paint colours are vivid and the wood good quality woth smooth edges and an even finish. The range of activities is stimulating and educational. Not the cheapest toy but worth the money for quality and engagement value."

This Vietnam themed activity cube features two plexiglass widows with a 5-shape sorting game and a bead "slide" as well as four cogs to turn, a baby elephant and an abacus to slide beads along. 

Suitable from: 10 months

Dimensions: 30 x 48cm

This activity cube boasts a lot of five star reviews on Amazon and it's no wonder why! It has 5 different sides of fun and games to entertain and educate your little one. Each side encourages a different kind of play with doors to open, animals to explore, a bead maze to wind through, and colorful spinners to spin and spin.

Suitable from: 12 months

Dimensions: ‎34.04 x 30 x 45.01 cm

Review: "This cube is beautiful. Baby took to it straight away. The detail is amazing and it seems like it will last forever."

How cute is this little guy? Your youngster will have oodles of fun playing with the bead maze, animal sliders, little frog, counter, and shape sorter. The four corners are fine polished with rounded design that prevents injuries and accidents. It's also small enough for little ones to grab and turn easily, so they can play with any side they want.

Suitable from: 18 months

Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 19 cm

Review: "This is a brilliant toy, I bought it for my little granddaughter to play with when she's with us. She is one and it is just the right size, she can pick it up, so able to turn it around to play with the different activities. The top comes off and you are able to put the bead maze into the box, making storage easier. Lovely that it is made of wood and she loves all the colours and being able to move things around. Would highly recommend."

This circus themed toy has plenty of activities for your youngster to get stuck into. Move the sliders to help the grizzly return to the stage and help the little lion ride a bicycle, shake the elephant's tail to rotate the three gears together and move the rainbow beads to promote early mathematics skills.

Suitable from: 18 months

Dimensions: 24.99 x 18.01 x 29.01 cm

Review: "I bought this for my niece's birthday (1 year old) - and she loves it! There are lots of different parts to play with, move and spin, and with great colours to grab the attention. She spends ages playing, it keeps her occupied and absorbed and she doesn't get bored."

One for older children, each side of this wooden activity cube introduces a way to play a different game, including alphabet and animal recognition, music xylophone, teaching clock, spinning gears and more. We love the A-to-Z letters and shapes for your little one to spin and learn.

Suitable from: Three years

Dimensions: 39.4 x 26.5 x 22.3 cm

Review: "Keeps my 8 month old entertained for ages, she loves it. Seems very well made and solid. I actually also bought this for my nephew last year, and his is still going strong and he still enjoys it now he’s 2."

The impressive activity cube features interlocking de-tachable blocks that can be made into multiple configurations. Each interlocking block features a different game or activity and features light up action, fun sounds and music for added entertainment.

Suitable from: 12 months

Dimensions: 27.4 x 20.4 x 19.9 cm

Review: "I totally loved the product. I bought it for my 10 month old granddaughter. It kept her attention for ages. I thought the mirror was dull,till I realised that it had plastic over it. You can keep it as a cube, but you can make five different shapes as well. Excellent value for the priced paid. Does need batteries for the piano but they are securely hidden away from toddlers fingers."

In pretty muted colours, this Little Dutch activity cube offers plenty of challenges for children. Each side features wonderful marine animals of the ocean and provides a different educational activity including a shape sorter, turning gears, puzzles and a fun bead spiral on top. 

Suitable from: 18 months

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 40cm

Review: "Brilliant! Very well made and fantastic design, and excellent value for the money."

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