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The best toys for a 6 month old - from 6 to 12 months

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Best toys for 6 to 12 month

Looking for the best toy for a 6 month old to 12 month old? Now your baby can reach and grab for things, it's a great time to treat them to some fun toys that they can play with while developing those gross motor skills even further in the run up to their first birthday

Unlucky for us parents, this is a great age to allow your baby to explore the noisier toys such as instruments or electronic toys, so make sure you have your ear plugs at the ready. 



The best toys for 6 to 12 month old babies as tested and reviewed by mums

Walkers are great at encouraging babies to move. If you've noticed your tot is making attempts to walk, the bright flashing lights and colours in this walker will keep your little ones entertained with the range of activities to play with, as well as being easy to store away when you're not using it. It was also shortlisted for a 2020 Mother&Baby Award. 

Mum Paige said: 'This product is fab for a range of ages. The activity panel is removable which meant I could lie it on the floor to let my 7-month-old play with it while my 3-year-old enjoyed zooming around pushing the walker. I love that it can entertain both my children which frees up my hands so I am able to complete a few tasks around the house. Plus it is easily wiped clean when sticky fingers inevitably get all over it.'

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With 3 sing-along songs and 10 cheerful melodies, your tot will have hours of fun with this seaside themed spinner, great for encouraging babies to play. It will also allow them to discover ocean animals, colours and numbers. This toy was also shortlisted in our 2019 Mother&Baby Awards. 

Mum Katherine said: 'The Seaside Spinning Top is a great toy for entertaining little ones. My seven-month-old loved watching the animals spin and attempting to do this himself. At seven months, he generally needed help and supervision to play with this effectively.' 

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With over 75 different songs, phrases, jingles and tunes, this entertaining puppy dog is brilliant for helping develop your baby's language and speech with their first 100 words being taught with the puppy. This product was also shortlisted in our Mother&Baby 2016 Awards. 

Mum Stephanie said: 'My daughter was immediately drawn to this toy.  She has started to hug and kiss the puppy, which she hasn't done before with any other soft toy.  I like the 3 different levels of learning which correspond to different ages.  It's easy to use and I like the various different songs.'

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There are loads of fun sounds in this entertaining activity table, from animal noises to catchy tunes to help develop their fine motor skills. With a range of bright colours, there is plenty to stimulate your baby's senses and is the perfect toy from 6 months up to their toddler years. 

Designed to grow with your baby through three stages, this interactive crawl toy challenges and encourages little ones learning to crawl with colourful lights, energetic tunes and sweet buzzing sounds. It also features moveable beads to help with teething. This toy was also shortlisted for a Mother&Baby Award in 2019. 

Mum Louise says: 'This product makes my life easier as a mum as it provides entertainment for my little girl, giving her stimulation and giving me five minutes peace. My child was at the last stage of play for the product but I can see this being a fabulous toy for a baby on the verge of crawling. It is a very stimulating toy and I'd say perfect for ages six-months plus.'

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Enjoy hours of fun stacking these brightly coloured rings, bursting with tickly textures and tactile finishes. This fun game helps your baby develop their problem solving skills and hand eye coordination. This was also shortlisted for a Mother&Baby Award in 2019. 

Mum Jasmine says: 'The glow rings were easy to use and straightforward. Each ring was different to look at and feel. My baby enjoyed chewing and sucking on the rings but other than the one with the beads in she didn't really play with the others. When the head came off she liked to play with the tags on top. I'm unsure whether I would recommend it or not, it is nice to look at and is a great visual sensory toy but I am not sure there is enough for the child to play with.'

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This classic toy has been loved by parents for years. AlphaPup helps children become familiar with words and letters to develop their speech and language skills while helping them learn to walk their new doggy friend. This toy won a Silver award in the Mother&Baby Awards 2017. 

Mum Tonia says: 'This product has made my life as a mum easier because it has kept my children entertained for a good amount of time. It has also helped my toddler with learning her 123s and her ABCs in a fun way by walking the dog around the house, which she's loved doing and also I've noticed that even in such a short time testing this product her learning has come on well.'

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Designed to inspire and motivate your baby to get moving and walking, the walker features over 70 activities, songs, and sounds to help get your baby on their feet and help them walk until they're confident little walkers. This product was shortlisted in the 2018 Mother&Baby Awards. 

Mum Georgia says: 'I’d recommend this product for its strength and stability. My daughter is quite heavy-handed, and yet even after she had pushed this walker into tables, chairs and climbed all over it, there were no signs of breaking. I would also recommend it for the disco ball at the front, which reflects onto the floor and had my daughter dancing and singing to the melody.'

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