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The best tummy time toys your baby will adore

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best tummy time toys

Tummy time is super important for your baby's development as it helps encourage your little one to reach so many important development milestones, such as rolling, crawling, pushing and even walking. But sometimes babies simply don’t like being laid on their tummies.  

It’s important to engage with your baby and make those few minutes of being laid on their tummy exciting with toys and colourful mats; that way they can start to enjoy it more and really look forward to their daily tummy play.  

We’ve found the best tummy time toys that will help to stimulate your baby’s senses and best of all, help them to finally start enjoying that all-important tummy time, as well as the best tummy time mats and tummy time pillows to help support your baby throughout this exciting time. 

Tummy time mats

Your little one will be fascinated by the vivid sea world, with floating foam sea creatures that aim to develop your little one's hand-eye coordination. It’s easy to set up, just pump air into the edges and add water to the centre. 

One mum reviewer said: 'My little one hated tummy time ever since birth, and wouldn’t even settle on our chests. However, after buying this he’s become more tolerant on his tummy and can be looking at the mat 30mins+ before getting board. It’s fantastic and the best £7 I ever spent (bought it on offer). I wouldn’t fill it all the way as the foam fish don’t move much and the baby didn’t like the feel of it , so filling it to about 70-80% meant he could squeeze, hit and roll all over it . One happy mum and baby!' 

This mat provides extra comfort for your newborn and is the perfect plush for floor play. With leaf shaped rattles for those exploring hands, links for attaching baby's favourite toys and bright and colourful patterns, your baby will never grow tired of tummy time as the mat provides a lot of entertainment so your little one doesn’t get frustrated.   

One mum reviewer said: 'Really great mat for newborns! I wasn’t sure what to get for my 6 week old boy to help with tummy time and didn’t want to go for an expensive play gym just yet. This mat is the first thing we play on in the morning, we have bare bum time on it and go out in the garden with it! It’s so easy to clean, has great patterns that grab his attention, including black and white stripes which are his fave! The toys and support cushion are great too. The fact that the cushion doesn’t attach is a good thing because when he’s on his tummy - he manoeuvres the cushion to whichever angle he is most comfortable with.'

Your little one will soon learn that the more they kick their little legs, the more the music plays! The attachable toys can hang over your baby or hook on to the mat to help encourage them to play and interact with them.  

One mum reviewer said: 'My baby boy was born blind and I was looking for a playmat that was more musical, so many are heavily visual. This mat is perfect, he loves kicking his feet to play the music and is also able to find the toys above him. I’ve swapped the toys for ones more appropriate for his needs but great for this to be an option.'

Tummy time pillows

Sometimes all your need is something simple, and this tummy pillow is ideal to encourage your little one during tummy time as well as providing comfort. With a mirror, teething toy and squeaky owl, the pillow can help to develop your baby’s hand and eye coordination as well as helping to strengthen neck, arm and chest muscles. 

One mum reviewer said: 'My baby girl really hated tummy time, she would angrily shout and then start crying when I put her in her stomach. Since using this pillow tummy time has become so much more bearable - it seems that she’s almost enjoying it now! The pillow is a really nice quality, it’s really soft and colourful which the baby likes, the only downside is that it can only be wiped clean - might be a problem going forward as my little girl is constantly dribbling and eating it.. would definitely recommend.'

Suitable from birth onwards, the penguin tummy time pillow cuddles your little one as they enjoy tummy time, and it includes polar bear teddies and a super cute penguin teddy with a mirror on its tummy. The different fabrics such as crinkle face, satin ears and soft plush arms make it fun for you baby to explore different textures.  

We love this sloth design tummy time wedge. With a big crinkle panel, it also features soothing vibrations to calm your baby, helping to develop their sensory skills and gross motor skills while helping baby feel safe, happy and secure while enjoying tummy time play. 


Tummy time toys

Every day babies learn new things about the world and about themselves, so this mirror is perfect for tummy time. It encourages your baby to start holding their head up and start to see themselves in the mirror. You can even lay down next to your baby and pull funny faces into the large mirror and watch their little face light up.

One mum reviewer said: 'Love this, was using a small make up mirror until my son got more mobile and this is so safe and age appropriate! Great prop to get more mileage from tummy time! You got get as bored when there’s another baby just as confused about being on their tummy looking back at you in consolidation!!! Bought when my son was 14 weeks but wish we had it much sooner!! He really enjoys it. Great buy and there’s a lot of baby products I wouldn’t say that about!!' 

With bold colours, fun animals, bright lights and catchy melodies, this lightbar is ideal for growing babies during tummy time! The bar lights up when baby touches the colorful sections or spins the rattle drum to stimulate baby's sense of sound with three different modes including animal sounds, colors, and xylophone sounds.

One mum reviewer says: 'I put this in a baby box for my new great niece with no real idea if it would be appropriate. She’s now 3 months old and this is her favourite toy. I know this because it’s a constant in the videos I get sent and her mum told me. It was one of the first things she reached for when she learned to roll over. From what I can see the lights and dreadful music are the main attractions. Inadvertent success for me.' 

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