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10 Steps To Creating The Best Dating Profile Possible If You’re A Single Parent

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Considering entering the brave new world of online dating? First step: Create a profile that is guaranteed to grab the attention of potential dates…

1. Avoid obsessing over your tot

By all means mention your child but keep in mind that your profile is meant to advertise you and your attributes – not your little one’s. 

2. Run your profile by a friend

Once you’re happy with your page, show it to your BFF for approval (and to proof read). Ask her to be totally honest – she may notice positive qualities about you that you haven’t picked up on yourself. She’ll also let you know if there’s too much baby talk in there!

Once you’re happy with your profile, show it to your BFF for approval

3. Use a recent (and real) pic…

…not one that’s been Photoshopped beyond recognition. ‘Always remember to smile,’ says Jemima Wade, spokesperson for eHarmony. ‘There’s nothing more attractive than seeing a happy face.’

Plus, you’ll appear far more confident and approachable. ‘We’d recommend you add at least three or four photos, showing you at your best,’ says Jemima. ‘For example, a nice photo of you at a BBQ, enjoying a day out with your child and with friends.’ Just make sure it’s clear which person in the photo is you!

4. Don’t over accessorize

Steer clear of using photos where you’re wearing a hat or sunglasses – you’ll come across as far more open and approachable if you aren’t hiding your face.

5. Use a child-free main photo

Yes, that snap of you and your toddler may be your favourite, but remember you’re the one hoping for a date, not your little one.

6. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself

Think about everything you’ve learnt and experienced since becoming a mum – that alone should give you a whole page of skills to list. But remember this isn’t a CV – highlight your good points and think about what you would like a potential date to be like.

7. Keep it snappy

Be honest, can you be bothered to read an essay-like description? Neither can anyone else. Try to avoid going on by figuring out exactly how you want to describe yourself and who you’re hoping to attract before writing your profile. And never write straight into the dating site – create your profile first.

8. Be truthful

Try to avoid the temptation of exaggerating your life – you’re great the way you are.  ‘Speak accurately and from the heart about your passions, hobbies, interests and career,’ says Jemima. ‘When discussing the things you’re most passionate about, try to find something you could imagine yourself talking excitedly about on your first date – whether that’s bettering yourself in your career, taking care of your family or learning new things.’

‘When discussing the things you’re most passionate about, try to find something you could imagine yourself talking excitedly about on your first date'

9. Don’t take it too seriously

Resist the urge to be very serious in your description. ‘Find a way to inject some fun into your profile – be it a joke that a fellow parent would understand or a few funny lines to give your readers something to reference in their messages to you,’ says Jemima.

And regardless of whether you’ve had a long day dealing with your toddler’s tantrums, don’t take it out on your profile.

‘Negativity in a profile is one of the biggest turn offs; always try and write your profile with a smile on your face and not when you’re rushed or stressed as this will show,’ says Jemima. So instead of including a whole load of ‘don’t wants’, write about what you do want from a potential partner.

10. Aim for originality

When describing what you’re interested in and how you like to spend your spare time, try to be original and specific rather than talking in generic terms.

‘For example, instead of “I like reading”, how about saying what kind of books you like to read (when you get a chance) and who your favourite author is,’ says Jemima. ‘This will not only give matches something to mention in their messages to you, but will make your profile stand out from everyone else who just wrote “I like reading”.’

If you’re ready to start dating, be sure to check out Mother&Baby’s dating site where you can connect with other parents and likeminded individuals. You never know, someone on there may be your Mr. Right! 


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