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The best tummy time toys your baby will adore

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The best tummy time toys your baby will adore

Tummy time is very important for your baby's development as it helps encourage your little one to reach so many important milestones, such as rolling, crawling and even walking. But sometimes babies simply don’t like being laid on their tummies.  

It’s important to engage with your baby and make those few minutes of being laid on their tummy exciting with toys and colourful mats; that way they can start to enjoy it more and really look forward to their daily tummy play. 

We’ve found the best tummy time toys that will help to stimulate your baby’s senses and best of all, help them to finally start enjoying that all-important tummy time.

Your little one will be fascinated by the vivid sea world, with floating foam sea creatures that aim to develop your little one's hand-eye coordination. It’s easy to set up, just pump air into the edges and add water to the centre. 

Sometimes all your need is something simple, and this tummy pillow is ideal to encourage your little one during tummy time as well as providing comfort. With a mirror, teething toy and squeaky owl, the pillow can help to develop your baby’s hand and eye coordination as well as helping to strengthen neck, arm and chest muscles. 

The oversized mat provides extra comfort for your new-born and is the perfect plush for floor play. With Taggie satin loops for those exploring hands, crinkle sounds and toy attachments, your baby will never grow tired of tummy time as the mat provides a lot of entertainment so your little one doesn’t get frustrated.   

Every day babies learn new things about the world and about themselves, so this mirror is perfect for tummy time. It encourages your baby to start holding their head up and start to see themselves in the mirror. You can even lay down next to your baby and pull funny faces into the large mirror and watch their little face light up.

Your little one will soon learn that the more they kick their little legs, the more the music plays! The attachable toys can hang over your baby or hook on to the mat to help encourage them to play and interact with them.  

Suitable from birth onwards, the panda pal cuddles your little one as they enjoy tummy time, and there’s even attachable teething toys for them too. The different fabrics such as crinkle face, satin ears and soft plush arms make it fun for you baby to explore different textures.  

Even if your baby is too young to play with the lightbar themselves, you can still press the buttons and entertain your baby to help them enjoy tummy time! The colours and lights are fun and engaging for little ones, and it has three different sound modes.  

This reversible 2-in-1 playmat is vibrant, helping to stimulate your baby during tummy time. With a baby safe mirror and dangling toys, it will help your little one's cognitive development as well as encourage fine motor skills. There’s even a comfy pillow to support your baby too.  

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