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Any avid Hincher will know that Mrs Hinch swears by wax melts, and actively posts about her love for one brand, in particular, Ava May Aromas. Stacey Solomon is another mumfluencer whose love for wax melts runs deep and to be honest - we're starting to see what all the fuss is about.

Wax melts are a fab alternative to scented candles in terms of price, fragrance and - the thing that comes first when you've got little ones around - safety. Given that they are flame-free, there's no risk of anything catching fire, although they should always be out of reach from little ones due to the heat.

We've listed the best wax melts out there, including Mrs Hinch's fave, for a lasting, flame-free fragrance in your home. 

Top five best wax melts:

Best overall: Yankee Candle Wax Melts

Best assortment: Official Yankee Candle Wax Melt Tarts

Best floral scent: LA BELLEFÉE Perfume Box Wax Melts

Mrs Hinch approved: Mario Wax Melt – Black Orchid

Best Mrs Hinch inspired: Mrs Hinch Wax Melt Selection

How long does a wax melt last?

Your wax melt can last between four to 10 hours, depending on how much wax you place in a burner at one time. The type of wax burner you have will also determine the lifespan of your wax melt; the hotter your burner, the less time your wax melt will last, while cooler burners will make your wax last longer.

Are wax melts better than candles?

Wax melts are more affordable, provide a longer burn time and are safer than scented candles. Also, candles are often made of paraffin wax which once burned, emits toxic fumes. If you're particularly sensitive to smells, wax melts also allow you to have full control of the strength of your scent by adding more or fewer cubes into your warmer.

How do you remove wax melts?

The cleaning queen herself, Mrs Hinch, recommends keeping your tealight on for a few seconds until the remaining wax is melted and then just sliding it right out. Another common technique is to place three cotton balls on top of the wax right after you have switched off your burner. The balls will soak up the wax within a few seconds, and all you have to do is remove them and wipe away the remaining wax. 

The best wax melts

Anything candle related, it's a sure bet that Yankee will be involved. This beautiful blend of citrus fruits, sweet florals and vanilla will provide up to eight hours of wonderful fragrance. The two-sided shape means they'll work great on electric and traditional wax warmers, and the specially curated ingredients promise a pure and consistent fragrance for you to enjoy.

Review: "Absolutely gorgeous smell. Strong but not a smack in the nose. It fragranced my entire home and I can even smell it in my living room while it's not actually turned on. Highly fragranced, long lasting (more than 5 hours a day for 4 days and still going) and doesn't affect my husbands asthma, which is good. I use an Airwick melter."

If you're a fan of the cult favourite Mugler Alien fragrance, then it doesn't get better than this. A floral woody scent with hints of jasmine, white amber and cashmeran wood, this aroma is luxurious and long-lasting. The wax is 100 per cent eco soy, which is cruelty free and vegan, so no need to worry about you or your little one inhaling toxic fumes. 

Review: "These wax melts come very nicely boxed so you instantly feel like you've got something a bit extra special. I was worried buying perfume wax melts would be a bit headachy but they aren't at all like that. They do smell like Alien perfume but certainly not overpowering. I will definitely be buying more of these."

If you're not committed to one particular fragrance then this assortment by Yankee is a great way to go. With aromas ranging from Fresh, Fruit, Festive, Floral and more, you can experience a range of mesmerising room-filling scents and settle on your fave once you've tried them all!

Review: "Decent mix, great value for money. Buy these now instead of candles, they fill the room and you can change them more often too!"

Containing six squares of wonderfully scented wax melts, LA BELLEFÉE use vegan soy wax with high quality fragrance oils that are powerful and long-lasting. The fragrances in this pack are floral-based, including Warm Rose, Fresh Jasmine, Sweet Cherry and Wild Lavender. All you have to do is place two wax cubes into your melter and enjoy the warm and cosy atmosphere. 

Review: "Love these wax melts, favourites are the Lavender and Jasmine. The Cherry and Rose are beautiful. I am using the Lavender one in my room at night and I have to admit it has helped ease my anxiety and is helping me get a better night’s sleep."

If you're looking to emulate Mrs Hinch's ways to a T, then choose none other than her go-to brand Ava May Aromas. The Mario wax melt harnsesses the power of Black Orchid, providing a mesmerising and lasting scent. The handpoured melts are cruelty-free, luxuriously packaged and provide a burn time of four hours per cube. 

Review: "I love everything from Ava May Aromas! Addicted to the wax melts they smell so good! Definitely recommend trying if you haven’t already!"

This collection of wax melts will take you from spring and summer, all the way through to autumn and winter with a diverse mix of seasonal scents. Made of natural soy wax, the handpoured melts are intended for electric wax melt burners. All you have to do is choose your scent, add one cube to your warmer and enjoy the relaxing and comforting aroma.

Review: "My new favourite wax melts!! All the products from this company are amazing to be honest, but this was my first time ordering the melts. The scents are incredible especially the coconut and vanilla, which is insane!! Long lasting and strong smelling I would definelty recommend these to anybody looking to order."

Directly inspired by the cleaning phenomenon that is Mrs Hinch, this selection comes with 22 wax melts of fresh scents including Linen Fresh, ZoFlo, Dettol and lots more. Your home will become an oasis of cleanliness within minutes, and the elegantly designed melts also make this collection a fabulous gift set. They're soy, vegan and provide hours of room-filling fragrance.

Review: "These wax melts are amazing - perfect for Hinchers! I bought them for my mum and she loves them! They look and smell brilliant - almost too good to melt! Thank you <3 xx."


Jo Malone is known for the most opulent of fragrances that leave us wanting more. These wax melts are the perfect replica of that rich scent, with seven aromas that will relax, rejuvenate and renergise you. From Wild Fig & Cassis to Pomegranate Noir, the wax melts are high-quality, lasting and powerful.

Review: "Can honestly say these are the nicest JM melts I have bought. I 100% will be purchasing more! Stunning, quick and fab."


We couldn't help but include another Mrs Hinch-inspired soy wax collection. This set provides those day-to-day scents we adore such as Fluffy Towels, Laundry Day and Fresh Linen, using notes such as cotton, moss and sweet musk to emulate that unaparalleled freshness.

Review: "Very nice product and seller very friendly & helpful. Went out of their way to help me get it in time for Mother's Day. Thank you!"


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