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Things You Only Recognise When You’re Dating As A Single Parent

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So, you’re back in the world of dating, trying to find someone amazing for both you and your child. From navigating the web to the whole back-to-mine dilemma, these might sound familiar…
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The joy of Internet dating

Anywhere that you can lay out exactly what you’re looking for and screen people from the comfort of your own sofa with a takeaway is always a winner.

We've just launched our own Mother&Baby dating site, too where you'll find lots of like-minded single parents.
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The speed dial button becomes your new BFF

Time to start swapping babysitting favours, people.
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‘Is this how it’s done now?’ uncertainty

You’ve been out of the dating game for at least a year and suddenly it’s all about Whatsapp-ing instead of texting and speed dating (yes, really!) over one-on-ones. And that’s all before you have to brush off your flirting skills. Gulp.
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Make-up multi-tasking

You’re the queen of juggling date getting-ready with toddler dinnertime. Mascara in one hand, carrot sticks in the other and a load of hairgrips sticking out your mouth. Round of applause, please.
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The mini fashion assistant

Forget ASOS for outfit inspiration. Your toddler is hands down the most honest (not to mention cutest) style guru. Although don’t be surprised if most of your shoes/jewellery/lipstick ends up on her. Image: Alamy
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Damn, Petit Filou on every nice top…

Fast Wash and a hairdryer it is, then.
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The friendly set-up

Hmm, your colleague’s brother’s best friend does look nice in his photo. And it worked for Phoebe and Mike. But perhaps draw the line at that person your sister dumped but thinks would be perfect for you. Image: Getty
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Wondering if he could be…

A potential stepdad. Yep, and you thought the boyfriend pressure was heavy when you were a teenager. Image: Alamy
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The must-like-kids note to self

Yep, he may look like David Gandy but if he starts moaning about how annoying those kids at the next table are… next! Image: Alamy
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You have the best excuse ever…

To get out of a bad date. Oh, so sorry, the babysitter’s poorly. Image: Alamy
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The moment you mention you have kids

It could feel natural, it could be awkward, it might even be a ‘Me too!’ so just do it – and breathe. Image: Corbis
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The handbag (toy) spill

You get out your wallet mid-date and a plastic Spiderman falls out of your bag. But who cares? It could’ve been a tampon.
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Feeling like you

That nice mid-date moment when you realise you haven’t thought about Saturday’s playdate or the nursery run for a whole hour. Image: Corbis
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The sex dilemma

No, not the Should You? (we’re all adults here) but more the Where Can You?. ‘Back to mine’ is trickier these days.
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Sshh sex

Mustn’t wake the kids!
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The 3am text

Messaging a new boyfriend at this hour used to be a drunken ramble that left you with The Fear the next day *red face*. But now it’s standard and sober – hey, you were already up with a toddler bad dream.
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What are my mates going to think of him…

Becomes ‘What will my pre-schooler think?’
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The first introduction

You actually like this one. And you want your child to like him, too. Then there’s that sigh of relief and absolute beam when your toddler cracks up at his Darth Vadar impression. Yay!
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