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The best activity tables for babies and toddlers

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Best activity tables for babies

Once your baby starts to pull themselves up into standing, and discover more exciting toys, you might want to consider buying an activity table. 

A good activity table will be interactive and have lots of toys, knobs, and buttons for your baby to explore. They can lean on the table and strengthen their legs, and once they're confident standing and walking, it's a great way to encourage independent play and learning. 

There are lots of baby activity tables available to buy, but which ones are the best? There are a few things you'll want to consider:

  • How much room you have for an activity table
  • Will you want it to be flexible and able to move between rooms
  • Do you want one with removeable legs
  • Do you want plastic or wooden 

We've considered all options and compiled a list of our favourite baby activity toys available to buy today. Hopefully choosing a good baby activity table will mean your baby stays out of the kitchen cupboards for about 10 minutes a day. 

With more than 300 ratings on Amazon and an average of 4.6 stars out of 5, this activity table comes highly recommended by real mums. With numbers, colours, animals, and music, there are all sorts of developmental opportunities for your baby while she learns to stand and balance holding on to the table. There’s also a mobile phone so your little one can role-play while you’re on the phone, too.

Made from wood – so we’re looking after the environment – and featuring oh-so-cute animal characters, this will be a beautiful addition to your living room and will give your baby lots to play with and learn from. There’s a shape sorter and a cog area, plus a bead maze for important fine motor skills.

Encourage your baby’s development, creativity and imagination with this activity table featuring cogs, gears, 65 melodies, and removable legs for extra flexibility around the house. This one brings out the little scientist in your baby and grows with them.

This seems pretty heavy duty when you first take it out of the box – it’s solid wood and not the easiest to move around, but at least that means your baby won’t knock it over. It features a bead track, animals behind doors, spinning alphabet animals, and more.

Sophie from Stamford, mum to Eli, aged two, said: “My little boy got this when he was just over one year old, and he still enjoys it now – spinning the animals around, helping him to identify letters, and playing with the knobbly bits – it’s a great investment. Just don’t drop it on your toes when you’re moving it – trust me, it hurts.”

More pricey than the others on our list, but this wooden activity table is exciting. It’s full to the brim with things to twiddle, twist, move and learn with – there are so many we can’t count them all. Your little one will love developing their fine motor skills with all these playthings. Plus, it’s wooden, and sustainable.

With nine games in the one activity table, there are plenty of colours, shapes, numbers and knobbly bits to keep your baby entertained for ages. It’s a good budget option, too.

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