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10 genius ways to make new mum friends in your community

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Adjusting to a new life with your baby can be made easier if you know other people in the same position. Who else is going to get why you’re awake (and sober) in the early hours, or beyond excited that your local cinema has started doing mum and baby screenings? Since there’s no freshers' week for new parents, take advantage of the other opportunities for expanding your local social circle and finding like-minded mums.

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1) Download an app

ParentsNearby was created to help put like-minded people living near each other in touch through Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s free and available on both Android and iPhone. Plus, you can only chat to people who’ve also signed up – so reassuring if you’re shy. Check out all the best apps every new mum should download, here.
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2) Go online

What’s helpful is that pretty much all parents acknowledge they’re in the same social boat. Which is why there are websites actually dedicated to connecting people locally – try where you enter your details and message directly.
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3) Organise an open house

It sounds all American, but a note to your neighbours and a drop-in-whenever-you-like drinks, BBQ or coffee at yours (kids welcome, of course) is a great way to meet people. And it involves your partner, which takes the pressure off a little and gives him some parent contacts, too.
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4) Volunteer at baby groups

If you’ve been going to a baby group, ask the organiser if you can help with making the snacks, handing things out, tidying up and so on. That way, you inadvertently end up chatting to other parents and have a perfect excuse to break the ice.
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5) Embrace waiting rooms

It could be your GP or health visitor clinic – anywhere you’re sitting around with other parents. Obviously gauge the situation and who actually looks like they want to be spoken to, but it doesn’t hurt to strike up a conversation while you wait. Especially with your babies giving you common ground.
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6) Join a Facebook group

Twitter’s a really open community where it’s totally fine to message and reply to people you’ve never actually met. Loads of parents make some of their closest friends through it. Follow M&B on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our Facebook group '#mumtribe' by typing it into the search bar! 
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7) Make a date

Meet up with a friend for coffee and each bring someone else the other doesn’t know. Like bringing a plus one but with way less awkwardness.
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8) By the water cooler

The gym. Exercises classes. Buggy Fit in the park. Amazing places to get chatting to other mums, especially if there’s a crèche. Even suggest a glass of wine as a pat on the back for all your fitness efforts…
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9) Use support groups

Don’t be afraid to talk about something other than latches and nipples at your breastfeeding group.
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10) Cake!

OK, it’s a little random but some cake (or at least a few Jaffa Cakes) in your bag is always going to win you favour at the nursery gates.

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