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Ask Anna: I’m returning to work after maternity leave and I’m feeling anxious...

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Introducing M&B's agony aunt Anna Williamson who will be answering all your mental health dilemmas.

From battling postnatal depression to feeling lonely to returning back to work after maternity leave - Anna will help guide you through the ups, downs, laughter and tears of being a mum.  Remember, you're doing great! 

This week's question: I'm returning back to work after maternity leave and am feeling anxious...

Your days have been revolving around feeds, leaks and baby cheeks and now it's time to go back to the office! Ahhh. It's understandable to feel nervous about swapping Peppa Pig repeats for small talk in the office kitchen discussing the latest (often awful!) The X Factor contestant, but luckily, Anna Williamson has some advice on how to deal...

Anna Williamson is an author, podcaster, tv presenter and mum of two-year-old son Vincenzo. Listen to her podcast or check out her book Breaking Mum and Dad: The Insider's Guide to Parenting Anxiety

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